Teacher training my brainshark - 5 being creative


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Using MyBrainshark in an a specific ELT setting. Part 5 of 6. Can be modified, adapted for any ELT setting wishing to encourage learner autonomy.

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Teacher training my brainshark - 5 being creative

  1. 1. 5. Being creative + constructive alignment With Phil Longwell phil.longwell@btinternet.com
  2. 2. Any presentations to show narrating aPDF or PPP?Today we will look more at the editing features,additional features that exist on MyBrainsharkand we will discuss the alignment of speakingpractice, presentations and the work the studentswill be asked to do on the IFC art course.Q. What technology do the students have access toat CAFA? - ‘ Bring Your Own Device’
  3. 3.  A reminder about pedagogy… discussed in lesson 2…. Pedagogy + the Digital Age: What kind of learning theory or theories are we drawing on by using a tool like my brainshark? We usually talk about pedagogy being an approach or methodology which is applied to our teaching.
  4. 4.  „Constructive Alignment‟ is a concept first written about by John Biggs, who did a lot of research in East Asia. In designing this course, I am trying to demonstrate the ‘constructive alignment’ principle proposed by Biggs (1999) in that outcomes, activities and assessment can be consciously aligned (Sharpe and Oliver, 2007: 42). I am suggesting this approach to the teaching. The power of assessment to shape students’ experience comes into this, in terms of the feedback that teachers can deliver from the presentations the students create. By connecting their speaking activities to the wider art course, I hope to inspire the teachers to make this alignment, engender motivation to complete activities and, ultimately, perform more confidently in both IELTS speaking tests and overseas institution applications.
  5. 5. ◦ “In Fine Art, the stimulus may be, for example, a painting, a photograph, a critique or a body of work that students are required to respond to in some way. They may discuss the work‟s significance or explore a concept that it is intended to illustrate. This discussion might then inform further work. The stimulus will produce a response but no an „answer‟.”  (Derek Harding and Bruce Ingraham, in Beetham and Sharpe, 2007: 144. Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age, London/New York : Routledge)
  6. 6.  Here is an example of a photo album which has been used to show a timeline: Please sign in to your MyBrainshark account and open your previously uploaded photo album.
  7. 7. http://tinyurl.com/d7prpwp
  8. 8. 1. Tracking and Viewing Reports 2. Sharing OptionsSome of the additional features, such as merging content, adding a guestbook managing privacy 3. Add attachment orandlink URL password protection and running a detailed viewing report, usually meant for businesses.4. Add a question NEED PRO TRAINER – 19.99 per month.5.Print slides 6.Link to or download the podcast of the presentation
  9. 9. Play video: Open Day at CAFA in 2009. The whole essence of teaching students on the IFC at CAFA is the obvious autonomous creativity required to pass the course. General discussion: how can MyBrainshark (and other tools) be used in the English language class to tap into that creativity that is obviously there and the autonomy which is obviously required to progress and survive in an overseas institution?
  10. 10. BrainShark also offers myBrainshark for Android to share presentations One of BrainSharks signature offerings is their SlideShark service forthat you narrate on myBrainshark. Heres how myBrainshark works; sharing PowerPoint presentations over iPads. SlideShark convertsupload a slide presentation that youve created then use your your PowerPoint files without losing any of your original formatting,computers microphone to record your voice over each slide. If you transitions, or animations. To use SlideShark just upload your PPTdont have a microphone My Brainshark provides a phone number that files to your free SlideShark account, SlideShark converts the files foryou can call to create a voice recording. you, then you can access your converted files on your iPad at anytime using the free SlideShark app. See video below: (Jason Byrne, FreeTeach4Teachers, 2012)
  11. 11.  What have we discussed so far? Creativity + Technology There is only one more class, but you are probably all set to go…. Unless….. you have…. Any more comments or questions at this stage?