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Phrasal verb - break down


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Phrasal verb - break down

  1. 1. Phrasal verbs 1
  2. 2. BREAK DOWN
  3. 3. Why are you late? Did the bus break down?
  4. 4. What a terrible journey! Webroke down twice on the way home.
  5. 5. I´m nervous about using the washing machine in case it breaks down again.
  6. 6. Break down means to stop working because of afault. What type of things can break down?Choose two of the following: a) tools b) machines c) vehicles
  7. 7. Which of these are grammatically possible? a) We broke down. b) We broke down the car. c) The car broke down. d) The car broke itself down.
  8. 8. Break or break down? Choose the bestalternative. Use the answers to the MEANINGexercise to help you.a) Can I borrow your pen? Mines broken/broken down.b) If the air conditioning system breaks/breaks down, call the engineer.
  9. 9. c) I tried to cut some very thick paper and thescissors broke/ broke down.d) My new mobile phones broken/ brokendown. Did you drop it again?
  10. 10. 2. Answer the following questions, using theverb break down:a) Why are you washing your clothes by hand? Because the washing machine has broken down.b) Is your car reliable? Yes, it never breaks down.
  11. 11. Related words
  12. 12. Noun: a breakdownWe had a breakdown on the way home.adjective: broken-down (This is usuallyused before a noun.) a broken-down car