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some examples about new subcultures

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  1. 1. Introduction Teenager’s clothes are often associated with their lifestyle and music.
  2. 2. Dark Black is their favorite colour. They wear black clothes,black boots and black nail vanish. They listen to dark atmospheric music. the dark music is characterized by long dark guitar chords
  3. 3. Emo the word emo comes from the abbreviation of emotional. This lifestyle was born a few years ago. The music is like heavy metal but the singers sing more than scream, which is a singing technique where the voice is particularly acute and raspy. They dress in tight jeans, T- shirts of various types of the emo bands and skater shoes
  4. 4. Metalhead Metalheads are people who listen to heavy metal music. They wear jeans and t-shirts with symbols of their favourite metal bands. Many metalheads play an instrument or more than one. They go to live concerts or into pubs. At a live concert they dance in different ways:the pogo, the mosh, the headbanging and the stage diving.. There is more types of metal music and are: Death metal, black metal, epic metal, ghotic metal, nu metal, metal-core, grindcore ecc.
  5. 5. Gabber They listen hardcore music. They partecipate to rave parties. They have extreme right ideas. They wear nike air max classic shoes, military boots, bomber jacket ande caps.
  6. 6. Punk• Punk is an english word(as an adjective that means poor quality, two penny) born to indentify a youth subculture emerged in the United Kingdom and United States of America in the mid seventies.• The term grew out of punk music.Punk rock is a type of music that is rough, noisy, comlplexed and very direct.• Famous groups are the Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, the Damned or the Clash.
  7. 7. Grunge• Grunge, also called the Seattle sound is the term used to refer to a genre of rock music, especially alternative rock , mainly produced in Washington State in the United States of America.• Particulary in the city of Seattle, since the second half of the eighties
  8. 8. RapperRappers are people that usually go into the city in groups.They like to wear large medallions worn around the neck, usually in the shape of a dollar, many live in miserable conditions while others live normally.The typical rapper is often known to be a bully on the streets, and steals things from others, and gets into fights.They go to nightclubs.Their favourite sport is basketball.
  9. 9. Truzzi• They go to clubs.• They prefer wearing D&G clothes.• They smoke and keep a packet of cigarettes on the shoulder under the sleeve(to give the impression of having bigger muscles!!).• They prefer listening to afro and house music.• The boys hair is usually short and straight, often spiky and gelled.• They like piercings and extravagant jewelry.