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some description about new stereotypes or urban subcultures

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  1. 1. •The correct definition for ‘Emo’ is ‘Emotive Hardcore andis a sub genre of hardcore punk which originated in the1980s. Later in the 1990s emo artists formed in the Unitedstates and influenced the music industry, as record labelsthen began to specialise in that style.•Emo’s today are stereotyped as being depressed, aloneand misunderstood by the world. They usually expresstheir true emotions through poetry and music.•Emo’s also have a stereotyped appearance to them, thisis shown through the: Music AppreciationHair- layered and dyed, preferably black with highlights, Emo is a rock music genre,can vary form short cropped hair to straight, long hair, usually emo’s can rock alongClothes- skinny jeans and black band T-Shirts as well as a with a bass, guitar and afew bright tops, violin, sometimes they canShoes- black and white converses or Vans, you can turn their own poetry in tocustomise them with neon laces, and finally … songs. Good examples of EmoAccessories- Hair Bows, Band Wrist bands and Head Music are in the following:Bands in black and few colourful ones. Band Badges, My Chemical Romance,rubber bracelets and studded bags and belts.•Emos are also stereotyped for self harming them selves Fall Out Boy anddue to their depression. Paramore.
  2. 2. •Hip Hop originated in the African American and Latino Americancommunities of New York City during the late 1970s. DJ AfricaBambaataa is known as the one who outlined Hip Hop culturewith:Rap (spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics which is a primaryingredient in Hip Hop music), DJ (someone who selects and playsrecorded music for an audience), Break dancing (a style of dance),Graffiti Writing and Beat Boxing (vocal percussion).•The stereotyped dress sense belonging to Hip Hop lovers is similarto the early 1980s form of dress, including:Clothes- Slim fit denim jeans, vintage style t-shirts, sport coats andzipper hoodies,Shoes- trainers made by named brands like Nike, Addidas andVans,Hair- tend to have short hair as well as long hair (influenced byartists), Hip Hop lovers tend to listen to:Accessories- belts, biker chains, diamond jewellery, gold jewellery • Eminemand big glasses.•The Hip hop dress sense is influenced by Hip Hop artists them • Missy Elliottselves, as some have started their own clothing line, for example: • P DiddyKimora Lee Simmons (Baby Phat), Eminem (Shady Limited) andNelly (Apple Bottom Jeans).
  3. 3. •In the 1960s in the United Kingdom, Rockerswere a term associated with motorcycle ridingyouths. In the 1960s Rockers were also calledgreasers or grease, an offensive term called bymods and skinheads.•Rockers today are always misunderstood withemos when it comes to fashion and music, butthey do have their own unique styles whichdifferentiate their social groups.•Rockers usually wear:Shirts - Band T-Shirts or Striped T-Shirts,Trousers - Baggy or Tight pants,Jackets - Black leather Jacket, Plain Hoodies orDenim Jackets, Clearly obvious, Rockers tend to listen to rock music rangingHair Style – Different hair cuts ranging from long from:hair to short hair,Shoes - Converse, Vans, Boots or Trainers, Marilyn Manson,Accessories – Spiked or Studded Wristbands, Linkin Park andpinned badges and black or patterned scarves. Evanescence.Most rockers are usually identified by their blackeye liner.
  4. 4. •The Goth subculture first started in the United kingdomduring the early 1980s in the gothic rock scene, whichwas a result of the post-punk genre. The Goth tribe hassurvived much longer compared to the other subcultures belonging to that era, and has continued toevolve since then.•The Goth tribe was influenced by gothic literature,horror films and was linked to the BDSM culture which isa role play of experiences of pain and tension.•Gothic fashion is labelled as dark and moody, this isshown through their:Hair- dyed black hair,Clothes- black period styled clothing borrowed from theElizabethan, Victorian, Medieval and Renaissance timeswhich often express religious imagery such as crucifixesand ankhs, Goths tend to listen to:Shoes- black boots and • The Cure,Accessories- silver piercings, spiked jewellery, black •The Sisters of Mercy andeyeliner, black fingernails and dark makeup contrastingagainst pale skin. •Bauhaus.Goths fashion is sometimes confused with Heavy Metalfashion.
  5. 5. •Grime is a genre of urban music which firstmaterialised in East London in England during the late1990s to the early 2000s.•Grime is in fact a development of:garage,dance hall andhip hop.• Grime has it’s own sense of fashion, including:Clothes- bright coloured hoodies, bright sport jackets,baggy t-shirts with lettering, baggy jeans,Hair- cut short or long, sometimes braided and usuallyput back, Examples of Grime Artists are:Shoes- bright trainers and • Dizzee Rascal,Accessories- baseball cap, silver, gold and colourful • Lady Sovereign andjewellery e.g. rings, chains and bracelets. • Tinchy Strider.•Many performers demonstrated their skills on the UKPirate Radio, achieving underground success beforebecoming famous on the mainstream.
  6. 6. •Pop first came about in the mid 1950s which was a softerform of rock n roll and rock music in general. It focused ontargeting the youth market through relatively short andsimple love songs. Even though pop still has the basicpop elements from the 50s, it has started to graspinfluences from other forms of popular music, (forexample, rock music), advancing and producing newvariations on existing themes.•When it comes to pop, there is a stereotype that pop ismainly very girly, targeting females more then males,examples of this is reflected through pop fashion:Clothes- a lot of pinks and purples reflected through t-shirts, dresses and skirts, also has other bright colourssuch as blue, yellow and red, Pop lovers usually listen to:Hair- the stereotype look is blonde but pop has nowintroduced brunettes as well as other hair colours, hair is • Britney Spears,also stereotyped as being long and wavy, • Justin Timberlake andShoes- high heals are popular, and • Hannah Montana.Accessories- a lot of jewellery in diamonds and silver, alsohair bands and colourful belts.•Like most tribes, pop fashion is influenced by pop artists.
  7. 7. •RNB short for Rhythm and Blues is a genre ofpopular African American music which originated inthe 1940s. The term was used by recordingcompanies to describe African American Artistswhen urban, rocking, jazz based music with a heavypersistent beat was becoming popular.•RNB has had a variety of meanings including:electric blues, gospel and soul music (1960s),Soul and Funk (1970s) andContemporary RNB (1980s).•RNB includes fashion such as: Examples of RNB Artists are:Clothes- black, white, chocolate, red aresophisticated colours worn as dresses, waist coats, • Beyonce Knowles,slim jeans and shirts, • Ne-Yo andHair- a lot of variety of hairstyles which are all cleancut, • Mariah Carey.Shoes- women- high healed shoes and for men- blacksleek shoes, andAccessories- diamond jewellery and simple belts.
  8. 8. •Heavy Metal is a genre of rock music that appeared in theUnited States and the United Kingdom in the late 1960s andthe early 1970s. Heavy Metal has blues rock and psychedelicrock roots which developed a unique sound through highlyamplified distortion, extended guitar solos, emphatic beatsand overall loudness.•Heavy metal lovers are sometimes confused with Gothicfashion, but in fact, they have their own distinct style:Clothes- blue jeans, black t-shirts with logos of metal bands,black leather or jean jackets (gaudy clothing)Hair- down the back long hair has been distinguished as themost crucial feature of metal fashion, (performers usuallywore long, dyed, hairspray teased hair),Shoes- black boots, and Examples of Heavy Metal MusicAccessories- chains, metal studs, headbands, jewellery, are:skulls, leather and crosses.Heavy Metal Artists are most recognised for their use of • Slipknot,makeup, including: lip stick and eyeliner against pale skin. • Led zeppelin and•Heavy metal Artists are familiar in engaging in physicalgestures when performing, such as head banging. • Deep Purple.