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The Suffragettes


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The Suffragettes

  1. 1. Departamento de Inglés
  2. 2. Departamento de Inglés
  3. 3. FACTORY WORK Long hours in lower skilled workfor poorer pay DOMESTIC SERVANTS As maids in middle or upper class houses. NURSES Nursing had become a popular career for women with over 200,000 nurses by 1900. TEACHERS Although a large amount of teachers were women, usually from middle class backgrounds and stopped working once they were married.
  4. 4. suffragette. /ˌsʌfrəˈʤet/suffragette. /ˌsʌfrəˈʤet/suffragist. /ˌsʌfrəˈʤist/suffragist. /ˌsʌfrəˈʤist/
  5. 5. • development/interactive/2011/jul/06/un-women-vote-timeline-interactive
  6. 6. Open a twitter account for the English tasks and answer the questions below Use these hashtags: #1EI #WomenDay #WomensHistoryMonth • Who was Emmeline Pankhurst ? • When and where was she born? • Who was she married to? Is that important? • How is she related to Sylvia Pankhurst? • How are both connected to the suffragette movement? • When did British women get the right to vote? • When did Spanish women get the right to vote?