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Basic English class about weather

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  2. 2. A DAY IN THE WORKING LIFE•What is your job?•What is your position?•What do you like about it?•Do you recommend your job?
  3. 3. SIMPLE PRESENTThis tense indicates everyday activities, routines and facts. HOW DO WE USE IT? CONJUGATIONPerson + verb + complement AFRIMATIVE I wake up at 7 am everyday She wakes up at 7 everyday WORK NEGATIVE I don’t wake up at 8 am everyday I She doesn’t wake up at 8 am!You We work at this company at weekdays QUESTIONThey Do you wake up at 7 am? Yes, I do. HeShe works at this company at weekdays s Does she wake up at 8 am? It No, she doesn’t
  4. 4. •In which order you do this activities everyday? 2 Drink a coffee 8 Watch T.V. 4 Drive to work 1 Wake up 7 Have dinner 5 Check my e-mails Z Z Z 10 Sleep 9 Brush my teeth6 Complete my work 3 Take a shower
  5. 5. MY ROUTINE Everyday, I wake up at 6 a.m. and then I have a coffee. After that I take a shower. Everyday I drive to the office at 7 a.m. Then, I check my e-mails and complete my activities.In the afternoon, I have my dinner and then, I watch some TV to relax. Finally, I brush my teeth before bed and then I just sleep at night to get some rest.
  6. 6. MANDY’S ROUTINEEveryday, Mandy wakes up at 6 a.m. takes a coffee and gets dressed. Then she drives to work and does her job activities al morning.Sometimes, she takes lunch with her friends. After that, she goes home and washes her clothes. Then she watches her favorite soap opera and finally, she sleeps. Link to listening
  7. 7. SIMPLE PRESENT don’t drink. I ___________(drink) wine very much. I prefer beer. use. People _______(use) public transport often in this city because it is good and cheap. speak. People in the north of Switzerland __________ (speak) German. don’t want. My ankle hurts! I ____________(want) to continue playing tennis. doesn’t sleep. My sister _______________(sleep) very well in the summer. She says its too hot. teaches. Kenny lives in Japan and he _________ (teach) English at a school near Tokyo. don’t cost. Those apples _____________(cost) much. I want ten, please. doesn’t work. My computer _____________(work) properly. What is the problem with it? Choose an option! They/ start / she doesn’t home at 4 pm. Oh! TedDoes/ you live in Monterrey? I don’t playstartsleave guitar at 8 am Tom /don’t / visit her speak often? Do / doesn’t the lesson English! Do Does plays the family well!
  8. 8. My 2 things I do •2 things I do when I wake up •Using the previous information, write a paragraph connecting all the activities. •2 things I do when I’m at work Everyday when I wake up I…… ……………………………………….. ………………………………..•2 things I do when I finish work •2 things I do before I sleep
  9. 9. It’s late and nobody is here! WEATHER EXCUSES There is Aaah! It’s sunny! Oh no! a possibility of rain A beautiful day, it’s snowing, and Apodaca I want to enjoy it! I am depressed!, floods!I can’t work today
  10. 10. WEATHER THE TEMPERATURE Boiling Hot 38°C – 45°CSUNNY PARTLY CLAUDY Very hot 28°C – 37°C RAINY Hot 23°C – 28°C CLAUDY Template 18°C – 22°C STORMY Chilly 14°C – 17°C Cold 3°C – 13°C WINDY Freezing Cold SNOWY 0°C – and below 0
  12. 12. WEATHER 1____ A: I am happy when winter comes. 4____ B: Yes, the cool temperature is fun. 3____ A: Because I love the cold weather. 2____ B: Why is that? 7____ A: I want it two meters tall. 6____ B: How big ? 5____ A: This year I want to make a big snowman.10____ B: What do you use for the nose?11____ A: Of course, I use a big carrot for a nose. 8____ B: Wow! In how much time can you make it? 9____ A: It takes me all day.12____ B: Let me help you make one this year.