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Class 9b


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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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Class 9b

  1. 1. HOMEWORK REVISIONWorkbook lesson AUnit 9.Time line.
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES Communication: Speak with a partner about an accident you had. Language: Use questions in past continuous (Were you driving…?) to talk about events in progress (unfinished).  Use reflexive pronouns (myself, herself, himself…) Learning: Use fall-rise intonation to talk about events in progress
  3. 3. ANECDOTE:Goals: Tell your anecdote using fall-rise intonation.
  4. 4. ACCIDENTS: I was having lunch, and I cut my finger. I was driving home, when I hurt my back. I was playing with my cousin, when I broke my arm.
  5. 5. ACCIDENTS: BREAK I broke my leg. I broke my arm. My dad broke his wrist last year.
  6. 6. ACCIDENTS: CUT My dad cut his hand. I cut my knee yesterday. My little brother cut his toe at the beach.
  7. 7. ACCIDENTS: HURT I hurt my back last week. My dad hurt his eye. My sister hurt her knee when she was little.
  8. 8. ACCIDENTS: SPRAIN I sprained my ankle. My mom sprained her finger. My dad sprained his knee.
  9. 9. SPEAK ABOUT ACCIDENTS:Goals: Pronounce statements correctly. Use conversation strategies to change the topic. Give additional ideas.
  10. 10. REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS:SUBJECT AND OBJECT.I kissedI kissed her. myself. They eatI read themselve it. s.I love You do it
  11. 11. PAIR WORK: Goals:  Ask questions in past continuous and simple.  Expand the conversation.
  12. 12. HOMEWORKWorkbook lesson B Unit 1.Vocabulary notebook page 94.