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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. OBJECTIVES:• Communication: Select an object and find the owner.• Language: Use Whose, mine, his, hers to talk about possessions.• Learning: Identify grammar and content words to pronounce them correctly.
  2. 2. WARM-UP
  3. 3. PICTURE EXPLOTATION: USEFULLANGUAGE• I saw… on the floor.• I remember there is/are… in a box.• I’m not sure but there’s/are… in the closet.
  4. 4. POSSESSIONS:_________ stuff is it?. HisIt’s _______. hers mine
  5. 5. WHOSE IS IT?• It’s Fernando’s car. • It’s his.• It’s her pet. • It’s hers.• They’re my books. • They’re mine.• They’re our cell • They’re ours. phones.
  6. 6. GRAMMAR EXERCISE• Use possessive pronouns in your answers.• Ask “echo” questions when necessary.• Say no in a friendly way.
  7. 7. WHOSE IS IT?• Whose [object] is it?• It’s______’s I think.• So, what’s your opinion?• I think it’s _______’s
  8. 8. MAKING DECISSIONS• Use possessive pronouns in your answers.• Use “vague” expressions to show that you are not sure.
  9. 9. WHOSE IS IT?• Fernando, is this [object] yours?• Sorry, it’s not mine. I think it’s…• Yes it’s mine. Thank you.
  10. 10. HOMEWORK• Workbook Lesson A Unit 8.• Bring cut outs of the things you can find in your favorite place at home.• Bring a big picture of it.