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Ccbeu's got talent 2012 meeting


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Ccbeu's got talent 2012 meeting

  1. 1.  November 10th Sesc Cidadania 9:30 – 12:30 a.m Mandatory Levels : POP and FUN
  2. 2. New Rules Scripts will be decided by the coordinator ; There won’t be more than two plays repeated; There won’t be the same play for different levels. Extra Activities - Action Drama Sack
  3. 3. Extra Activities - Action DramaSack Gabriela will present some of the ideas from the conference “ Teaching English to young Learners” in the following POP and FUN planning sessions. Extra activities will be developed every planning session with the teachers. 1st session – April
  4. 4. Action Plan April - Time to get students involved. Adapt the script according to your group Play with the story Present Vocabulary Introduce Characters Make drawings Work on story Telling
  5. 5. Action Plan - May -Time to startrehearsingStept 1 – Reading the lines Start the reading procces getting every student to read the lines; Practice the lines for the last 10’ for the minimum of three classes; Choose the student for each character according to their abilities. Remember you can change the lines according to your students needs. Each student must have the text with his/her lines highlighted; Practice the reading with emotion and intonnation.
  6. 6. Action Plan June - Time to start Moving Now it’s time to have students get into the story; Practice every class in the last 15’; Work on intonnation, accent; tone of voice, pace , gestures and body language; Students don’t need to memorize their lines in the first semester, but they need to feel at easy with the character .
  7. 7. Links 45/H7SXvOElfTE
  8. 8. Groups  Bueno - 14  Atlantico - 4 Gabriela and Luciana’s POP together  Sudoeste - 2 Jacqueline’s FUN together  Flamboyant - 3  Oeste - 3
  9. 9. Comunication CCBEU’s got Talent letter in the English File for parents. Note about the material for parents Letter about the event
  10. 10. Team Work Meeting Jacqueline Rose - Costumes Vanessa – Rehearsal
  11. 11. Rehearsals Starts June 4th
  12. 12. Sincerely ,Keila GoulartCultural Coordinator