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  • Good morning, teacher and my classmate. My name is Saipaan. Today I’m going to introduce 3 topics about Mexico
  • Look at the overview, first is about Geography, second: traditional food and third: tourist attractions. Don’t worry if you misunderstand I’ll try to answer your question after presentation. Let’s start with the first one.
  • Geography
  • Mexico is a country located in North America south of the United States and north of Belize and Guatemala. You can see the international boundary here at the yellow line. And the land consists of rugged mountains.
  • Second, traditional food.
  • Start with Tacos al Pastor. it’s cooked and kept warm with slide of pork, and topped with pineapple, onion or cucumber.Finally, add a squeeze of fresh lime
  • Tarmale is made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper and can be filled with meats, cheeses,fruits, vegetables, chilies or any preparation according to taste.
  • Pastel TresLeches cake that’s been soaked in three kinds of milk, then slathered with whipped cream. It’s extremely dense and moist, almost like a custard.
  • It is a type of bread pudding that has sweet elements such as syrup and fruits, and melted cheese topping.
  • did you know Mexico introduce chili to the world? yes Mexico did.That’s why chili and peppers are the main items in most Mexican foods.
  • Also chocolate is originate here.
  • Third is tourist attractions
  • Puerto Vallarta is a popular spot in Mexico. Top things to do in this city include
  • Relax in astunning beach
  • Scuba diving
  • Or horseback riding. Puerto Vallarta is good for everyone, whether you're a family of five, a couple looking for a little romance or planning a much-needed girls' vacation.
  • Merida is the capital and largest city in Yucatan state, It is a colonial city with colonial architecture, Caribbean atmosphere and Mayan cuisine. Merida is sometimes called the "White City" because of its buildings made of white stone and the city's cleanliness.
  • Palenque is one of the grandest Mayan ruins. It’s located at the foot of the mountains with inscribed stone temples, all around with lush jungle and exotic terrain.
  • In conclusion, I tell you about geography of Mexico, six traditional food, three tourist attractions and interested activities.
  • And now is the end of my presentation, thank you all for being such an attentive audience.
  • Mexico

    1. 1. Mexico English for communication Tawisa Disthajorn ID: 55030076
    2. 2. Overview Geography Traditional Food Tourist Attractions
    3. 3. Geography
    4. 4. Geography International Boundary In Mexico
    5. 5. Traditional Food
    6. 6. Tacos al Pastor
    7. 7. Tamale
    8. 8. cake that soaked in three kinds of milk Pastel Tres Leches
    9. 9. Capirotada Bread Pudding
    10. 10. Chili Originated at Mexico Spicy Dish
    11. 11. Originated at Mexico
    12. 12. Best Places To visit
    13. 13. Stunning Beaches
    14. 14. Scuba Diving
    15. 15. Horseback Riding
    16. 16. White City Yucatan state
    17. 17. Palenque Archaeological site that was located on western edge
    18. 18. Conclus Geography of Mexico 6 Traditional Food 3 Tourist Attractions Interested Activities
    19. 19. Thank You