Greek gods


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Greek gods

  1. 1. Greek civilization began around 750 BC. Centered at Athens (Athens), Greece's capital city today. A thriving civilization and influence much of the Western world. The frescoes in the palace. (Images painted plaster while still wet)
  2. 2. Greek mythology. Myths and legends are associated with gods, heroes, the nature of the world. And the origins and significance of the religious rites and practices of the ancient Greeks. Greek mythology is a part of religion in ancient Greece. Scholars discussed myths and study in an attempt to explain the religious and political institutions in the ancient civilizations of Greece and increase the understanding of the nature of the creation myth.
  3. 3. (Lightning god)
  4. 4. Gods Zeus (Zeus) was the king of the gods. He ruled in Olympus (Olympus), and the god of sky and thunder of the mythological Greek. He is a symbol of male cattle lightning eagle and oak.
  5. 5. Poseidon, god of the seas and oceans. Ruled the land of water bodies. Since fresh water. Under the ground. The trident as a weapon. Some legends say that the lower half of a fish. It also considered the god of earthquakes. And the god of horses.
  6. 6. In ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Devi, who is no less than another Poseidon was Hades the underworld or underworld and the dead are in the custody of all the gods. The Underworld Moi. Aides also dominate the mass of valuable rare earth as well. Perhaps it's a good name (Dis).
  7. 7. A goddess of fertility, agricultural harvest. Goddess of plants. And cereal cultivation. A daughter to Zeus the Lord is one. Statue of Perry City Folk Nation.
  8. 8. (Goddess of marriage and the birth of the baby)
  9. 9. The Queen of Heaven. She is both sister and his wife. Hera was the goddess of marriage and women give birth to a baby animal, he is a peacock. Hera, the queen of the golden throne. The pinnacle of beauty. And brighter than those of women.
  10. 10. As the goddess of the home keeper. She is the one who built up first. Her temple at Rome. Which will be the sacrifice of a virgin. She is a symbol of eternal fire.
  11. 11. Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera, a goddess Suze's character makes a brutal fight like a warrior, a god of war.
  12. 12. Athena is the goddess of wisdom. Also believed that she was the goddess of war. Since Idol, she often appears as a female figure wearing armor. Holding shield and spear, left hand.
  13. 13. Apollo's sacred tree was the laurel Laurel sacred animal is the raven and the goose. His instrument is the harp. His Holy Temple at Delphi Delphi, where the priest tells his prophecy to the people who came to worship.
  14. 14. These are the gods who protect our shepherd poet, athlete, inventor and bandit Rover dealer could be called. Hermes is the god of communication.
  15. 15. God is a god among the most beautiful of all. And the power to inspire anyone to love anyone. Myths and this love is the look on her, Psyche spectacular. Proverbial Those who have seen both enchantment.