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Someone Hacked Into Your Facebook


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This facebook safety presentation was based on a true story at our school. It covers the need for a stronger password and adjusting the privacy settings so personal information does not go out over the open Interent.

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Someone Hacked Into Your Facebook

  1. 1. Go to Edmodo and answer the poll question. In the comments share what social networks you use (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc…).
  2. 2. 20 BMS accounts Hacked
  3. 3. OMG
  4. 4. It was Easy
  5. 5. He found all kinds of Information about YOU
  6. 6. You made it easy for him
  7. 7. Change your passwords to something Hard to guess
  8. 8. Don’t publically post info to make it easy guess for him to
  9. 9. Only follow or befriend people you know in the real world!
  10. 10. Learn the privacy settings of any social network you use!
  11. 11. Make sure your privacy settings are set to friends only!
  12. 12. Opt out of any attempts to use you or your pictures in advertisements!
  13. 13. Let’s Review • Use strong passwords others cannot guess. • Know how to change your privacy settings. • Make sure the privacy settings are set to friends only. • Only follow people you know personally. • Opt out of any attempts to use you in advertising.
  14. 14. So this guy won‘t invade your privacy.
  15. 15. Notes • Hacker 1 photo: Car Advice: -the-code-can-hackers-kill-your-car/ • Hacker 2 photo: Why Black Women are Angry 009/09/beware-of-hackers.html • facebook screenshots John Woodring and • Shocked face: Daddysplace