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Six Word Memoirs


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Six Word Memoirs

  1. 1. Six Word Memoirs Northside ABE
  2. 2. Success is not beyond my reach Houa Vang
  3. 3. the happiness arrived ....... Ofelia, Transition***** After rainy days,
  4. 4. TongSee yourself valuable as human too
  5. 5. See sun means new day life Tong
  6. 6. The real life is notdrama. Houa Y
  7. 7. Flowers start growing in spring time Tong
  8. 8. Self progressing, need time to do Tong
  9. 9. Learning technology helps me to success Farhiya
  10. 10. Sweet fruits are in tall tree Tong
  11. 11. Dont leave yourself with no hope Tong
  12. 12. Happy life is fair for us Tong
  13. 13. - Gina Jarvi56 years of good Earth living.
  14. 14. o HouaA better life is my dream.
  15. 15. School is the key for life Tong
  16. 16. Teaching and learning at Northside ABE - Darlene Hays
  17. 17. Education is the best of life Houa Yang
  18. 18. Let your food be your medicineHoua Vang
  19. 19. Honesty is the one best policy Houa Vang
  20. 20. FarhiyaTaking good care of my health