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TDWI STL 20140306 Analytics - Perry Drake


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Presentation by Perry Drake, professor at University of Missouri in St. Louis, on applications of data mining and advanced analytics in various industries. Contact Perry Drake through LinkedIn (

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TDWI STL 20140306 Analytics - Perry Drake

  2. 2. Let’s begin with a few words of wisdom from Vivek Ranadive of TIBCO.
  3. 3. I could not say it any better. “Get the right information to the right place at the right time and put it into the right context and you can make the world a better place” “A little bit of the right information just a little bit before hand is worth more than all the information 6 months after” “Mobility is one of the forces shaping the 21st century” - Vivek Ranadive
  4. 4. Our Use of Mobile
  5. 5. Marketing Land, Walker Sands Quarterly Index of Mobile Traffic ( 1/3 of all searches are done on mobile
  6. 6. Mobile more prevalant than Electricity
  7. 7. Smart Phone Penetration Rate ans: 61%
  8. 8. Mobile is only one driver of all the data being generated So many touchpoints… …so much data And this chart does not even include non consumer data begin generated via our cars, utilities, etc.
  9. 9. Data is exploding at an exponential rate. Source: Mary Meeker/Liang Wu Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers D11 Conference 5/29/2013 The unit symbol is ZB. 1 ZB = 1000000000000000000000bytes = 10007bytes = 1021bytes = 1000exabytes = 1 billion terabytes.
  10. 10. “More data was generated in 2009 than all prior years combined.” -- Andreas Weigend, 2010 Former Chief Scientist,
  11. 11. The convergence of off and online data. “I predict 2014 will become the year of social data integration and data alignment - a “Grand Aligned Convergence" of sorts - something we've never seen till now.”
  12. 12. Gnip is bringing all social platform data together. Bringing together data from Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  13. 13. Gnip clients include…
  14. 14. Datasift is another source for conversational data.
  15. 15. Bluekai bringing it all together. Many incorporate with their social listening data for more robust opportunities
  16. 16. Bluekai provider list.
  17. 17. What is Acxiom up to? Acxiom is attempting to bring all data together across channels, devices and media sources.
  18. 18. Not there quiet yet.
  19. 19. Were my ads seen by my intended audience? 60% 41% 18% 46% 32% 31% 51% 28% 32% Site 1 Site 3 Site 5 Site 7 Campaign Total 68% Off-Target 32% Masked Campaign: Site On-Target Delivery Target Audience: Male 25-49 Know Whether the Campaign Hit it’s Target Before Asking if it Worked Source: Nielsen They will be at my April 2 Conference! Visit to register.
  20. 20. Data Mining Applications
  21. 21. What will they do next? They will be at my April 2 Conference! Visit to register.
  22. 22. Social data insights via visualization Conservative and liberal Twitter handles are analyzed
  23. 23. Dell monitoring their customer service hashtag usage patterns
  24. 24. I use a Twitter API to download tweets. Did I mention that a former Twitter/TrendrrTV employee will be at my April 2 Conference. Visit to register.
  25. 25. Easy to fill Google Doc form generates your Twitter data.
  26. 26. Every mile we drive.
  27. 27. Detecting heathcare fraud is big money. “Fraud detection is a tougher challenge in healthcare than in financial services, where there is usually a victim who can flag a fraudulent transaction”
  28. 28. A St. Louis startup creating clinician calculators based on patient data feeds.
  29. 29. Another St. Louis startup using data to predict the likelihood of case outcomes.
  30. 30. But just because we can, should we?
  31. 31. Wonga will loan those with no credit history based on social status score.
  32. 32. Facebook is targeting you offline as well using relationships with Acxiom et al. I love it, how about you?
  33. 33. Search data being used to target us with cable ads. Google and Dish have been working together since 2007, although hard to confirm today. They will be at my April 2 Conference! Visit to register.
  34. 34. merging off and online data
  35. 35. Rich Relevence using real time data analytics for good user experiences (UX) Used by sites like Costco, Best Buy, Target, Bloomingdales, etc. CEO previously led the research and development arm of Amazon’s Data Mining and Personalization team
  36. 36. Down on the farm.
  37. 37. The “Minority Report”…our future?
  38. 38. Perry’s Contact Information Perry D. Drake Academic Director of Business, School of Professional and Continuing Studies, University of Missouri – St. Louis Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Business Administration, University of Missouri – St. Louis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: Friend me on Facebook: View my Blog: Delicious Handle: Foursquare Handle: Linkedin Profile: YouTube Channel: Vine handle: pddrake Instagram handle: Drake Company Website: Book Website: UMSL Email: Secondary Email: Mobile (best): 914-299-4879 Direct Line: 314-516-6490 Fax: 314-516-6827