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Speaker Profiles, TDWI India 2011 Feb, "Business Intelligence on the Cloud"

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TDWI Speaker profiles

  1. 1. Speakers Inaugural Address and Vision Note Narendra Vaze, Country Manager, Intel ITNarendra is the country Manager for Intel IT and Director of Enterprise Data and Apps. Over his 18 plus years with Intel,Narendra has been the Director of Sales and Marketing Solutions, Director of BI and Analytics, Factory Automation etc. He hasplayed a vital role in setting up the Intel India Development Center. “Simpler, Faster, Better” has been his mantra fir IT BusinessValue. He is a Graduate of famed UDCT and Jamnalal Bajaj in Mumbai. Intel IT Cloud Story Aravind Doss, Head, Cloud Computing, Intel IT Aravind leads the Cloud Computing effort for Intel IT. In his role, he owns defining IT’s Cloud strategy, while driving development of Cloud services across of Intel. He was also the Platforms Department Manager in R&D division of Intel Manufacturing. In his 14+ years in the industry, he has initiated and led various initiatives in Continuous Availability, HPC, Manageability, Automation, Operational efficiency, MES, and DSS spanning the complete compute stack. He has a Masters Degree from UTA and is an inventor of several patented and patent pending solutions. What is BI on the Cloud? Hari Devarapalli, Head, BI/PM Service Technology Office, TCSHari heads BIPM Service Technology Office, supporting infrastructural needs for Business Intelligence, Business ProcessManagement and Enterprise Application Integration services from TCS. He has developed tools and methodologies in Enterprisedata management space and is passionate about simple, structured and practical implementations. He has Masters in ComputerScience from JNTU Hyderabad and Masters degree in Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives from NIT Warangal. He has morethan 20 years of experience in the industry and teaching in the space, with deep Architectural focus. Cloud Computing for BI/DW Rohit Chattar, Architect, Yahoo Rohit Chatter has more than 15 years of experience working in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence tools and technology, Cloud Computing & web applications. Currently he is working as Architect at Yahoo! and is responsible for solutions for Search analytics, Publisher analytics and Web analytics. He led one of the early initiatives at Yahoo! using cloud for Business Intelligence. His work included implementation of data pipeline on cloud, using Web Services leveraging Dimensional Model, building Meta data layer for script generation for querying Grid, developing Hive for SQL like data access on Grid etc. Previously Rohit has worked for companies like Alcatel-Lucent, Sony, Toyota and others. Big Data Appliances Mr. Sathyanarayana Ranganatha, Sr. Manager, EMCSathya is the practice lead of EIMA (enterprise information management and analytics practice) with EMC Consulting,India COE. He brings over thirteen years of consulting experience around business intelligence, performancemanagement and business transformation initiatives of blue chip clientele. He is a MBA from Indian School ofBusiness and B Tech Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. He is a member ofScrum Alliance and a certified scrum master DW Infrastructure for Cloud Praveen Hebbagodi, Director, Akamai Technologies Praveen heads Analytics Product line for Akamai including Media Analytics, Download Analytics, QOSMonitor, Site analyzer and Stream Analyzer as part of the Performance Analytics. Praveen has successfully incubated teams growing them into independent functions. As the Site Leader of India Engineering, he is also responsible for facilitating operations for other Engineering teams in India. He joined Akamai from Speedera acquisition, holds several patents in the area of Fault Tolerant Distributed Systems Cloud for BI:A Business Perspective K L Mukesh, Chief Operating Officer, TATA SkyK L Mukesh is the CIO for Tata Sky for the last year and a half. Prior to joining Tata Sky, Mukesh has spent 15 years withDIRECTV as a VP of operations in the Japan, US and South America. At DIRECTV he has had a variety of roles rangingfrom customer operations, credit and collections, field services product development etc. He has also worked onbankruptcy turnaround, operational aspects of mergers. Mukesh is an alumnus of IIM Ahmadabad and Indian StatisticalInstitute.
  2. 2. Speakers Viewpoints: Transformational impact of Cloud on DW/BI Rajesh Shenoy, BI Head, Intel Rajesh Shenoy Leads the Engineering BI, BPMS and B2B Platforms for Intel. He comes with deep expertise on DW / BI / Analytics platforms with over 15 years of experience. Prior to Intel, Rajesh was with Teradata. Over his seven years at Intel, Rajesh has overseen DW, BI, Analytics and DBA Management in his prior roles. He has a multiple industry certifications and accreditations. Nat Malupillai, BI Head, Target Nat is a Seasoned Management Professional with expertise in managing Captive Centers, IT Strategy, Sourcing Analysis, IT Application Development, and Analytics. His focus areas include Management Consulting & Financial Services including Campaign Management, Risk-based Pricing, Prospect Targeting, Reponses Management, Cross- Sells, Customer Management, Dot Com Business Models, and Mergers Integration. His expertise include IT Strategy, Financial Planning, Program Management, Strategic Sourcing, Negotiation, Business Analytics, Risk Management Raghuram Mutya, Head, BI CoE, Dell Services Raghuram leads the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing practice at Dell. He has over 15 years of experience in the field, including with Perot System and HP. Raghu works with dozens of Dell client organizations of various sizes to design and deliver BI/DW solutions. Arup Dastidar, Senior Vice President, Citibank Arup leads the Strategic Information Solutions within the Advanced Analytics Solutions group for Citibank. His areas of interest is are to make BI ubiquitous in citibank and in aligning Business and IT functions. Arup has worked with Fujitsu-ICIM, Gillette, Accenture, GE Money. He was the European DW Manager for Gillette. At Accenture, he managed the GE Money account, whose DW was widely used for Analytics by Genpact at their Analytics COE. He graduated from BITS Pilani and has an MBA from Cass Business School, London Karthik P Hariharan, Business Analytics, IBM Karthik leads the charter to create industry-specific Analytical Blueprints leveraging technologies within the Business Analytics family, working with works with Business Analytics team in IBM Software groups such as SPSS and Cognos.. He comes with over 12 years of experience and has been with IBM for 10+ years. He is a Masters in Software Systems from BITS PILANI and an Executive General Management Program from IIM Bangalore. Moderator: Vijay Ramachandran, Chief Editor (CIO, Computerworld) Vijay is a award-winning journalist and a founder member of the Indian operations of the world’s largest technology media organization. He helps strategically guide the publications, websites and events of IDG Media. In 2001, Vijay was Vijay was awarded India’s highest honor for technology journalists, the Polestar Award, for his investigation into Pakistan-based hacker groups. His specialities include: Editorial Leadership & Strategy; CIOs; Technology Journalism Event Planning & Moderation; Team Building; Start-up operations; Learning.Advanced Analytics on the cloud Mr. Arindam Bhattacharjee, Chief Architect, SAP AnalyticsArindam drives the architecture for various Business Analytics product lines that include Content Search, Data Search,Predictive Services, Usage Analytics, Application Monitoring, Object Life Cycle Management etc. Prior to SAP, he hasworked with HP Systems R&D Division, Ocwen Technology Exchange, Computer Associates, Infosys Technologies etc. Hisexperience ranges across design and development of software/firmware, application middleware and application framework.He is a graduate of IT BHU. Closing Keynote : Changing Technology and Business Landscape: Current and Future State Vision Susheela Venkataraman, MD, Internet Business Solutions, Cisco Susheela Venkataraman is Managing Director, Internet Business Solutions, Cisco, responsible for strategy consulting for key clients of Cisco to help them improve business performance through the strategic adoption of technology. In her 25 years of consulting experience, Susheela has worked with clients in several industries and government, in areas ranging from strategy through to implementation. Prior to Cisco, Susheela was Partner at Coopers & Lybrand/Pricewaterhouse Coopers / IBM. She led several large-scale enterprise transformation engagements with her clients. Susheela holds a Masters in Physics from IIT Delhi and MBA from FMS Delhi. She is working on her doctoral thesis on “the global strategies of emerging Indian multinationals”. She is a Carnatic music vocalist and engaged in many community projects.
  3. 3. Program Details Big Data Appliance Event Overview Mr. Sathyanarayana Ranganatha, Sr. Manager, EMCCloud computing changes the way computing resources are delivered. Over the past decade, there has been an onslaught of ‘appliances’It is disruptive as well as transformational. We will discuss and targeting data warehousing needs of enterprises addressing terabytes, and consequently, peta bytes of data. This presentation provides andeliberate potential benefits and challenges of BI in external, virtual overview of architectural considerations and some of the dominantcomputing architectures, the future of cloud for BI, its applicability and players in the ‘big data’ appliances market in the context of Cloud.availability of technology at present. DW Infrastructure for Cloud Inaugural Address Praveen Hebbagodi, Director, Akamai Technologies Akamais platform for content delivery and application acceleration Narendra Vaze, Country Manager, Intel IT consists of 88,000+ servers at1600 + locations in 71 countries and 1100+ Special address and sharing the vision for the future of cloud in networks. Over 3200 customers rely on Akamai services to operate their business on the cloud. Akamai’s analytics solutions helps its customers Business Intelligence and Analytics. to get deeper and actionable insights into its end users and their interaction with their content and its usage. This talk would provide a Intel IT Cloud Story high-level overview of Akamai’s analytics infrastructure and its Aravind Doss, Head, Cloud Computing, Intel IT capabilities of handling very large volumes of data (“Big data”) while touching upon some insights and learning’s from operating such anCloud computing is here, and it has important implications in the way infrastructure in the cloud.applications are designed and hosted. Intel IT has been leading the wayin adopting Cloud for its IT needs. In this key note, the following Cloud for BI:A Business Perspectivethoughts will be shared Why does cloud matter to Intel and Intel IT? K L Mukesh, Chief Operating Officer, TATA Sky What is Intel IT’s Cloud Adoption Strategy? How is cloud implemented across internal application portfolio? Tata Sky has been a pioneer in leveraging cloud based service offerings. What are some of the Best practices, tips or lessons learned? We assessed the application portfolio, infrastructure, inventory and usage-scenarios to create a business-case for cloud adoption. We will explore the technical and illustrative-financial details of this case. Overview: What is BI on the Cloud Objective of this session will be explore how they should go about planning & implementing a BI solution in cloud. Hari Devarapalli, Head, BI/PM Service Technology Office, TCS  Evaluating cloud solution for a BI/DW application  Plan a BI cloud solution - things to watch out for! How are BI applications different from other applications?  Benefits Analysis of implementing a solution in Cloud Does BI applications benefit from cloud? Business decision considerations Is Cloud ready for BI to take on? Is this right time or we wait? Understand focused Business case scenarios What do we mean by BI on the cloud and how does it differ from an Address one business function (marketing, sales force, finance, HR) on-premise implementation and from a hosted BI solution. Viewpoints: Transformational impact of Cloud on Hari discusses the intersection of Cloud and BI technologies from the perspective of BI solution architects. DW/BI One size does not fit all. However, Learning from the community adds to Cloud Computing on BI/DW the maturity curve. The Practitioners here discuss their strategies. They Rohit Chattar, Architect, Yahoo explore how to go about planning and implementing a BI solution in cloud. They share how to leverage on the experiences and the best practicesThere is a natural match between data warehouse and cloud computing gained from their BI implementations. How do we build flexible andwhere former poses architectural and computational challenges and scalable BI solutions, and yet make them secure on cloud. Evaluatinglater provides a scalable, cost effective and massively parallel computing cloud solution for a BI/DW applicationenvironment that can be used to meet those challenges. This session  Plan a BI cloud solution - things to watch out for!will take you through a typical architecture for business intelligence on  Public or a Private Cloud? When to use which one and why?cloud, the pros and cons, what the technology offers today and what  Technologies portfolio balancing (risk vs. value)you may see in future. There will also be a discussion on how Yahoo!  Benefits Analysis of implementing a solution in Clouduses cloud computing to meet its data warehousing needs. Advanced Analytics on the Cloud Arindam Bhattacharjee, Chief Architect, SAP This session will focus upon the evolving On Cloud Business Intelligence areas related to Predictive, Search, Reporting, Exploration, Dashboarding etc. and the futuristic fast data warehouses. Closing Address Susheela Venkataraman, MD, Internet Business Solutions, Cisco The technology convergence, pervasiveness and adoption of the cloud in IT has strategic implications for the business. We will explore how this Changing Technology and Business Landscape is evolving.