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BIO of Trou Dornfeld-von Hussen


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Published in: Business
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BIO of Trou Dornfeld-von Hussen

  1. 1. Trou Dornfeld-von Hussen is the Founder of TDvH & Associates, Inc. With over fifteen years of experience within Human Resource (HR) Consulting, Mr. von Hussen has managed operational functions, training, small and large scale HR technologies implementations, staffing and development programs and other human resource challenges. As founder of TDvH & Associates, he spearheads client support that directly impacts all human dimensions in the workplace. He routinely conducts professional development seminars for workgroups, especially in human resource strategy and enhancement solutions, provides process and change management solutions programs and facilitates both strategic planning efforts and executive retreats (for-profit and non-profit organizations). He is a frequent contributor for the Corporate Leadership Council. By gaining over fifteen years of operational management experience within Human Resources (HR) and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Trou has researched and applied the most effective practices in supporting business needs and regulatory requirements. The following bullets outline Mr. von Hussen’s experience in developing service delivery models including analysis, design, system implementation, process analysis, and project management. • Strategic planning for integrating technology and business process to contain costs and enhance operational efficiencies • Evaluation of HR practices and HRMS technologies for inclusion in re-engineered processes, integrated technology and business processes in order to contain application-development costs and enhance operational efficiencies • Design and management of change activities to support the implementation of new HR processes and redesigned service delivery models • Design and implementation of large scale e-HR service delivery models In a unique area of specialization, Mr. von Hussen helps organizations define, develop and implement responsible business practices that support an ethical and compliant workplace. He assesses areas of risk, helps develop policies, procedures and a Code of Conduct, designs and delivers employee training, and assists with implementation of comprehensive corporate compliance initiatives. TOLL FREE: 888-814-TDvH (8384); WEBSITE: WWW.TDVHASSOC.COM