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Learning Problem                     Technologies                    Relative Advantage                Expected Outcomes  ...
is relative to the student’s lives.   also understand that is trade-                                                      ...
manufacturing, Biotech,                                                                                                   ...
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Relative advantage chart


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Relative advantage chart

  1. 1. Learning Problem Technologies Relative Advantage Expected Outcomes Students will understand Hold class discussion about ourStudents do not understanding how our needs drive Web based site that explores basic needs and wants. Explorehow technology impacts our invention and innovation that human needs and wants how our wants drive inventionevery day lives. has an impact on our daily and innovation. lives. The screen cast allows students Students will know the stepsStudents do not know the My website for viewing the to view and listen to the in the technological systemscomponents of the basic systems model with explanations presentation of the systems model and understand theirtechnological systems model for each step in the model. model. This gives immediate relationship between each feedback and stimulation. step. Students are able to view the screen cast at any time for aStudents are unfamiliar with the Students will understand My website for viewing the design review of the design loop anddesign principles (loop) and how the design loop will loop with explanations for each how it applies to their to use them when assist the students in solving step in the model. The presentation providesdeveloping a process or product. technological problems. interest through video and audio effects.Students are unaware of the Institute for Manufacturing The websites allow for the The students will understandbasic trade-offs that are made My website for viewing the students to gain two perspectives how trade-offs effect the waywhen producing existing and examples of how trade-offs work on how trade-offs work. products are manufactured innew technologies. when producing a product. Provides direct information that most countries. They will
  2. 2. is relative to the student’s lives. also understand that is trade- offs are ignored the manufacturing process can have long lasting negative effects on our environment and population. The students will watch a safety video, go through a demonstration done by me and take a safety test. The videos The students are required to My website for viewing safety will allow the students to go pass all tests with a score of videos for using machines andStudents do not know how to back and re-watch the video for 100% before using the tools. (Still under construction)use resource tools, materials, review if they do not pass a machine or tool. This will Machine Safety Codeand processes safely and safety test. This method creates help facilitate that YouTube videos for each machine,efficiently. interest for the students by accomplishment. Online the channel is called Ask the watching self-navigated videos testing allows for immediate Builder. on YouTube. Safety tests are feedback. given online and provide immediate feedback. Retakes are possible with a time limit.Students are unfamiliar with The students will use my website Student will be able to My website for viewingidentifying components and with a combination of a few identify the components and components and properties. Thisproperties to build a other websites to identify the properties of will include doing worksheets andrepresentation in all areas of components and properties of communications, research technology systems. construction, electronics, transportation, energy,
  3. 3. manufacturing, Biotech, mechanical and fluid systems. Class textbook will be used along Students will understand the Students will be able to use the with selected websites based on key terms and theirStudents are unaware of the key various websites to locate the lesson plan at the time. An relationship with theterms associated with each information about the different example would be, West Point project(s) for the givencategory of technology. key terms and how they apply to Bridge Builder for construction lesson. This will increase the the existing project(s). lessons and physics lessons. student’s knowledge base. The students will know the The students will use theStudents are not familiar with The Technology Liberation Front differences between the two websites and textbook to find thethe differences between Innovation vs. Invention terms and a how to apply the differences between the twoinvention and innovation. Textbook research terms to a given object to terms. identify it’s original origin. The students will know how to locate my website in the The students will complete a school directory or directlyStudents are unfamiliar with scavenger hunt using my website My website doing a research on the internet. The studentsusing my website to access to find information about the project. will also know where to findinformation about each lesson. class and myself. This is a self- all the information they need directed search project. for each lesson and project on my website. 
  4. 4. References:‐hills‐ms‐technology/