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French –re verbs


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French –re verbs

  1. 1. French –re verbsHow to conjugate verbsending in –re in French
  2. 2. Many French verbs ending in –re follow a regular pattern The verb vendre (to sell) is conjugated below. You will have to memorize which verbs ending in –re in the infinitive follow the “normal” pattern of conjugation, meaning you can just take the –re ending off the infinitive and add the following endings to the stem: vendre (to sell) je vends nous vend ons tu vends vous vend ez il,elle,on vend ils,elles vend ent
  3. 3. Some verbs ending in –re are irregular Some verbs like prendre & mettre are irregular: mettre (to put, put on, place) je mets nous mett ons tu mets vous mett ez il,elle,on met ils,elles mett ent.
  4. 4. Then we have verbs like “suivre” Suivre means “to follow” ……
  5. 5. Practice makes Perfect! The only way to learn verb conjugations is to practice often, much like you would to learn a piece of music. The link below brings to an excellent website where you can practice all French verbs, and gives you helpful comparisons to English verbs: