Fre 101 1st day


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Fre 101 1st day

  1. 1. Welcome to French 101. This is abeginning level French class and assumes no prior knowledge of French, if youknow some French you should switch to FRE 102.
  2. 2.  There is one place where all the things you need for this course (besides the textbook) reside: in your on-line course in Blackboard. Let’s first take a look at the syllabus and course calendar. You are required to practice the vocabulary for each lesson with the audio flashcards provided in the MyFrenchlab on-line lab manual, they can also be found on the Points de départ website.
  3. 3.  As well as the flashcards you will find activities to practice material from your book: The flashcards will be assigned as homework and there will be oral quizzes given in the beginning of class to test your retention. There will be no make-ups for these quizzes so it is important to BE ON TIME FOR CLASS .
  4. 4.  French has the reputation of being difficult to pronounce. However it really is just a matter of memorizing and practicing certain sounds, just as when you learn to play a sport you learn certain ways of moving your body in order to more effectively play, you will learn ways of moving your lips and jaw and where to place your tongue for each sound. The following website we will use in order to deepen your understanding of the rules of French pronunciation: ar/pronunciation/
  5. 5.  Let’s take a look at the goals I have created for this class. There is a discussion board in you course in Blackboard that I have set up for you to create goals as well…as a class we will create goals for us to accomplish in this course: Blackboard course
  6. 6.  ge5 - Now let’s practice introducing ourselves. Je m’appelle Mme Donohue, comment tu t’appelles? Comment ça va? Bien  mal comme ci comme ca (ok) Je suis de Canadaigua…et toi? Tu es d’où?
  7. 7.  I fully expect that we will have a fun and productive semester. Please come and see me whenever you have a question or concern relating to our class. I am available during my office hours (see syllabus) and also during Open Lab hours (see the schedule posted out side the Language Lab-Room A312).