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MaharaUK12 - Mahara for Beginners by Thomas W Bell


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Thomas gave this talk at MaharaUK12 in Lancaster.

For more info about Mahara Training, get in touch.

Published in: Education, Business
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MaharaUK12 - Mahara for Beginners by Thomas W Bell

  1. 1. Mahara for BeginnersThomas W Bell - @thomaswbell88 + Implementation Manager @ TDM OssServices + IT Professional Trainer & Assessor @ TDM Wyre Academy + Co-Author of “Mahara for Beginners”(~August 2012 publication)
  2. 2. @thomaswbell88
  3. 3. think thought thinking.. Reflection! "You dont learn from experiences alone... ...most of the learning comes when you reflect on those experiences"
  4. 4. Whos it for?Its for learners..
  5. 5. Life-long learnersTrainer Manager Technologist Artist Assessor Professional RehabilitationStudent Job-seeker
  6. 6. Creating your own learning journey Goal settingPersonal goals Agreed goals SMART plans
  7. 7. ProfileWho are you?!Introduce yourself.. How do I contact you? Phone, email, Skype?
  8. 8. Resume / CV Experiences Achievements Education Goals Interests
  9. 9. Reflection in Mahara Mahara Journal Discussions with peers
  10. 10. Pages / Collections Show off! Profile Info AchievementsResume / CV Photos Your goals / plans Documents Videos External Media Reflections External Info Notes CPD log
  11. 11. Pages / Collections Share with othersAccess Control Tutors Peers Groups Anyone Else ...
  12. 12. Friends / Groups Creating learning communities...Connect with PeersMessage them!Discuss in forums Socialise!GroupsCollaborate on PagesShare Pages
  13. 13. A few other things..Assessment in MaharaMobile Uploads – Android & iOSIntegration with other platformsPlugins to extend Maharas functionality
  14. 14. Lets go have a play.. :)
  15. 15. Some examples..An Assessor in training portfolio.. (ok.. its my portfolio)
  16. 16. Some examples..QCF (NVQ) Apprentices proving theircompetence by providing evidence..
  17. 17. Examples
  18. 18. MaharaTraining available!
  19. 19. Change Mahara to suit your organisation!
  20. 20. Medium – large scale ManagedImplementations
  21. 21. Thanks for Listening!Come and chat for more info