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MaharaUK12 Apprenticeships using TotaraLMS & Mahara ePortfolios by Laurent David & Thomas W Bell


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Laurent & Thomas gave this talk at MaharaUK12 talking about the way TotaraLMS and Mahara ePortfolios have been set up for Apprenticeship delivery at the Wyre Academy.

If you are interested in a bespoke system like this for delivering apprenticeships, get in touch, we'd love to share the experience!

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MaharaUK12 Apprenticeships using TotaraLMS & Mahara ePortfolios by Laurent David & Thomas W Bell

  1. 1. Apprenticeships using TotaraLMS & MaharaLaurent David Division Manager of TDM Open Source Software Services + Software Developer + MSc Software Engineering + Linux Server ProfessionalThomas Bell - @thomaswbell88 + Implementation Manager @ TDM OssServices + IT Professional Trainer & Assessor @ TDM Wyre Academy + Co-Author of “Mahara for Beginners”(~August 2012 publication)
  2. 2. Quick intro ... TDM “Lets do good stuff!”
  3. 3. ● Training.. ● In Open Source Software ● Consultancies ● Business & Education focus● Development.. ● Of Open Source Software ● Bespoke Software development● Management.. ● Of Open Source Software ● Implementation Management for organisations ● Successful software deployment
  4. 4. ● Totara Partner ● Managed Hosting ● Codeline Development ● Branding● Moodle Services company ● Implementations ● Training● Mahara Partner ● Authors of the Mahara book: Mahara Beginners Guide ● Mahara Certified Training Courses
  5. 5. Over a year in existence now, but with decades of training provision: Online Training Academy IT / ICT Apprenticeships Delivery Tutor Training Management Training High-stakes Industry Certifications
  6. 6. 2012 Proud to be partnered with:
  7. 7. IT Apprenticeships● Our vision for apprenticeships● Quality apprentices for organisations to grow into quality ICT professionals● “Learn to make cupboards, by making cupboards”● Tried and tested.. 800 year old concept● “Dog food”
  8. 8. How do we do it?● eLearning Courses● Face to face intensive week training● Learning on the job● Reflection● Assessment of competence in the workplace● Hard skills tests (hard!!)
  9. 9. What is ?
  10. 10. What is ?Key points for the Wyre Academy:● Individual Learning Plans from NVQ tied competencies. SMART planning● Face-to-face sessions Booking Management● eLearning courses supplement learning● Integration with ePortfolio area for learner reflection● Completion reports for funding bodies and the boss! ...
  11. 11. What is ?● Constant development.. ● Changed the look and feel ● Assessment Matrix (“Progress Tracker”) to map competencies ↔ Evidence ● Evidence area for assessor evidence, matrices etc. eAssessment tool ● Totara Upgrades
  12. 12. How do Mahara and Totara mix?● Wyre Academy Totara = Structured Learning Delivery: ● Individual Learning Plans ● Online Courses ● Tracking + Reporting ● Workshop Booking
  13. 13. How do Mahara and Totara mix?● Wyre Academy Mahara = Personalised Learning ● Professional Learning Community ● Reflective Journals ● Evidence gathering ● Evidence showcasing ● Assessment submission to Mahara Groups & Totara Courses
  14. 14. Learner Journey In Totara/Mahara● Learner Registration & Interview● Diagnostics Assessments in TotaraLMS● Successful employment placement using their skills/strengths● Induction training: “Apprenticeships Induction” course (online) & Mahara
  15. 15. Learner Journey In Totara/Mahara● Individual Learning Plan/s creation ● Auto assigned relevant competencies ● Auto enrolled on relevant eLearning courses ● Timescales and due dates added to competencies ● Different plans added based on the individual e.g: – Functional Skills Plan – Diploma in ICT Professional Competence Learning Plan – Diploma in ICT Systems & Principles Learning Plan
  16. 16. Learner Journey In Totara/Mahara● Learner gathers evidence in Mahara● Learners constructs their pages in Mahara: – Screencasting – Videos – Audio – Product evidence – Witness testimonies
  17. 17. Learner Journey In Totara/Mahara● Formative Assessment: ● Assessor Feedback attached to Pages – Video/audio feedback ● Assessor Discussions & Observations attached as feedback to relevant Mahara Pages● Final submission to relevant groups in Mahara
  18. 18. Learner Journey In Totara/Mahara● Summative Assessment: ● Totara Quizzes, Assignments and Lessons ● Pearson Vue examinations at Academy venue
  19. 19. Maharas Key Features for Assessment Delivery:● Course Groups● Page watchlists● Email notifications (digest)● Feedback on pages (with Attachments)● The integration with Totara for eAssessment, reporting and teacher-led eLearning etc.
  20. 20. Additional notes● Not just for apprentices.. ● Assessor portfolios of competence ● Assessor Profiles ● Workplace Mentor Profiles & ePortfolios ● Workplace Mentor Training
  21. 21. Mahara ePortfolios at TDM● Weve been involved in the development of Mahara for over 3 4 years now and still inputting.● Very happy for the continuing success and uptake● Looking to write the sequel to our successful Mahara 1.2: A Beginners Guide Book being published very soon!
  22. 22. Plans for the future.. (from last year)● “Mahara Evidence – Totara Competency” Mapping● “Mahara Assessor Overlay”: ● Point and click on Mahara blocks to grade/assess in Totara/Moodle● Closer TotaraLMS/Mahara integrationPlease get involved! If these sound interesting,contact us to fast-track its development
  23. 23. References●●●●●●● Mahara 1.2: A Beginners Guide book● Mahara for Beginners book (August/September 2012 publication)● More info on IT Apprenticeships with TDM Wyre Academy