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Professional Office Solutions provides clients and friends with a quarterly informational newsletter. I am in charge of developing the newsletter articles and ensuring that our clients will find the information within useful and informative. This is our latest edition from May 2011.

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Pos May 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. SINCE 2003 (502)543-4100 FAX: 877-200-4940 Professional Office Solutions, TOLL FREE: 877-338- 8800 WWW.PROSOLUTIONS.INFO LLC. NewsletterSPECIAL POINTS V O L U M E 3 , I S S U E 4 M A Y 2 0 1 1OF INTEREST:•Interested in “We take the pain out of medical billing.”implementing anEMR? POS can help!Call us today! Change in Statement Processing...•See Our HolidaySchedule for 2011!•Visit our newlyimproved website: A major form of bottom. The verbiage is ment their PATIENTwww.prosolutions.info revenue for medical as follows: STATUS will say collec-today! practices is the collection tions. You will still re- of patient due money. At 1st statement: ceive a report that shows Professional Office Solu- patients who have re-INSIDE THIS tions we have decided to 2nd statement: RE- ceived their final state-ISSUE: enhance our statement MINDER - WE DID ments. You will thenA Quicker Way 2 processing. In the past NOT RECEIVE YOUR make decisions as to we have always mailed a PAYMENT LAST what to do with thoseWinners of $25 2 total of three statements. MONTH. patients (i.e. write offStaples Gift The second statement balances, send them toCard would have a first collec- 3rd statement: THIS collections, etc.).Holiday 2 tion letter attached and ACCOUNT IS PAST We hope that thisSchedule the third statement DUE. PLEASE REMIT process will benefit our would have a final notice PAYMENT OR CALL clients and their patients.Are You Using 4 attached. We have now TO SET UP A PAY- The patients will be re-EMR? decided to now change MENT PLAN ceiving one more state- this process. ment and a return enve-Legally Writing 5 Effective imme- 4th statement: FINAL lope now. Although theOff Patient diately we are sending a NOTICE-PLEASE RE- letters will not be at-Balances total of 4 statements. The MIT PAYMENT OR tached the comments at statements will now have CONTACT US WITHIN the bottom are a briefIncreasing 5 a return envelope en- 10 DAYS TO AVOID summary of what theRevenue for closed. We will no FURTHER COLLEC- letters said. If you havePCPs longer be sending the TION EFFORTS. any questions please feel collection letters. Each free to contact Tammy orFinancial 6&7 statement will have a When a patient Dyana.Hardship “collection” note at the receives their 4th state-Waiver PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 A Quicker Way to Get Help Professional Office Solutions wants to be able to service our customers quickly and accurately. We know that your offices need help at all times of the day and we know that if you have a problem at night, you may forget to call us first thing in the morning. This is why we have developed an online help desk.Having computerproblems? Call our If you go to our website (www.prosolutions.info) and hit the Service Re-tech team for help! quest tab, you will be sent to a screen where you can either Submit a Ticket or View Entire Knowledge Base. If you Submit a Ticket, you will type in your name and email address and give us a description of your problem. The ticket will be reviewed as soon as possible and you will be contacted via email or phone call when the issue has been fixed. In your message please be as detailed as you can as to what your problem is. For instance, if you are having an issue with a scanner please do not only tell us what type of problem you are having, but also include the type of scanner you have, how long the problem has been going on, and any other information you can provide. Submitting tickets will be very helpful. First, you can submit a ticket after 2011 hours rather than trying to remember to call us the next day. When you submit a ticket, it is immediately sent to our technical support team and other members of Holiday our office for review. This will also save you time from calling us and waiting on Schedule hold to find the correct person to handle your request, or waiting for a call back if that person is busy at the moment. Professional Office If you view our Knowledge Base, we have frequently asked questions. If Solutions will be you review those notes you may be able to fix your issues without any help. We closed for the follow- also store other important information there. For instance, if you are an EMR ing holidays in 2011: customer, you can look at the EMR knowledge base and not only see frequently • May 30– asked questions, but also see documents on how to register for stimulus money, Memorial Day websites on where to register, and other helpful information. • July 4– We hope that you find this tool helpful and user friendly. If you have ques- Independence Day tions about using the Help Desk please feel free to call our technical department. • September 5– Labor Day $25 Gift Card Winners Are…. • November 24– Dr. Flynn from Knopp & Flynn Chiro- Foot Doctors won a $25 Staples gift practic won the $25 Staples gift card card for giving us information on Thanksgiving Day for completing the EMR survey from meetings/conferences that she would our last newsletter! Along with him, be attending! Congratulations to the Dr. Eichenberger from Derby City both of you! PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  3. 3. VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4 PAGE 3Do You Know Your Medical Terminology? Lacuration Burn Emergency Bruise Shock Choking Cut Heat Stroke Sprains Bite Frostbite Fracture Stroke Sutures Dislocated Heart Attack Nosebleed Pain Heart Attack Nosebleed Pain CPR ElectricShock Check out our newsletters on our updated website: www.prosolutions.info.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Are You Using an EMR? Many doctors have began using EMR within the past couple of years to be- gin movement towards qualifying for Electronic Health Record stimulus money. Have you looked at using one? Here are a few helpful facts from www.cms.gov to let you know a little about the Medicare incentive program for EMR users:AMS was officially certified as a compliant EMR on • “Participation can begin as early as 2011. • Eligible professionals can receive up to $44,000 over five years under the Medi- care EHR Incentive Program. Theres an additional incentive for eligible profes- sionals who provide services in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HSPA). • To get the maximum incentive payment, Medicare eligible profes-“Eligible professionals sionals must begin participation by 2012. • Incentive payments for eligible hospitals and CAHs may begin as early as 2011 can receive up to and are based on a number of factors, beginning with a $2 million base pay-$44,000 over five years ment. • Important! For 2015 and later, Medicare eligible professionals, eligi-under the MEDICARE ble hospitals, and CAHs that do not successfully demonstrate mean- ingful use will have a payment adjustment in their Medicare reim- EHR Incentive bursement.” Program!” Here are a few helpful facts from cms.gov to let you know a little about the Medi- caid incentive program for EMR users: • “The Medicaid EHR Incentive Program is voluntarily offered by individual states and territories and may begin as early as 2011, depending on the state. • Eligible professionals can receive up to $63,750 over the six years that they“Eligible professionals choose to participate in the program. • Eligible hospital incentive payments may begin as early as 2011, depending on can receive up to when the state begins its program. The last year a Medicaid eligible hospital may begin the program is 2016. Hospital payments are based on a number of fac- $63,750 with tors, beginning with a $2 million base payment. MEDICAID EHR • There are no payment adjustments under the Medicaid EHR Incentive Pro- gram.” Incentive Program!” The electronic medical records system in American Medical Software of- fers the latest technology for holding all patient information. The chart holds all vital patient information and provides instant access to the patients previous pro- gress notes, medication and immunization history, scanned images, and tracking his- tory. You can also order labs, set reminders and tasks, link files, and write or elec- tronically send prescriptions. For any questions regarding features or how to use any of them in AMS, please contact us at (502) 543-4100 or (877) 338-8800. PROFESSIONAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  5. 5. VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4 PAGE 5 Increasing Revenue for Primary Care Practices Interested in While we are glad to see the nice weather here after a long winter, it can be bad for business. Often times, winter is a much busier time of year for physicians Implementing with colds and the flu causing many people to be sick. In order to increase revenue in the summer, physicians need to get patients into the office. an EMR One way to do this is to remind Medicare and Passport patients that their system? insurance covers one annual well visit a year. Try to have patients scheduling those well visits during slow business times. Also, you can try to schedule your Welcome Please call or to Medicare patients during slower business times. This visit is covered 100% by e-mail Tiffany Medicare and has a higher reimbursement rate than a regular office visit. Try posting signs in your office reminding patients about their covered well or Brittany for visits. We can also help you generate reports so you can mail patients letters or call more them to encourage scheduling well visits. If you would like more information on re- quirements of these visits or would like reports to see what patients have Medicare information. and Passport please contact Tiffany or submit a Service Request Ticket. E‐mail addresses are  as follows:  Go Green! Brittany:  brittanyl@prosolutions.info  Here at Professional Office Solutions we are striving to do our Tiffany: part in helping the environment by going paperless. Not only can we tiffanyl@prosolutions.info email you our newsletters, but we can also email you your month end re-ports and statements. If you are interested in this please email Teresa atTluster@prosolutions.info. Our newsletters can now be found at our up-dated website: www.prosolutions.info.Legally Writing Off Patient Balances On the following page you will find two sheets. These sheets shouldbe used when patients want you to write off their balances. Have thepatients provide you the needed information. After you have the neededinformation you can determine if you can write off all or some portion ofthe balance. Please note that it is considered fraud to submit claims to insurance companies with out the in-tention of collecting copays and deductibles. Filling out these sheets and saving them in the EMR or patientschart can help prove that you only gave write offs when they were truly needed. If you have any questionsplease feel free to call us for more information.
  6. 6. Professional Office Solutions 5239 Cedar Grove Road #3 Shepherdsville, KY 40165 Professional Office Solutions NEWSINSIDE THIS ISSUE: • Winners of $25 Staples Gift Card! • A Quicker Way To Get Help! Professional Office Solu-Also see: tions, LLC. has drastically updated our webpage!• Change in Statement Processing Take a look at the up-• Financial Hardship Waiver Application dates at• POS 2011 Holiday Scheduled Closing www.prosolutions.info • Are You Using EMR?