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Todd Dickerson Performance Portfolio


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Performance Profile of Todd Dickerson

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Todd Dickerson Performance Portfolio

  1. 1. Performance Profile Of Todd Dickerson
  2. 2. TODD A. DICKERSON 908 Oakwood Cove Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (407) 267-6960 [email_address] Dear Sir/Madam: In advance, thank you for your time and consideration. Competitive and top-performing leader offering 18 years progressive achievement in the advertising and media fields. Results-driven, hands-on professional providing award winning track records of success. Customer-oriented team player recognized for driving volume, boosting morale, ensuring quality customer service, and implementing cohesive, technically savvy processes and best practices. Areas of Excellence: Strategic Planning  Change Management  Recruitment  Market Penetration  Risk Assessment  Staff Management/Retention  Employee Evaluations  Training & Development  Process Improvement  Employee Relations  Campaign Development Sales/Marketing  Project Management  Product Branding  Compensation Programs  Needs Assessment  Internet Research/ Networking  Emerging Market Identification/Analysis  Budget Management Again, thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to learning more about your organization’s needs. Sincerely, Todd A. Dickerson Todd A. Dickerson
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  5. 5. Table of Contents: ■ Certifications ■ Recommendations ■ References Todd A. Dickerson Accomplishments
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  11. 11. “ Todd is a true professional who is a pleasure to work with........he always had my clients best interest at heart and was detailed, honest and effective.” Carole Cooper, Media Supervisor , Zimmerman Advertising “ Todd Dickerson is a wonderful colleague that believes in leading by example and winning! I worked directly with Todd for many years and his drive, work ethic, leadership, involvement in community, and love of family makes him a perfect fit for your company. Give him a goal and watch him make you money!” Jay Carneal  , National Production Director , Radio One “ Todd sets an outstanding example for those that report directly to him as well as being a strong team player within the company. Focus on the task at hand but with an eye on the future is a skill that Todd posses to the benefit of those that work with him. Todd also builds an outstanding team by showing loyalty to those that report to him while demanding a high degree of exellence from each based on their abilities. Todd has my complete confidence as a leader, teacher and friend.” Scott Mills  , Senior Acct Manager , Cox Radio “ Todd is a great General Sales Manager that was very good at coaching and motivating the team to reach all digital, event and on air goals. He has a great sense of balancing being your boss and being your friend. If he called me up to work for him again, I would be right there!!!” Eric Lee  , Account Manager , Cox Communication   Todd A. Dickerson Recommendations
  12. 12. Kevin Gardner Program Director, WCFB-FM Cox Radio Orlando 321-281-2017 (O) 321-6639076 (M) [email_address] Rob Babin General Sales Manager, WSB-AM Cox Radio Atlanta 404-897-7316 (O) 404-849-5064 (M) [email_address] Todd Markiewicz General Sales Manager Clear Channel-Charlotte (407) 491-1719   [email_address] Eric Lee Account Manager WALR-FM 404.897.6458 (O) [email_address] Todd A. Dickerson References
  13. 13. Beth Robertson Regional Account Manager Cox Radio 321-281-2208 [email_address] Jennifer Weldon Owner Fat Free Media, Inc. 407-786-8669 [email_address] Oscar Joyner CEO Reach Media, Inc 972-789-1058 [email_address] Julia Atherton Vice President Reach Media, Inc. 972-789-1058 [email_address] Todd A. Dickerson References
  14. 14. Thank you for your time and consideration. At your convenience, I would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your needs and to provide a brief overview of my accomplishments. TODD A. DICKERSON 908 Oakwood Cove Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (407) 267-6960 [email_address] Thank You