Chiesman Center - Why Social Media?


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A presentation made to a group of nonprofits at the Chiesman Center for Democracy to give an overview of social media and how it can be used to market effectively.

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  • Santa with Chesterfields comes up after print ads.
  • And that’s exactly what it was: broadcasting. One-way communication. Here’s our message, here’s our products, and if you want to watch your favorite sitcom, you’re going to listen to us, darn it!
  • How many of you like listening to TV and radio commercials? I mean, truly enjoy it? How many of you know someone who talks too much. What’s it like to be friends with someone who never listens? Usually you’re not friends very long.
  • Social media isn’t that fancy. Conversations are powered by sites: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
  • No other choice. One or the other.
  • How?
  • Remember we discussed when brands really took off? Two things: industry and mass media. Mass media made it possible to broadcast a message to thousands – millions of people.
  • And that’s exactly what it was: broadcasting. One-way communication. Here’s our message, here’s our products, and if you want to watch your favorite sitcom, you’re going to listen to us, darn it!
  • It can’t be controlled like traditional mass media. You can participate or ignore: those are your only options. One other cool thing about social media. Who are marketers targeting these days? Who’s got the money? What’s the largest demographic group?
  • Baby boomers. They’re pretty affluent, and they’re numerous. And their parents are dying, typically leaving them with even more wealth. No wonder marketers want them. But it’s not going to stay that way.
  • By 2010, these guys will outnumber baby boomers. Young people. Or, if you’re a marketer, you know them as Gen Yers or Millennials. And how do you reach them? Social media. BTW, baby boomers are flocking to social media, too. Fastest-growing group at the moment, in fact.
  • So how do you start to make that emotional connection?
  • I’ve run out of slides!
  • Chiesman Center - Why Social Media?

    1. 1. W hy Should I Car e About Social M edia?Dustin FloydTDG Communications
    2. 2. Social MediaMashups Blogging Social Networking Folksonomy Web 2.0 Tag Clouds Social Engagement Rich Content Viral Marketing User-Generated Content Podcasting Livecasting Conversion Rates Vlogging News Aggregation Microblogging Social Bookmarking Memes Wikis Photo Sharing Semantic Web Social Web Social Media Customer Engagement Social ShoppingBlogosphere Social Graph
    3. 3. Social Media
    4. 4. In TraditionalAdvertising, WeControlConversation
    5. 5. In Social Media,ConsumersControl theConversation
    6. 6. Social media is people having conver sations online. -M ar ta Kagan
    7. 7. We Can’t Control It.Either We Ignore It…Or We Become a Participant.
    8. 8. 48 hours ofvideouploaded toYouTubeevery
    9. 9. There are at least200,000,000blogs.-M ar ta Kagan
    10. 10. 73% of active online usershave read a blog.45% have started their own blog.-M ar ta Kagan
    11. 11. Facebook has 750 million active registered users. At least half log in every day.
    12. 12. If Facebook were its own country, it would rank third in population (ahead of the United States).
    13. 13. The average social gamerin the U.S. is 48 years old. 46% are more than 50 years old. -eM ar keter .com
    14. 14. Social Media is not a fad.It’s a fundamental shift inthe way we communicate. -M ar ta Kagan
    15. 15. 18% of TV campaigns generate positive ROI.90% of people who can skip TV ads, do. -M ar ta Kagan
    16. 16. The average person is exposed to 3 ,0 0 0 ads a day. -M ar ta Kagan
    17. 17. Only 1 4 % of people tr ust adver tisements.7 8 % of people tr ust the r ecommendations of other consumer s. -M ar ta Kagan
    18. 18. Social media is a dialogue.
    19. 19. Tr anspar ent Honest Inclusive AuthenticConsumer -Dr iven VIBRANT -M ar ta Kagan
    20. 20. Listen. Be honest. Participate.Engage people.
    22. 22. Dustin dustinfloydTwitter : @dustindfloyd @tdgincOffice: 6 0 5 .7 2 2 .7 1 1 1M obile: 6 0 5 .9 2 0 .1 0 5 3