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Guide pages google plus

  1. 1. Your BusinessGetting you closer to your customers.
  2. 2. Your BusinessHarness the full potential of the webwith Google+ Your Business.People are what make the web as powerful and exciting as it is today.We all contribute. With photos, videos and blogs, we’ve turned the web into anincredible resource, connecting and sharing with each other across the world.The stories we tell, the recommendations we make, the brands we love.By empowering people to share their interests, opinions and relationships,we make the web better.Better for people. And better for brands like yours.Using the power of the web, Google+ Your Business can bring yourcompany and customers closer.
  3. 3. The power of +1. Hangouts and CirclesPeople often turn to friends and family for help are only the beginning.making decisions. The +1 button combines the Google+ Your Business is about starting realpower of these personal recommendations conversations with real people, and treatingwith the reach of Google, making it easy to start them more like people and less like web traffic.conversations and offer timely recommendations It’s a new way to provide your customers theto your social circles across the web. kind of attention and service you know drives+1 recommendations appear on your website, display ads, word of ads, Google search results and now, your Google+ Page. Circles is central to Google+. It brings real-life nuance to online sharing. Additionally, it allows you to share the right message with the right people. Hangouts are a new way to meet and interact with your customers, either through a planned session or as an impromptu gathering. Search and Ripples allow you to see what is being said about your business and how it’s being shared across the platform. And the mobile app makes it easy to share the praise you receive, so you can spread the word immediately. Let’s look at how Google+ Your Business helps you to get closer to your customers.
  4. 4. Closer customers Before You Beginare better customers. To create a Google+ Page, you first need to haveAs a business, you created your product with a With Hangouts you can have quick feedback sessions with a personal profile on Google+. You can log inparticular group of people in mind. Wouldn’t it customer segments or even discuss ideas about planned using any existing Google account. If you don’t products. It’s a great way to have impromptu conversations have a Google account, joining is a great to see how they use it? With Google+ with your most passionate customers.Your Business, you can. The goal is to help you communicate in more intimate waysUse Circles to group together different types of people and with different groups of people.have conversations with them. You can share differentthings with each group based on what you think mightbe of interest to them.
  5. 5. Jumping In Your Business ProfileThis is where your administrator gets started. It’s quick, and it’s easy. This is the first page your customers will see. Think of it as your brand’s home page. Choose 10 words that best describe your business. Prepare a logo to add here. Image must be larger Your company logo will appear here. People can add you to Circles than 200x200 pixels. Choose at least 5 photos that to subscribe to your updates, best convey the spirit of your and you can add them back. company. These will be visible You can use Circles to target at the top of the profile page. smaller groups that you want to message. You will be able to +1: Just like on the web, decide whether you want to you can accumulate +1’s make your Circles visible or not. on your business profile. Add sites you want to link to Your 5 top pictures here. You can add up to 20 will appear here. pages per account and link This is where you can to them here, too. see who added your page [Content]: Prepare 10-20 posts to to their circles and who you You will be able to post get you started, so right added to your circles. on your page to allow off the bat you’ll have You can share or limit this people to comment. content on your page. Choose any videos or information. It’s up to you. photos you want to include on the page.
  6. 6. Start Streaming Get the most out of Google+ Your Business.This is where you can share with customers and see what they’ve shared with you. To get started, visit and keep these four helpful tips in mind: Choose Decide your profile assets carefully: the logo and the on the content and frequency of postings. five pictures that best represent your brand. Adopt a voice and style that are in tune Appoint an administrator and decide how with the essence of the spirit of your brand Stream: many pages you will create. and keep them consistent. This is where you see everything shared by people in your Circles. Hangouts: Notifications: You can choose to start a See whenever someone Hangout publicly or with Promote Delight adds you to a Circle, +1’s any one of your Circles. your page to your existing fan base, as your users and give them reasons to come your page or post, shares well as to potential fans. Let them know back. A special discount for your most valued or comments on a post or you’re up and running with great content Google+ users? It’s up to you. Engage them mentions you in a post. they won’t want to miss. and they’ll respond.
  7. 7.