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TMI Corporate Brochure


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Introduction to TMI, our services, clients and recent projects.

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TMI Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Technology Management, Inc. 1911 Rohlwing Road, Suite E Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 1-847-512-3228Providing Facility SolutionsFor Tomorrow’s Technologies Technology Management is a “best-in-class” provider of specialized project management, design and construction services for data centers and other mission-critical facilities
  2. 2. QUALIFICATIONSKEYS TO SUCCESS Ability to Meet Deadlines Most IT businesses require aggressive project schedules.Principal Involvement Our experience, teamwork and best practices enable usOur principals, each with over 20 years experience in the to routinely meet these compact schedules. TMI’s projectdevelopment of mission-critical facilities, actively lead and management services allow the client to operate sooner,manage each project. You are assured that your project enter markets substantially faster and reduce projectwill be executed by a senior level project manager. costs by reduction of the project timeline.Single Source Responsibility and Accountability ExpertiseTMI serves as the primary agent for design, construction The TMI professional staff is world class and includesand management accepting both the responsibility and senior level personnel; each averaging 15-20 years in theaccountability to assure the project meets its goals. A IT mission-critical facilities industry.TMI principal, your single point of contact, is assigned forthe duration of the project. This implementation enables Proven PerformanceTMI to successfully manage and better control the project TMI has successfully developed millions of square feetscope, cost, quality of work and schedule. It also reduces of mission-critical space, including facilities ranging inthe time commitment of the client’s staff. size from 200 square feet to 300,000 square feet. We have recruited, built and organized highly qualified teamsFocus on Mission-Critical Facilities of architects, engineers and contractors for our client’sOur decades of experience, focused solely in mission- projects. We are careful and selective; our team memberscritical facilities design and construction, assures and business partners not only possess extensiveour clients they are partnered with an innovative, previous project experience with us but also have provenprogressive and professional team which understands themselves as amongst the best in the mission-criticalunique business requirements. Whether the projects are facilities centers, command centers, telecom sites, high-tech office buildings, call centers, disaster recovery orbusiness continuity sites, switch/transport, colocation,POP sites, NOC centers, trading floors, clean rooms ora combination, TMI is always responsive and has themarket knowledge to provide practical, cost effective andstrategic solutions.Competitive PricingTMI offers our professional services at competitive pricinglevels. Our fees are negotiated prior to the engagementand include performance of all of the project managementservices. All project hard and soft costs (e.g. contractorservices provided by others) are bid by the TMI team; thisapproach ensures comprehensive and expedient resultsat competitive market prices. TMI’s fees are not tied toproject costs; we are aligned with the client’s objective todeliver a quality project and reduce project costs. Page 2
  3. 3. National and International Experience As a result, service personnel gain unimpeded accessTMI has worked extensively throughout the United States, to perform preventive maintenance on all critical supportas well as Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. TMI has equipment. In existing facilities, TMI’s design expertisemanaged single projects and nationwide multi-site roll allows our clients to minimize scheduled downtimeouts. For clients that require continuity in their global and continuous operations at-risk windows in orderfacilities, TMI has completed projects throughout the world to maintain, repair and upgrade their critical supportincluding locations in Europe and Asia. systems.Purchase Discounts Green AlternativesTMI has negotiated national purchase agreements to Cutting costs in operational and capital expendituresoffer significant discounts on equipment procurement; the and conserving cash without compromising businesssavings are passed on to the client. Purchase discounts availability are top priorities for most IT departments. Toare available with: UPS systems, electrical distribution increase the efficiency of your data center first considergear, emergency power generation systems, DC power design and engineering excellence as a priority greenplants, command centers, process air conditioners as alternative. Good design and engineering, includingwell as technical furniture. Our experience enables relevant LEED best practices, provides opportunitiesexpedited delivery, coordination, installation and record for efficiency gains in cooling, space utilization, reduceddocumentation of the support equipment while energy consumption, labor and maintenance costs, ITminimizing costs. spend reduction and provides the enterprise an overall optimum utilization of it’s IT resources.ContinuityOur consistent use of industry design and construction Beyond facilities design IT professionals should considerstandards allows our clients to have continuity in their virtualization, optimization, modular blades componentsdata centers resulting in a quality and efficient facility. and deployment, use of Energy Star certified equipment,Data centers are not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition; each elimination of ghost servers as well as management anddata center project is undertaken on a stand-alone basis automation tools for their new or existing facilities. It’swith the client’s needs and budgets at the forefront. all about best alignment of costs to use and bringing the costs down in the facilities.ObjectivityTMI serves as the client’s advocate; our subcontractorand vendor-neutral business practices allow us topurchase the best products, achieve competitive pricesand meet aggressive deadlines. We hold no exclusiveagreements with any subcontractors or equipmentvendors. We award each contract with the best interestsof the client in mind.No DowntimeIn new facilities, TMI’s design expertise allows our clientsto eliminate scheduled downtime and minimize continuousoperations at-risk windows. This is accomplished byincorporating certain key features into the infrastructuredesign. Page 3
  4. 4. CORE SERVICESTMI provides comprehensive services to our clients » Detailed Assessment – Includes performing visualto support the planning, design, construction, project on-site inspections and review of the data centermanagement and future operation of the mission-critical with completion of a series of detailed inspectionsfacilities. Our core services include performance of by TMI technical professionals. Data is collectedFacility Assessments, Facility Concept Plans, Project and calculations are prepared and evaluated againstManagement, and Architectural and Engineering Design industry benchmarks and metrics. The assessmentservices as follows: includes written description of the observations, presentation of the solutions and pricing information.Facility AssessmentA Facility Assessment is typically performed to identify: Facility Concept Planning (FCP)1) problems and recommend solutions, 2) operating risks Conceptual planning services, regardless of the type,or weaknesses in advance of problems and recommend size or complexity of the project, identifies the scopesolutions, 3) opportunities to gain data center efficiencies of work for a proposed data center project. TMI willand 4) facility upgrade and expansion alternatives. TMI meet with IT and facilities personnel to discuss theFacility Assessments, according to our clients, offer requirements, strategic goals and to aid in the conceptan excellent and immediate payback by improving the design of the facility. All systems associated with the dataefficiency, resiliency, reliability and security of the overall center, including walls, ceilings, flooring, fire protection,operation. mechanical, emergency power, UPS systems, and other systems will be discussed and agreed upon. TMI isWith today’s ever increasing energy requirements, adept at listening to our clients and teaming with themconsumption and concerns, the Facility Assessment is to determine a practical and proven approach to facilityan excellent tool to tackle many issues. For example, design, one which satisfies business requirements,the Facility Assessment can highlight practical green budget constraints and provides the required operatinginitiatives for improving the overall energy efficiency of the center. The FCP includes: an equipment floor plan, single line, electrical diagram, scope of work statement, budget and project schedule with milestones. The FCP becomes the roadmap to the client’s new data center facility. Project Management The project manager serves as the client’s advocate, initially assisting the client with site selection and programming. The project manager then recruits, builds and organizes the project team, as needed, includingOur progressive levels of Facility Assessments architects, planners, engineers, consultants andinclude: contractors. The project manager’s primary responsibility » High Level Assessment – Includes performing is to manage the design and construction team and drive a visual on-site inspection and review of the data the project to satisfactory completion. center by TMI professionals with identification of immediate or future concerns. The assessment includes written description of the observations, presentation of the solutions and pricing information. Page 4
  5. 5. Project Management services include: TMI’s design services continue throughout construction » Competitively recruit the Architectural and and include shop drawing review, preparation of pay Engineering team (“A/E”) and General Contractor applications and punch lists. (“GC”) » Evaluate all subcontractor bids For engagements involving a larger overall project » Purchase the support systems and equipment inclusive of a data center, TMI will design and incorporate » Chair project meetings, conduct site inspections and the mission-critical plans into the architectural and submit periodic progress reports engineering base building documents prepared by others. » Monitor project schedule » Administer all project accounting, including change orders and waivers » Punchlist the substantially completed facility in conjunction with the A/E and GC; supervise the timely completion of the outstanding punchlist items » Prepare procedures for testing and commissioning the support systems » Direct and field supervise the commissioning process with the equipment manufacturer and subcontractor representatives present » Prepare normal and emergency facility operations and maintenance procedures; assist in training the staff on the procedures » Coordinate owner furnished/installed work » Close out the project; turn over complete record drawings and close out manual to the operations staffArchitectural and Engineering DesignPrincipals from TMI have been designing and buildingdata centers and other mission-critical facilities for over25 years. We offer complete architectural and engineeringdesign services including electrical, mechanical, fireprotection, and security systems. Our staff architects andengineers design dozens of data centers and other criticalfacilities each year. For larger facilities, up to hundredsof thousands of square feet in size, or Greenfield sites,we collaborate with our experienced design partners toexecute the project on behalf of the client. Page 5
  6. 6. OTHER SERVICESDesign and Engineering Peer Review airports, rail lines and civil unrest. Other factors includingTMI, acting as a peer to the architect of record, will the available talent pools and their salaries, utility coststhoroughly review the construction documents. We will and site access, will also be also considered amongst theprovide written comments to the client at the various plan collective findings.set completion intervals to assure adherence to and totalcompliance with the approved program and conceptual Equipment Procurementdesign. We recommend taking advantage of purchasing support systems and equipment directly from the manufacturers;Peer Review is a valuable service in projects where the full warranty is provided and significant savings will bemission-critical area is an important and highly visible realized. TMI will assist our clients in identifying theelement in the overall facility design, yet the architect and support systems and equipment requirements, placingengineers of record and who specialize in designing large the order, reviewing shop drawings and coordinatingoffice or light industrial buildings do not have mission- timely delivery and installation. In today’s market withcritical design expertise. extended equipment delivery time frames, TMI will thoroughly search alternative sources including the used,Real Estate Services surplus new, or canceled order markets. Evaluating theOur specialized services provide for the review, alternatives is critical to determine if they represent viableidentification and presentation of the candidate properties alternatives for the client.that will best satisfy the client’s mission-critical facilityrequirements. Services include: Critical Support System Testing and Commissioning » National real estate searches, geared solely for Whether testing existing critical support systems or mission-critical facilities commissioning a new critical support system, TMI » Data center market studies, including a regional seamlessly manages the entire process. TMI provides and/or specific site risk analysis advance tailored documentation including: 1) the scope » Building and site tours to identify the feasibility of of work document, 2) the detailed and custom procedures accomplishing the client’s goals and 3) the log forms to the client. TMI will coordinate the » Purchase or lease transaction services including critical support system testing and commissioning with the negotiation of terms to satisfy the client’s specific general contractor, owner and equipment vendors (e.g. requirements owner furnished equipment) for the timely scheduling and » Real estate project financing consulting certain completion of the process. TMI will be on-site to » Build-To-Suit or design-build of the new mission- implement procedures as well as to supervise and witness critical facility through commissioning the critical support system equipment load bank testing, » Lease administration, including a tracking system to confirm successful performance of the start-up services coordinate all future payments and document the proper operation of all equipment per the project documents. We are thorough, exactDue Diligence and experienced. We see to it that the critical supportWhether an existing or proposed site or facility, TMI will systems operate as designed to support the enterprise.conduct comprehensive due diligence and will provide awritten report to the client. Location, amenities, utilitiesservice providers and other items associated with theproperty will be identified and evaluated. Consideration isgiven to natural hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes,and tornadoes; as well as man-made hazards such as Page 6
  7. 7. TMI provides knowledgeable structured cabling, Telecommunications Consultingtelecommunications and network consulting services TMI provides traditional telecommunications consultingthrough our strategic partnerships. services. We offer objective evaluations, practical recommendations and cost effective solutions.Structured Cabling System Design ServicesTMI’s design consultants carry the Building Industry Telecommunications consulting services include:Consulting Service International (BICSI) certification » Telecommunications cost review, contractof Registered Communications Distribution Designer negotiation and bill auditing(RCDD). We are experienced in the evaluation, design, » Local and long distance cost analysis andselection, implementation and testing/certification of voice competitive selectionand data cabling systems. Structured cabling design » Operational needs assessment, call center designservices include: and implementation » Structured cabling system design, specification, » Telecommunications system design, specification RFP development, assessment and troubleshooting and RFP development » Data center infrastructure planning and design » Telecommunications systems implementation, high » Cable system and vendor selection availability and redundant circuit design » Installation project management, third party testing » Project management, move assistance and and commissioning telecommunications system management » Cable management systems (CMS) development and implementation Network Consulting We provide high performance and cost effective solutions to a wide range of clients. We pride ourselves in our flexible and creative approach to meeting client needs for network design, implementation, project management and documentation. Network solutions consulting services include: » Network assessment / Network designs / System selection / Specification and RFP development for LAN, WAN and MAN » Wireless network site survey, system design and selection » Implementation project managementEnterprise Communications ConsultingThe convergence of voice and data networks has Relocation Servicescontinued to gain momentum; Voice over IP (VoIP) TMI has decades of experience in the relocation of ourservices are now more viable throughout the enterprise. clients data centers. If relocation of your critical facilitiesTMI can integrate the design of traditional voice and is a requirement then we will provide the expertise todata networks into a single entity generating increased plan and execute the move with precision. We haveefficiencies. Enterprise communications consulting assisted clients with their data center moves as a resultservices include: of a corporate or enterprise events including mergers, » Infrastructure strategic planning acquisitions or strategic organizational changes. » VoIP readiness review/VoIP system selection » VoIP implementation Page 7
  8. 8. ClientsTMI services are provided throughout North America and Overseas projects are typically performed for US basedaround the world. The map below includes project locations firms who require continuity in all of their sites. TMI’swith work in-progress or recently completed. headquarters office is located in suburban Chicago, Illinois. Design/Build Projects Consulting Assignments B B B B TMI Office Locations Europe Asia Mexico Canada Swindon, England Singapore Monterey Quebec London, England Beijing, China Montreal Nuremberg,Germany Bangalore, India Toronto Calgary Vancouver Page 8
  9. 9. Recent ProjectsAflac Dataside Northrop GrummanColumbus, GA Dallas, TX Lafayette, COUpgrade 10,000 sq. ft. Data Center New 9,000 sq. ft. Data Center Upgrade 3,300 sq. ft. Data Center and NOCDesign & Project Management Construction Cost: $10,800,000 Construction Cost: $2,500,000 Design & Project Management Design & Project ManagementAflacColumbus, GA Dataside Northrop Grumman1,750 sq. ft. DR Facility Expansion Dallas, TX Rolling Meadows, ILDesign & Project Management New 14,500 sq. ft. Data Center Upgrade 3,600 sq. ft. Data Center Construction Cost: $12,500,000 Construction Cost: $2,500,000Agilent Design & Project Management Design & Project ManagementColorado Springs, COUpgrade 20,000 sq. ft. Data Center Dick’s Sporting Goods OfficeMaxDesign & Project Management Pittsburgh, PA Itasca, IL New 12,000 sq. ft. Data Center New 8,825 sq. ft. Data CenterAlfa Insurance Design & Project Management Construction Cost: $5,200,000Montgomery, AL Design & Project ManagementNew 100,000 sq. ft. IT Facility FM GlobalConstruction Cost: $20,000,000 Johnston, RI Premier BankcardClient Technical Representative New 5,000 sq. ft. Data Center Sioux Falls, SD Peer Review, Cable Design, Commissioning New 2,000 sq. ft. Data CenterAmerican Processing Company Client Technical RepresentativeFarmington Hills, MI Hastings EntertainmentNew 2,300 sq. ft. Data Center Amarillo, TX Quarles & Brady LLPConstruction Cost: $1,500,000 New 5,000 sq. ft. Data Center Milwaukee, WIDesign & Project Management Construction Cost: $2,000,000 New 5,500 sq. ft. Data Center Design & Project Management Construction Cost: $1,400,000Baylor College of Medicine Design & Project ManagementHouston, TX Kellogg’sNew 1,000 sq. ft. Data Center Oakbrook, IL Ulta CosmeticsDesign & Project Management New 88,000 sq. ft. IT Facility Romeoville, IL Construction Cost: $13,675,000 New 2,400 sq. ft. Data CenterC&S Wholesale Grocers Design & Project Management Construction Cost: $1,900,000Brattleboro, VT Design & Project Management2,200 sq. ft. Data Center Expansion MeijerDesign & Project Management Grand Rapids, MI Unison New 4,000 sq. ft. Data Center Pittsburgh, PACapital One (Dataside) Design & Project Management New 3,500 sq. ft. Data CenterPlano, TX Construction Cost: $2,100,000Upgrade Data Center Midwest ISO Design & Project ManagementConstruction Cost: $7,000,000 Indianapolis, INDesign & Project Management Upgrade two 5,000 sq. ft. Data Centers USAble IT Centers Design Services Little Rock, ARCharleston Area Medical Center Two 20,000 sq. ft. Greenfield Data CentersCharleston, WV Neutral Tandem Design & Project ManagementNew 8,000 sq. ft. Data Center Chicago, ILDesign Services UPS Replacement Wake Radiology Design & Project Management Raleigh, NCCHRISTUS Health New 1,200 sq. ft. Data CenterSan Antonio, TX Neutral Tandem Construction Cost: $1,400,000New 47,000 sq. ft. Greenfield IT Center Philadelphia, PA Design & Project ManagementConstruction Cost: $23,500,000 New 3,000 sq. ft. Data CenterDesign & Project Management Design & Project Management West Bend Mutual West Bend, WIClark Memorial Hospital Neutral Tandem New & Remodeled 2,500 sq. ft. Data CentersJeffersonville, IN St. Louis, MO Peer Review, Testing & CommissioningNew 1,200 sq. ft. Data Center New 2,200 sq. ft. Data CenterDesign & Project Management Design & Project Management Page 9
  10. 10. Select ClientsTMI provided complete turnkey project Services included: project management, Services included: complete turnkeymanagement, design and construction design, engineering, consulting, and design & project management for threeservices on 26 sites throughout the construction services on over 30 North 15,000 square feet telecommunicationcountry. Each site ranged from 10,000 to American locations. A principal of TMI facilities in Philadelphia, San Francisco,19,000 square feet with project costs up managed every Comdisco disaster and $5.5 million. recovery facility project before the parent company went bankrupt and was soldWe completed projects for Allegiance in to SunGard. Sites ranged from 2,000 tothe following markets: San Francisco, 300,000 square feet and cost up to $54Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, million.San Diego, Orange County, Seattle,Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, San Antonio, Locations included: New York, Newark,Austin, Houston, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore,Louis, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, Washington, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, TMI provided complete turnkey projectBoston, New York, Secaucus, Miami, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis, management, design and constructionTampa, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, services on sites throughout the country. Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Calgary, San The sites ranged from 2,500 to 4,500 Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, square feet and included a total UPS Seattle, and Victoria. system replacement in the Chicago location. We provided services for Neutral Tandem in the following markets: San Francisco, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Chicago.TMI provided complete turnkey projectmanagement, design, and constructionservices on sites throughout the country.The data/telecommunications sites Services were provided on variousranged from 6,000 square feet to 19,000 types of projects for Convergys, formerlysquare feet. Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, in Orlando, FL and Cincinnati, OH. ThoseWe provided services for British Telecom projects included a new 60,000 squarein the following markets: Lyndhurst, NJ, feet data center building as the client TMI completed turnkey projectSan Francisco, Philadelphia and Newark. technical representative, an infrastructure management, design and construction wiring design on that data center and services for two 80,000 plus square feet an adjacent 125,000 square feet office, sites and three 30,000 square feet sites, planning & procurement of multiple plus provided consulting services to command centers and several multi- oversee the completion of multiple sites module UPS systems. started by other Project Management firms. Construction costs ranged from $5.0 to $45 million. We provided services for Verio in the following markets: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, San Ramon, San Diego, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, New York, Rochester, Boston, and Newark. Page 10
  11. 11. Select ClientsAegon USA Inc. Collocation Solutions, LLC Lucent TechnologiesCedar Rapids, IO Dallas, TX & Las Vegas, NV Holmdel, NJ56,300 sq. ft. Facility/25,000 sq. ft. Data 15-20,000 sq. ft. Co-location Facilities New 20,000 sq. ft. Data CenterCenter Turnkey Design & Project Management Turnkey Design & Project ManagementTurnkey Design Convergys (CBIS) Lucent TechnologiesAegon USA Inc. Lake Mary, FL China, England, GermanyCedar Rapids, IA New 60,000 sq. ft. Data Center New 1,400 – 5,600 sq. ft. Data CenterNew 25,000 sq. ft. Data Center Turnkey Design & Project Management Turnkey Design & Project ManagementTurnkey Design & Project Management Datek Online Matsushita Electric (Panasonic)American Medical Association Secaucus, NJ Secaucus, NJChicago, IL New 28,000 sq. ft. Data Center New 28,000 sq. ft. Data CenterNew 19,000 sq. ft. Data Center Turnkey Design & Project Management Turnkey Design & Project ManagementTurnkey Design & Project Management Dendrite International North American PhillipsAmeritrade (Datek Online) Totowa, NJ South Plainfield, NJSecaucus, NJ Generator Installation New 50,000 sq. ft. Data Center28,000 sq. ft. Data Center/Support Office Design & Procurement Turnkey Design & Project ManagementTurnkey Design & Project Management Energy East PanasonicAT&T Bell Laboratories Rochester, NY Cypress, CANaperville, IL New 12,000 sq. ft. Data Center New Automated Warehouse Control Center4200 kVA Multi-module UPS System Turnkey Design & Project Management Design and ConstructionTurnkey Design Ernst & Young PanasonicB. Dalton Bookseller, Inc. Lyndhurst, NJ Glen Burnie, MDWestbury, NY New 10,000 sq. ft. Data Center New Automated Warehouse Control CenterNew 6,000 sq. ft. Data Center Turnkey Design & Project Management Design and ConstructionTurnkey Design & Project Management Exchange Resources Publishers Clearing HouseBank One (First Chicago Corporation) Rutherford, NJ Port Washington, NYElgin, IL New 36,000 sq. ft. DR Facility New 15,000 sq. ft. Data Center193,000 sq. ft. Office Building/Data Center Design & Management Turnkey Design & Project ManagementTurnkey Design Focused Health Solutions Sandia National LaboratoriesBarnes and Noble (B. Dalton Deerfield, IL Albuquerque, NMBookseller, Inc.) New 1,000 sq. ft. Data Center Super Computing FacilityWestbury, NY Turnkey Design & Project Management Assessment and Disaster Recovery SolutionsNew 6,000 sq. ft. Data Center National Site Assessments and ReviewsTurnkey Design & Project Management Inflow, Inc. Multiple cities Sony, USABest Foods Baking Group 35,000 sq. ft. Co-location Facilities Montvale, NJSecaucus, NJ Consulting Services New 23,000 sq. ft. Data CenterNew 10,000 sq. ft. Data Center Turnkey Design & Project ManagementTurnkey Design & Project Management Korea Exchange Bank Queens, NYChanel, Inc. New 4,000 sq. ft. Data CenterPiscataway, NJ Turnkey Design & Project ManagementNew 10,000 sq. ft. In-House Media CenterDesign & Management Page 11
  12. 12. About UsTechnology Management, Inc. is the data center MANAGEMENTexpert delivering the right mix of industry knowledge,expertise and facilities-based technology to help its Dan McGrath Principal, Project Manager, RAcustomers simplify their critical facilities efforts, enhance 1-847-512-3222performance and optimize their technology ROI. Through djmcgrath@tmiamerica.comour years in data center investments, including projectand consulting completions, we are able to consistently Jose Hernandez Principal, Project Manager, AIAuse our best practices to offer our customers practical, 1-847-512-3224cost-effective and proven solutions. TMI provides jhernandez@tmiamerica.comcustomers accurate information to manage, collaborateand execute their data center initiatives. Our company Joe Roberts Principal, Electrical Engineerprovides data center professionals a suite of best-of- 1-847-512-3227breed services to effectively manage their work, minimize jroberts@tmiamerica.comrisk and enhance opportunities. Dan Navarra Principal, Project Manager 1-847-512-3230MISSION STATEMENT danavarra@tmiamerica.comTo provide premier Information Technology facilitiesproject management, design and construction services to CONTACT UScompanies, institutions and government. We look forward to assisting you.Our core values include a commitment to: 1) CustomerSatisfaction, 2) Quality Of Service, 3) Integrity, Technology Management, Inc.4) Excellence In Our People and 5) Innovation. 1911 Rohlwing Road, Suite E Rolling Meadows, IL 60008The principals of Technology Management, Inc. havecombined their core values, expertise and best practices Office: 1-847-394-8900to develop millions of square feet of client’s technicalspace. Tom Deloye - Sales Marketing 1-847-512-3228 Page 12