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What Users Say About Delphi


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See what users have to say about Delphi from Embaracdero for developing Windows applications

Published in: Technology
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What Users Say About Delphi

  1. 1. What Users Say about Delphi
  2. 2. “Delphi is ideally suited to developing Windows applications - the compiler is very fast allowing one to make and test changes one at a time to ensure a high-quality product.” – David Taylor
  3. 3. “ For me, (Delphi) is the fastest way to create small and powerful applications.” - Martijn van der Kooij
  4. 4. “Extensive VCL components and source-code available. Lots of experienced developers available that master Delphi so outsourcing is really easy.” – Steven Martins
  5. 5. “Delphi makes application development easy, fast, and fun. The VCL eased the development of a complex user interface.” - Alan Conroy
  6. 6. “ Delphi is very good for building GUI rich applications. Its good support for modern Windows version helps to stay on top of technology.” - Steffen Binas
  7. 7. “ I've been using Delphi ever since version 1 when I moved away from Visual Basic. Creating executables without the need to external files was the reason I moved over 12 years ago from VB to Delphi.” – Steven Martins
  8. 8. “Delphi = Productivity. The IDE is fast, the language is easy to use yet powerful.” - Manuel Onate
  9. 9. “It (Delphi) is, bar none, the best Win 32 RAD environment. You can build high performance applications/services without having the tool or language get in your way.” - Alan Fletcher
  10. 10. “ Easy to use, clear code, fast compilation” - Swaelens Cedric
  11. 11. Strong type-checking and the modular unit structure help maintain quality. The many add-on components and helpful spirit of Delphi developers make life a lot easier.” – David Taylor