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Source 1 reality tv

  1. 1. Source 1: From Channel 5’s Big Brother website about the Launch Night:What’s that noise we hear? Sounds like a collective sobbing at the prospect of Celebrity Big Brotherending. But fear not fans, as we’ve got some brand spanking new housemates for you to meet. Andthe best part? You’ll only have to wait until tonight until they’re on your telebox.We can’t give away much about who they are, but here is a snippet about each housemate to get yougoing…1 – Female, from Bromley. Likes to climb trees and walk around the house naked with heels on. Shecan do the limbo so well that her head touches the ground.2 – Male, from Enfield. Currently studying to be a therapist. Single and would like to find a soul matein the House. Can also fit his fist in his mouth.3 – Male, 22, from Chesire. An entrepreneur who says he is 150% conservative and considers himselfto be upper class. He has no sense of smell and had the biggest hands in school.4 – Female, 25, from Manchester. Hates talking about shopping and handbags. Only takes10minutes to get ready.5 – Male, 23, from Peckham. Runs a record company and produces his own music. Says he pulledPixie Lott 5 years ago and was a model for Baby Gap.6 – Female,18, from Southshields. Obsessed with pink (the colour not the artist). Has a gay chiwawaand is convinced she’ll marry Dappy.7 - Female, 30, from London. A model and holistic healer. Describes herself as being of differentspecies and definitely not human.8 – Male, 20, from Solihull. Says fat people make him angry. Also claims if he listens to sad songs,he can mime it to himself in the mirror and make himself cry.9 – Female, 28, from Wirral. Works as a Club Hostess but say she doesn’t often strip but does getpaid for her companionship. Claims she has a walk in wardrobe worth hundreds of thousands ofpounds.10 – Male, 28, from Windsor. He’s a big animal lover who recently saw a frog dying in his neighbour’sgarden and brought it back to life by blowing air in to it.11 – Female, 19, from Tamworth. She’s a keen wrestler who goes to the gym twice a day and eats 6or 7 times a day. Says she spends all her money on food and protein shakes.12 – Male, 27, from Newcastle. He works out 6 days a week but also regularly parties till 8am. Say hisbest friend is his mum.13 – Female, 21, from Oxford. She speaks 5 languages and can shake her bum so fast it looks like ablur.14 – Male, 30, from Weston-super-Mare. Says he cries every time he gets his hair cut. Managed toget the most scout badges than anyone else, but did so by lying to his troop.An interesting sounding bunch, right? With seven girls and seven boys in the House (many of whomare single!) we’re expecting Big Brother 2011 to be the best one yet.
  2. 2. AdenAden Theobald (born 31 August 1992) is a studentAlexAlex Rose Lee (born 6 November 1992) from South Shields, Tyne & Wear She works forMcDonalds and has worked as an air stewardess.[AntonAnton Murphy (born 1 October 1987) is a musician from Croydon, South London.FayeFaye Palmer (born 2 September 1989) is a wrestler from Tamworth, StaffordshireHarryHarry Blake (born 5 August 1988) from Cheshire.[citation needed]He owns his own milkshakefactory.HeavenHeaven Afrika (born 10 October 1980) is a model, writer and holistic healer from London.JayJay McKray (born 29 March 1984) is a plumber, fitness instructor, DJ and barber fromNewcastle.JemJemma "Jem" Palmer (born 10 April 1986)[citation needed][14]is a wrestler from Tamworth,sister of Faye.LouiseLouise Cliffe (born 9 December 1985) is an actress, singer, writer and model fromManchester.MaisyMaisy James (born 26 July 1992) is a store assistant and TV extra from Bromley in south-east London.MarkMark Henderson (born 24 November 1982) is a sales assistant from Berkshire.[citation needed]
  3. 3. RebeckahRebeckah Vaughan (born 24 May 1983) is a hostess from the Wirral.[citation needed]TashieTashie Jackson (born 9 January 1990) is a singer and actress from Oxford.[TomThomas "Tom" OConnell (born 7 November 1990) is a sales assistant from Solihull, WestMidlands.launch show.