Section 2 question 4a


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Section 2 question 4a

  1. 1. RegulatoryRequirementsPublic ServiceBroadcastingChannel 4 has a specific remitfor innovation, educationprogramming anddistinctivenessMeets PSB requirements byreflecting uk cultural identitywith stereotypes of people fromEssex and Wales.Watershed and limitationson contentThe Watershed for channel for is 9pm and it ends at 5:30am, thewatershed for BBC is Identically the same as Channel 4. Thelimitations are that they are not allowed to show Harm & Offence,Violence & Dangerous Behaviour, offensive language and sex &Nudity. The first few series of Gavin and Stacey were on at 9pm,just after the Watershed, probably because of the use of someoffensive language and nudity.Requirement for British(or regional) programmingNo regional programming at all.Some national programmingbut mainly brought ininternational (American)programmes.However, Channel 4 is a PSBchannel.Must provide National ANDregional services. Regional newsprogrammes throughout thecountry. Some internationalprogramming but limited.Funding (License fee vscommercial funding)Channel 4 is commerciallyfunded. They will get all theirfunding from selling certaintime slots to advertisers. Theymake some of their ownprogramming but also buymany American televisionsshows.The BBC is funded by theLicense Fee. This is paid by allhouseholds in the UK with a TVand costs 145.50 per year. Thismeans the BBC have anobligation to provide qualityprogramming that appeals to allUK residents.Channel BrandIdentityChannel ethos and history E4 launched as a pay-TVchannel on 18th January 2001.The "E" stands forentertainment, and the channelis mainly aimed at the 16–34age group. Parent channel,Channel 4 was founded Nov 2nd1982.BBC3 launched 9thFeb 2003 as arival to E4 and ITV2 as they alsohave 16-34 year olds as theirtarget audience. Parent channelBBC1 was founded in 1925.Channel brand identity(eg. Other programmingor how the channelmarkets themselves)The E in E4 stands for‘entertainment’. E4s identity istrendy and casual. ‘PrettyAwesome Thursdays’ has beenbranded at the new comedyline up on Thursdays on E4. Itstarts with TBBT at 8pm andends with 2 Broke Girls at10pm, as a lineup of AmericanSitcoms (How I Met YourBBC3 provides innovativecontent to younger audiences,focusing on new UK talent andnew technologies. Thereputation on the BBC meansthat BBC1 is generallyconsidered more sophisticatedand mature in nature. Othercomedy shows on BBC3 include“Little Britain”, “Russell
  2. 2. Mother, The New Normal and 2Broke Girls). TBBT leads thelineup as E4 plan to reel in thetarget audience.Howard’s Good News”, andAmerican programming such as“Family Guy” and “AmericanDad”AudienceMass or niche (make somejudgements on audience)When compared to Channel 4,E4 is niche as it appeals to ayounger target audience.BBC 3 (where the first seriesbegan) is similar to E4 as it is fora niche target audience. ButBBC 1 (where Series 2 and 3were screened) attracts more ofa mass audience.Audience figures 1,811,000 viewers of Series 6,Episode 14 on Thursday 8thMay2013 at 8pm543,000- First episode Sunday18thMay 20017 at 9pm onBBC3. Series Two and Threescreened on BBC1 – last episodehad 10.2million viewersSchedulingDays and times oftransmissionSeries 6 – episode 14 –Thursday 2ndMay – 8pm.Series1 - episode 1 – Sunday13th– May 2007 – 9pmProgrammes that werescheduled:-before and after-at the same time on otherchannels= evaluate how these slotswould attract a targetaudienceBEFORE:19:30 How I Met Your Mother(Repeat)THE PROGRAMME:The Big Bang TheoryAFTER:How I Met Your Mother (Newseries)AT THE SAME TIME:4music – Kourteny and Kim takenew york 20:00Film4 – the hunt for redOctober 18:15Channel 4 – Secret eaters 20:00BEFORE:19:20 Sweet home AlabamaThe PROGRAMME:21:00 Gavin & StaceyAFTER:21:30 Gavin & StaceyAT THE SAME TIME:BBC 1 – Dalziel and Pascoe21:00BBC 2 – Supergrass 21:00BBC 4 – More Dawn French’sgirls who do comedy 21:00Role of scheduling in amulti-channelenvironment+1 AND ON DEMAND SERVICESEFFECT SCHEDULING. THEYALLOW PEOPLE TO WATCHSHOWS AT LATER TIMES ANDTHEREFOR MAKES ‘PRIME TIME’LESS IMPORTANT AND LESSCOMPETITVE.E4 has a +1 channel and oftenplays repeats of it’sprogramming throughout theday. All channel 4 channels alsorepeat programming on theironline service, ‘4 On Demand’+1 AND ON DEMAND SERVICESEFFECT SCHEDULING. THEYALLOW PEOPLE TO WATCHSHOWS AT LATER TIMES ANDTHEREFOR MAKES ‘PRIME TIME’LESS IMPORTANT AND LESSCOMPETITVE.BBC does not have +1 channelsbut has the online, on demandservice, ‘BBC iPlayer’