Fight club plot


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Fight club plot

  1. 1. The narrator (Edward Norton) is an automobile company employee who travels toaccident sites to perform product recall cost appraisals. His doctor refuses to write aprescription for his insomnia and instead suggests that he visit a support group fortesticular cancer victims in order to appreciate real suffering. By attending the group,the narrator feels distraught at the condition of these ill fated people and breaks down.He is then able to sleep soundly and subsequently fakes more illnesses so he can attendother support groups in order to release his pent up emotions. The narrators routine isdisrupted when he begins to notice another impostor, Marla Singer (Helena BonhamCarter), at the same meetings and his insomnia returns.During a flight for a business trip, the narrator meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), who is asoap salesman. The narrator arrives home to find his apartment has been destroyed byan explosion. He calls Tyler and meets him at a bar. Tyler agrees to let the narrator stayat his home on the condition that the narrator hits him. The narrator complies and thetwo end up enjoying a fist fight outside the bar. The narrator moves into Tylersdilapidated house and the two return to the bar, where they have another fight in theparking lot. After attracting a crowd, they establish a fight club in the bars basement.When Marla overdoses on Xanax, she is rescued by Tyler and the two embark upon asexual relationship. Tyler makes the narrator promise never to talk about him withMarla. Under Tylers leadership, the fight club becomes "Project Mayhem," whichcommits increasingly destructive acts of anti-capitalist vandalism in the city. The fightclubs become a network for a new underground organization, Project Mayhem, and thenarrator is left out of Tylers activities with the project. After an argument, Tylerdisappears from the narrators life and when a member of Project Mayhem dies on amission, the narrator attempts to shut down the project. Tracing Tylers steps, he travelsaround the country to find that fight clubs have been started in every major city, whereone of the participants identifies the narrator as Tyler Durden. A phone call to Marlaconfirms his identity and he realizes that Tyler is the alter ego of his own splitpersonality. Tyler appears before him and explains that he controls the narrators bodywhenever he is asleep and represents the narrators basest urges: he is physically fit,assertive, aggressive, has a strong sexual prowess and is "free in all the ways" thenarrator isnt. The narrator, overcome with the epiphany, faints and Tyler disappears.The narrator awakes to find Tyler has made several phone calls during his blackout andtraces his plans to the downtown headquarters of several major credit card companies,which Tyler intends to destroy in order to cripple the financial networks. Failing to findhelp with the police, many of whom are members of Project Mayhem, the narratorattempts to disarm the explosives in the basement of one of the buildings. He isconfronted by Tyler, knocked unconscious after a lengthy fight, and taken to the upperfloor of another building to witness the impending destruction. The narrator, held byTyler at gunpoint, realizes that, in sharing the same body with Tyler, he is the one who isactually holding the gun. He fires it into his mouth, shooting through the cheek withoutkilling himself. The illusion of Tyler collapses with an exit wound to the back of his head.Shortly after, members of Project Mayhem bring a kidnapped Marla to the narrator andleave them alone. The bombs detonate and, holding hands, the two witness thedestruction of the entire financial city block through the windows.