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A look at the digital signage market in EMEA and the reach of Digital Signage News EMEA

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  • DIGITAL SIGNAGE NEWS EMEA 2016 information

    1. 1. Reaching all of EMEA The greenfield industry keeps on growing 2016 Audience Audit
    2. 2. DIGITAL SIGNAGE IS ONE OF THE EUROPE’S FASTEST GROWING TECH MARKETS Global Digital Signage Market worth $23.76 Billion by 2020 +25% HOW DIGITAL SIGNAGE IS GROWING It varies by country, of course: Middle East, UK and Spain with above average growth of more than 30%. Slightly below average growth of approximately 20% was recorded in Denmark, Italy, Sweden and France. Source: Digital Sign Yearbook 2015/2016
    3. 3. PUBLIC INFO – news, weather and location specific information (such as fire exits ) CORPORATE MESSAGES- health & safety, news ADVERTISING – sales promotion BRAND – in-store brand identity building INFLUENCING CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR – increasing the dwell time on premises ENHANCING THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – less perceived wait time (queues, etc.) ENHANCING THE ENVIRONS –e.g., wayfinding Digital signage will grow as a natural part of business competition WHY DIGITAL SIGNAGE IS GROWING WE WILL ALWAYS NEED…
    4. 4. The Driving Forces Weekly eNewsletter MAKING DIGITAL SIGNAGE HAPPEN • Vendors • Networks • Integrators • Agencies • Users • Others
    5. 5. Reaching The EMEA Market The THREE main groups that drive digital signage INTEGRATORS NETWORK OPERATORS AGENCIES
    6. 6. REACHING Integrators Who design, choose, and install digital signage
    7. 7. All Across EMEA
    8. 8. As of Jan. 15th Base of 12,731 Our Readers by Geography
    9. 9. Our Readers by Business Type 8.2 50.414.7 9.4 17.3 Vendors Integrators & Distributors Networks & Aggregators Large Users & Others Agencies
    10. 10. Our Readers by Job Description 15.2 17.5 18.1 5.8 6.7 5.4 11.9 9.5 9.9 Management/Owner/President Marketing/Sales Management Engineer/Tech/IT Management Software/Programming Consultant/Design Creative/Content/Art Director Install/Service Education/Training Other
    11. 11. Vertical Markets Targeted Percent of Integrators
    12. 12. 1. Digital Signage Distributors Distributors come in many flavors. Some distributors specialize only in Digital Signage. Others are AV or IT distributors with a digital signage division. Still others have digital signage inside their product lines with no separate business unit. AV and IT are not the only industries pursuing digital signage. For example, the POS industry, industrial computing, traditional signage, broadcast, and even telecom now look to take their share of digital signage. Many observers are watching the actions of the large IT distributors as they educate their large reseller base to engage digital signage as a new IT category. We’re Talking about Distributors
    13. 13. 1. EXAMPLES… IT Digital Signage Distributors. We’re Talking about Distributors
    14. 14. 2. EXAMPLES… IT Digital Signage Distributors. We’re Talking about Distributors
    15. 15. 3. EXAMPLES… IT Digital Signage Distributors. We’re Talking about Distributors
    16. 16. 4. EXAMPLES… IT Digital Signage Distributors. We’re Talking about Distributors
    17. 17. 1. EXAMPLES… POS Distributors We’re Talking about Distributors
    18. 18. 2. EXAMPLES… POS Distributors. We’re Talking about Distributors
    19. 19. Reaching Networks Monetize, accumulate, operate and finance the media of digital signage
    20. 20. Network owners and agencies who act as network aggregators play an important role in deciding the hardware and software as well as the content in EMEA’s digital signage networks. Success is all about partnership in digital signage. Network owners & aggregators Advertising supports much of digital signage
    21. 21. Most players need to find, sign and motivate partnerships to survive.. Partnership. The Digital Signage Chain
    22. 22. But When Competition Increases Only the best of partnerships will survive… Companies who once did only media may slide into hardware and software (and vice versa)
    23. 23. Reaching Agencies Develop content, recommend software/hardware, stimulate the market
    24. 24. » Where once there were “advertising agencies” today there are “digital marketing agencies” » Many of these have adopted a proactive approach and for some digital signage is their media of choice » Leading by content but also leading by innovation, by adopting the newest technologies and introducing these to their clients. Early adopter as a business model. AGENCIES
    25. 25. Some agencies specialize in Digital Signage
    26. 26. …And these agencies often have official “partners” in digital signage, instead of being vendor-agnostic This level of competition in a greenfield industry means that the FREQUENCY of a weekly newsletter like DSN EMEA and the SHARE OF MIND it earns is important to success.
    27. 27. Some companies are “AGENCIES+” As agencies develop innovation as value-added, they can look like full-service providers.
    28. 28. In the New World, agencies can become distributors of software (and even hardware)
    29. 29. ? But wait… There’s More! Yes, there are other important players…
    30. 30. Digital Signage is still a greenfield industry and many are finding their path. For example, this is a company joining in from VIDEO PRODUCTION to digital signage content. While there are many entries from different places, let us tell you about the other main categories that make up our DSN EMEA readership…
    31. 31. » Vendors often partner with one another (such as hardware players teaming up with software) » Consultants (both marketing consultants, project consultants, technical consultants, retail consultants, well, you get the idea…) MORE readers of DSN EMEA » Mobile is colliding with digital signage in interesting ways… » End Users: almost any business is a prospect these days but DSN EMEA targets only those large enough to deal direct with vendors or largest system integrators
    32. 32. ! And that’s why… our publishing assets in IT, mobile, pro AV, broadcasting and even Apple channels give us the edge in our digital signage newsletter & web site Channel Media Europe Ltd. Publishers of rAVe EUROPE, EUROPEAN SOLUTION PROVIDER, MOBILE CHANNELS, On CE, CONSUMER IT, EUROPEAN CUSTOM INSTALLER, iCHANNELS, BRDCST US AND DIGITAL SIGNAGE
    33. 33. What’s Your Message? Published by Channel Media Europe Ltd. THANKS FOR LISTENING! Contact us at: +356 2701 5566 EMAIL: