Lecturer perspectives on ict uptake in language teaching thu&giang-dec11


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Lecturer perspectives on ict uptake in language teaching thu&giang-dec11

  1. 1. Lecturer Perspectives on ICTUptake in Language Teaching inVietnam: Current Practice,Barriers and Suggestions Dang Xuan Thua,b & Ngo Van Giangb aLaTrobe University bHanoi University
  2. 2. Outline  Introduction  Research methods  Findings ◦ Current practice of ICT use ◦ Barriers to ICT integration  Suggestions  Q&A
  3. 3. IntroductionICT definition Computer- assisted language learning (CALL) ICT Generic Internet + software, e.g. useful MS Office websites
  4. 4. ICT in Vietnam’s education ICT = Education = transform top priority education quality Target - by 2015, 80% of school School year teacher + 100% 2008-2009 = year uni teachers will of ICT in use ICT in education. teaching
  5. 5. Hanoi University (HANU)• Founde d in 1959 Facilities• 14 • Computer languag s e&3 • Language • Internet non- labs connectio languag • Computer n e depts, labs• 7 Public • Lecture Facilities centres university theatres • Library
  6. 6. Research questions • What is the current use of ICT inICT use language teaching at HANU? • What are major ICT barriers to ICT use in languagebarriers teaching at HANU?
  7. 7. Research methods Mixed methods approach SURVEY INTERVIEWS(N =222 lang. lecturers) (N=43) Missing Leadershi Lang.Female Male ICT staff info p lecturers 23 176 43 18 2 (~53%(~80% (~20% 3 (~41% (~6%) ) ) ) )
  8. 8. Theoretical frameworkThe Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of TechnologyVenkatesh, V., Morris, M. G., & Davis, F. D. (2003). User acceptance of information technology:toward a unified view. MIS Quarterly, 27(3), 425-478
  9. 9. Findings – Current ICT Use
  10. 10. Findings – Current ICT Use
  11. 11. Major ICT Barriers Institutional Lecturer level level * Limited access* Lack of ICT guideline * Lack of ICT training* Lack of support * Heavy workloads* Technical problems
  12. 12. ICT Barriers – Institutional level  Lack of ICT guidelineHANU has no official document guiding the use of ICT in teaching and 81.6 learning. The official ICT guideline has not been 82.5 well disseminated to all staff in HANU. 81 81.2 81.4 81.6 81.8 82 82.2 82.4 82.6 Percentage of Agree & Agree a little“Well, I have no idea whether we have that [ICT guideline] or not. Ireally don‟t know, but I cannot confirm that there is no such adocument. It is I who have never seen or read that document.”(Interviewee, ID 03)
  13. 13. ICT Barriers – Institutional level  Lack of specific support I do not receive strong support for ICT use from the leaders of my 48.2 Department/Centre. I do not receive strong support for ICT 59.2 use from HANU leaders. 0 20 40 60 80 Percentage of Agree & Agree a little“We only receive unofficial praise or our students pass on goodwords to others, that‟s all. Perhaps we don‟t receive any materialincentives” (Interviewee, ID22)
  14. 14. ICT Barriers – Institutional level  Technical problems Most of HANU computers do not have 68.3 software for purposeful language teaching. Computer software is not updated by HANU 79.3 on a regular basis. Technical problems often happen and waste a 80.6 lot of time in lessons. HANU computers often have technical 84.3 problems. The speed of Internet connection at HANU 85.1 discourages teachers from using ICT. 0 20 40 60 80 100 Percentage of Agree & Agree a little“Our internet bandwidth is probably not very broad so the waitingtime is long. Our regular joke is that after we command thecomputer to do something, it takes a long time for the computer to„think‟, long enough for us to do many things before what wecommand appears on the computer screen.” (Interviewee, ID 41)
  15. 15. ICT Barriers – Lecturer level Limited access to ICT facilities Teachers have limited access to HANU 83.4 computers. HANU computers are concentrated in 93.8 computer labs and in the library. Teachers have to share HANU computers 93.8 with others. Only some classrooms at HANU are 96.6 equipped with computers and internet… 75 80 85 90 95 100 Percentage of Agree & Agree a little
  16. 16. ICT Barriers – Lecturer level Lack of ICT training ICT training is not customised according to the actual level of ICT skills of HANU 73.4 teachers. The contents of ICT training courses at 77.1 HANU do not meet my need. The frequency of ICT training courses at 83.6 HANU does not meet my need. 65 70 75 80 85 Percentage of Agree & Agree a little
  17. 17. ICT Barriers – Lecturer level  Heavy workloads, time & money For me, it is expensive to use ICT in 51.7 teaching. I believe that ICT increases workloads 62.7 for teachers. It is very time consuming to use ICT in 66.8 lesson preparation. 0 20 40 60 80 Percentage of Agree & Agree a little“…Let‟s look at their workloads; they have many hours ofclassroom teaching, a lot of lesson preparations, and on top of thatthey have to teach extra classes to supplement family‟s income. Allthat affects their time availability to learn how to use ICT.“(Interviewee, ID 38)
  18. 18. Suggestions Incentives for ICT integration Teacher-centred ICT training + online depository of trainingICT plan with clear sessionsvision & widedissemination
  19. 19. Q&AYour questions & comments are appreciated
  20. 20. Contact Dang Xuan Thu  Email: xtdang@students.latrobe.edu.au Ngo Van Giang  Email: gianghanuvn@gmail.com Acknowledgements Sincere thanks go to:o Dr. Howard Nicholas & Prof. Ramon Lewis for their academic guidance, &o HANU staff for participating in this study