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The D. E. T. R. Method For Producing Expert Ideas In Your Online Business


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Would you like to produce expert ideas without actually being an expert yet? Well, you can now with the epic D.E.T.R. method. I'll show you how to create ideas and content like a pro even if you have no experience or no results from your experience. go to and subscribe to Mentality to grab your 3-part series today.

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The D. E. T. R. Method For Producing Expert Ideas In Your Online Business

  1. 1. D.E.T.R. METHODHow to produce expert ideas without being an expert. In 6 daily habits of 7-figure earners you learned to read, listen, and invest for your continued success—it is the very process that you'll need to discover something new. As you spend time engaging with new content, you'll be sparked with ideas that you can transform into blog content or products. DISCOVER YOU DISCOVER  Something New YOU EXECUTE What You've Learned YOU REPEAT  The Process Until You Win YOU TRAIN Others On What You've Executed Yes, you've got to step outside of your shell and trust the techniques that you've learned. You don't have to be an expert to use expert ideas. No, you shouldn't plagiarize someone's content but you can A) teach an author's content and refer to them as the author; or B) take an idea you've discovered & executed and turn it into a totally different duplicatable process.  TRAIN If all you do is consume information without any real knowledge of what to do with it, you'll find yourself overwhelmed with too much information and feeling stuck on what to do next. That's why it's important to execute the new ideas that you're learning into your business or your life right away. EXECUTE You continue to discover new ideas, do the work of executing those ideas, and train others on what you've learned until —one day you actually win. One day you'll hear an audience repeating your name and declaring that you are in fact an expert in your field. One day you'll be a highly sought after (. . .) you fill in the blanks. Visit Tdaviscole's Online Services @ REPEAT Visit