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How To Get Business Clarity


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Are you starting a blog or an e-commerce site and you're trying to put all the pieces together? Here's how you can get business clarity so your actions count. Learn more at

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How To Get Business Clarity

  1. 1. [BUSINESS CLARITY] [How To Get Clear On Your Business Goals] Business + Clarity
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  3. 3. 2 GET CLEAR BIZ-GOALS WWW.TDAVISCOLE.COM ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED BUSINESS + CLARITY HOW TO GET CLEAR ON YOUR BUSINESS GOALS Your Business Clarity Guide Take Massive Action: Write out your business vision plan! Yes, you'll have to put some work into it, and you may not have a complete picture of your business plan. Your business plans may take a completely different form than the ideas that you write down, because over time, you'll discover what works and what doesn't. Eventually, you may have to alter some things. However, the point here is for you to write your business ideas down and the possible ways that you can earn money from those ideas. In the "How To Build An Online Business Series," I’ll show you how to test your ideas through conducting a market analysis to determine if the idea is profitable or not. Yet, when you put your business vision down on paper, it becomes more real. It also becomes more evident that if you want that business vision to become more than an idea on paper, you're going to have to get to work towards its obtainment. However, Here are a Few Key Points To Help You Be Successful With This
  4. 4. 3 Assignment: (A)Write down a few business ideas that you feel you could really build a business around. (B) Now think about a problem that you feel your business could solve. What problem would your online business provide a solution for? (C) Based on the problem that you feel your business could solve, write out a mission's statement that could sum up your vision to solve that problem. For example: One of my online projects was an entrepreneurs survivors blog. . .THE PROBLEM: I felt that my blog could assist failing online entrepreneurs with the tools they needed to survive long enough to thrive on the internet. . .THE MISSION: To help bridge the gap between failing and successful online entrepreneurs by helping failing internet marketers survive long enough to thrive online. I tackled this problem by working around the clock to provide solutions for the most commonly asked questions concerning internet marking ext. However, I failed at turning my solutions into a profitable business, because I was too "emotionally driven."
  5. 5. 4 I don't want that to happen to you, so take the next step very seriously. (D) Write down some ways that you could turn your "problem solving mission" into a profitable business: if you already have some specialized knowledge, or you're willing to turn your problem- solving solution into marketable specialized knowledge such as eBooks, video training's, an audio club, webinars, membership websites, online course ext. then you're on your way to building a stable and profitable online business. (E) Write down some personal values that you have or jot down some boundaries that you've set in place for building your business. For example: I didn't realize how extensive my value system was until I was placed in a situation where I could have scaled my business very fast simply by plugging people into various systems and not really caring about the outcome of their success. Later, I realized that my values system said: I want to build my business in such a way that all parties involved win. I knew that I could not force people to do the work to achieve the success they wanted, but I was going to make
  6. 6. 5 sure that my business provided the tools to get the success. What are your values? (F) Once you've developed a potential mission, vision, and value system, go ahead and write out your why. What are your personal reasons for pursing your business ideas? Your business why is what will keep you when you're going through the trial and error process of planning, developing, and launching your business idea. When you know why you're doing something, you'll pursue it no matter what problems you face. Special Note: You do not have to physically write out any of these assignments. You can create a word document on your computer. The beauty of a word document is that you can up- date and make changes to your strategies as needed. Simply make your changes, update your document, print it out with the changes, then re-place the old document from your binder with the new one. No need to worry if things
  7. 7. 6 change; just adapt, re-calculate, and jump back on course. (G) Proof read & print your completed business plan; be sure to get it "hole punched," and place in your large 3-ring binder so that you can view your business plan daily or as often as possible. By now, you should have purchased a large binder, because you'll be putting other things in there later; it's literally going to become your life and business operations Manuel. The more you write out your plans and strategies and remind yourself of them by viewing them often, the more real they will become! Take Action; write your business plan today! Watch the Video HERE then use this guide to map out your business goals.
  8. 8. 7 To Your Success ~TDC~