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Discover how to blog for profit and blog your ways to success. Get elite coaching once you're done reading this little eBook for more ways earn money online blogging.

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  1. 1. BloggingYour WayTo Success A little guide to help you leverage your blog for profit!
  2. 2. Contents Blogging Your Way To Success2 1 2 3 4 5 6 Letter from the author Why you should start a blog How to start a blog How to blog for profits 3 ways to blog your way to success Critical methods for blogging
  3. 3. 3Total Game Change LLC. I'm just a single mom who go tired of choosing between work and family, so I became an online entrepreneur and turned my laptop into my personal ATM. I wish I could tell you that all of this happened overnight, but honestly it has taken some hard work and dedication to discover what really works. Yet, it's been very rewarding to be the mom I've always wanted to be and not miss the things that matter the most. Let me show you how to blog your way to success , so you can focus on what matters most to you. To Your Success . . . ~TDC~ Your Letter From The Author.
  4. 4. 4 Disclaimer This book is solely based on the experience, research, and opinion of the author. The content in this book does not reflect the opinions of any of the company owners or product owners that I discuss or recommend. Please understand that it is your responsibility to conduct the appropriate research before deciding which services best fits your needs. I am in no way responsible for your results or experiences due to my expressed opinions here in this book. Please conduct your own research! I am in no way promising that you will earn any money from the methods disclosed in this book. Again, I am only sharing my personal experience, research, and opinion with you. It’s up to you, to conduct your own research, apply that knowledge, and work towards your own results No Part of This Book May Be Copied or Reproduced Published, Web. March, 2017. Blogging Your Way To Success
  5. 5. 5 Why You Should Start A Blog Blogging is a great way to share your incredible message with the world while providing products and services that can literally transform lives. Blogging will challenge you to develop the things that you're passionate about, and help you build an audience around that passion. It will also reveal how you can help someone else solve the problems they are facing concerning your specialized knowledge. It’s always a good time to start a blog, because there is no perfect moment to take the leap into a new horizon. However, if you're wondering whether or not you should start blogging, here's several reasons why you should start a blog: Blogging Your Way To Success
  6. 6. 6 Why You Should Start A Blog Blogging Makes Your A Person Of Influence: who doesn’t want to be a person that people look up to? Who doesn’t want to be a leader on the cutting edge of their field? When you blog, your message will be viewed by thousands and maybe even millions of people. The information that you will share can truly influence how others perceive the world around them. If you've ever wanted to make a difference and add value to the lives of others, blogging can help you do that. Be a person of influence and start blogging today. Blogging Your Way To Success
  7. 7. 7 Why You Should Start A Blog Blogging Can Become An Automatic Income Source: I’m sure you’ve heard that tons of people make a lot of money blogging on the internet. Let’s put it like this, the Google search engine and other giant search engines like “Google” love information. When you blog, your content is stored in a giant virtual library. When people within your target market search for information related to your posts, they find you on the web. As you are influencing your audience about a subject that they want to learn more about, you can embed a lead capture page onto your blog that will gather the names and email addresses of those who want to know more. Once you've captured leads from your "lead capture page," you can immediately up-sell your visitors, and make them customers or you can market to them through your autoresponder. Blogging Your Way To Success
  8. 8. 8 Why You Should Start A Blog Blogging Makes You Smarter: Even though you probably already know a lot about the subject you're blogging about, you'll have to learn how to display the information in a compelling way. You're, more than likely going to need to do additional research, and you'll need to expand your way of thinking as your audience grows. As a blogger, you will, most likely, discover an increased ability to think critically, to plan, to organize, and to present information in a consumable way for prompt social engagement. You'll find yourself rising to the occasion, stretching in ways you never thought possible, and growing more than you ever imagined. You're activating your brain in new ways which could, overall, make you a much smarter more innovative person. Blogging Your Way To Success
  9. 9. 9 Why You Should Start A Blog Now that you have 3 good reasons to start blogging, what's holding you back? Start a blog today, and start reaching the world with a compelling message that could alter their lives for the better. Consider ways that you can implement products and services into your message that can help your audience learn more about the subject at hand while solving the problems that keep them awake at night. This will help you create an authority blog that can earn you money online. Anything is possible if you believe and are willing to put forth the actions steps necessary to get results! Come on, and blog your way to success with me; CLICK HERE, for more ways to prosper in your online entrepreneurship journey, and I'll see you on the inside. Blogging Your Way To Success
  10. 10. 10 How To Start A Blog As a beginner, you could start a blog with Blogger which is owned and hosted by Google. The Pros of starting a blog with Blogger are: It’s free It’s super easy to start It’s hosted by Google so you, could, get more organic traffic Yet, the cons of having your blog hosted with Blogger are: You don’t own your domain They can cancel your account at their discretion You have limited design and plug-in options >>CLICK HERE To Start A Blogger Blog<< Blogging Your Way To Success
  11. 11. 11 How To Start A Blog Most Avid Bloggers Use WordPress To Start A Blog. The Pros of starting a blog with WordPress are: You own your blog and your content You can use plug-ins to create the look & feel you want You can use plug-ins to create membership websites or online stores It’s unlikely that your blog will be deleted Yet, the cons of having your blog hosted on WordPress: You have to pay for your own domain name You have to pay for your own hosting You may have to pay for some of your plug-ins You have to do a bit more work to be ranked in the search engines >>CLICK HERE To Start A WordPress Blog<< Blogging Your Way To Success
  12. 12. 12Title of the book How To Blog For Profits I'm so excited that you're here and ready to learn about "how to blog for profits." If you're tired of blogging for your health rather than your wealth, then you're in the right place. There's no need for you to spend your time writing about things that don't earn you a dime. It's ridiculous to waste your time researching, editing, and putting in affiliate links that don't get you any results. Perhaps you're new to blogging, or you've been blogging for a while, but you're not seeing any return on your time. If that's the case, today is the day that everything will change for you. Because blogging is more than writing about a topic then posting it on the internet while crossing your fingers, hoping, that someone will click on it. . .And buy something from your, random affiliate, links. Yes, you may have great key words, and your topic may be "on point," but if you don't have a strategic plan for every, single, piece of content that you put out, then you're wasting your time. In reality, you've got to know the who, what, when, and where of your content, and like an arrow, you've got to Aim it for a very specific target. Title of the book
  13. 13. 13Title of the book How To Blog For Profits Funny story, I remember when I thought blogging was about getting a ton of post published each day. I'd spend a lot of time researching keywords, then writing about them while placing little links in between my paragraphs. I'd start new blogging platforms like it was going out style, because I believed that if I could get a ton of content out into the search engines on various subjects, I'd rank in different places on the web, and make money online. I truly thought that if I had blogs all over the place with good SEO and a few affiliate links, things would BLOW Up, and I'd be rich. I was truly an amateur then, because I couldn't understand why I was getting so much traffic but $0 cash in return. Later, I discovered that creating value was the way to go, so I'd spend weeks researching and creating valuable content that people would read, download, but still not pay me. I felt defeated, and I just couldn't understand why after years of learning, creating, and working my butt off, why I couldn't get a return on my invested time, energy, and money. I mean there were guru's out there who only put out 1-2 pieces of content per month and were earning an upward of $20-$30,000 per month. After, literally, years, of beating my head against the wall, I discovered that it was quality over quantity. . . AND I'm not talking about spending all of your valuable time creating Free content that people just take and not pay for. . . But the quality of strategy. . . Well What Does That Mean?? It means the who, what, when, and why of your content . . . Title of the book
  14. 14. 14Title of the book How To Blog For Profits Who Always consider who your content is for. . . Create your content as if you’re speaking directly to a single person who represents multiple people. Try to think about some of your own frustrations that you felt concerning the topic at hand, and how relieved you felt when you finally had a solution to your problem. Who are you talking to? A middle aged single mom who is trying to make ends meet; a family man who is trying to spend less time at work and more time at home, or a frustrated marketer who has spent more money on training than he or she has made in profits. What would you say to your avatar if you could empathize with their pain, and provide them a solution? If it were just you and your avatar sitting at a table having a conversation over a cup of coffee, what would the conversation be like? Would it be salesy such as “buy now,” or would it be personal such as here’s how “I can help you?” Unless you are intentionally using “salesy” verbiage for a landing page, it’ s best to just have a conversation with your audience ,then call them to take action based on what you’ve talked about. Title of the book
  15. 15. 15Title of the book How To Blog For Profits What Always consider what your content is suppose to do . . . Is your content suppose to educate, inform, or entertain your audience? Know the difference between the 3 and ensure that it’s clear to your audience which one you’re aiming for. Educate: [in this content] I’m going to show you how to do A, B, & C Inform: Did you know that half of the population is over weight and malnutritioned at the same time? Entertain: Today we’re going to be skydiving ,and we’re bring you along for the fun! Regardless of which area you’re aiming for, be sure to understand the problem that you’re exposing within your content. Perhaps you’ve done some research, and you’ve realized that thousands of people want to know how to set up an autoreponder for their business messages. Your objective is to solve the problem and to position yourself as an authority figure on that subject. If you’re informing your audience that half the population is overweight and malnutritioned, maybe you want to bring awareness to the issue to position your audience to buy the solution. If you’re just vlogging for people who may be bored and aimlessly surfing the web, then maybe you’re bringing them on your skydiving trip to amp your views and get paid for advertisement on your channel. Title of the book
  16. 16. 16Title of the book How To Blog For Profits When Always consider when your content is going to provide the solution. . . Honestly, you’re not blogging for your health, you’re blogging for your wealth. Now that you know who you’re talking to and what problem you’re exposing, it’s time to provide the solution. Unfortunately, if all you do is expose the problem, then you have nothing more than an essay. Although it may look glamorous, if it doesn’t have a specific aim or desired call to action then you’ve just wasted your time. Besides, who wants to sit around writing essays all day? If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t even want to write them in school. C:ALL T:O A:CTION Calling audience to action is what separates your blog post from some random essay paper. You’re giving your audience a specific action to take such as CLICK HERE to learn more about blogging your way to success. As you’re creating your content and exposing the problems within your target market, know when you’re going to call your audience to action to get the solution. Title of the book
  17. 17. 17Title of the book How To Blog For Profits Why Always consider revealing why your audience should respond to your C.T. A. . . Help your audience understand why you’re qualified to provide them with solutions to their problems within the market place. You can declare your why through social proof: other people who have used your solutions in the past can testify that they work. You can also establish your why by offering a lead magnet: a free sample of your services to help your audience experience your problem solving skills with no upfront risk to them. Last but not least, you can position yourself as an authority on the subject through blogging and using your blogging platform as a place to display your expertise. You can use all or only one of the methods above to reveal your why and get your audience to respond to your C.T.A. Your goal is to use your blog to draw your avatar in, expose the problem their experiencing, and get them to take massive action by purchasing your solution. This will help you blog your way to success, and earn real money from your effort. Title of the book
  18. 18. 18Blogging Your Way To Success Critical Methods For Blogging Blogging works! It has truly helped me to make my dream of online entrepreneurship a reality. I love having multiple blogs working for me 24/7, even, while I'm asleep. All I have to do is blog about solutions to problems faced by people in the market place. People who are searching for the solutions that I'm writing about visit my blog and receive valuable information. However, while they are enjoying the content on my blogs and getting answers to their questions, I offer them products and services that will help them further master the subject at hand. Sounds great right? However, in addition to everything we’ve already discussed, I want to add some critical methods for blogging that can help you along the way.
  19. 19. 19Blogging Your Way To Success Critical Methods For Blogging Find Your Target Market ( if you try to reach everyone; you'll reach no one) Ensure That There's Enough Market Interest ( passion alone will not make your blog successful, but passion + an audience to share it with will help your blog be successful) Speak Directly To Their Pain (narrow your message down to a conversation with 1 person who represents many people. . .blogging is a conversation, conversations are personable. . so who are you talking to anyway?) Solve The Problems That Keep Them Awake At Night ( don't expect a 6 figure salary from a $2 message, create the value that makes your readers want to exchange resources with you. . .think about it, would you pay for your own services?) >>Click Here To Get The Critical Methods For Blogging Complete Training<<
  20. 20. 20Blogging Your Way To Success Find Me On The Web Hey, I’m excited that you spent time reading my little eBook on Blogging Your Way To Success. I truly hope it has been helpful to you. I’d love to show you more ways to earn money blogging+ how to create and host your own digital goods on your blog. In fact, you’re accessing this eBook and a very valuable yet critical time. CLICK HERE to see how you can save a over 80% on my Elite Coaching Program for a limited time only! It’s insane because you’ll get access to my beta test group where I’m going to teach you tons about blogging and much more. I’m going literally give you $800 toward your tuition. You get to try it, and tell me what you think about it. This offer won’t last long so CLICK HERE to get immediate access before it’s too late Like My Fan Page Here Join Me On Linked In Here Visit My Website Here Get Registered For My Beta Test Group Here