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Total Game Change's: Drive Mad Internet Traffic FREE eBook


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Wow! Drive Mad Internet Traffic with Total Game Change's traffic strategies in a FREE eBook. Hours and Hours of research, tips, and related resources all done for you for absolutely Free! Read, embed, and share this epic Free eBook so that you and your entrepreneurial connections can drive pure organic traffic to your online business now!

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Total Game Change's: Drive Mad Internet Traffic FREE eBook

  1. 1. Drive Mad Internet Traffic! Traffic is the Bloodline to Your Online Biz Boost Your Internet Traffic 90% Now!
  2. 2. Drive Mad Internet Traffic Techniques are solely based on the experience, research, and opinion of the author. I am in no way responsible for your results or experiences due to my expressed opinions here. I am in no way promising that you will earn any money from the methods disclosed here. Again, I am only sharing my personal experience, research, and opinion with you. It’s up to you, to conduct your own additional research, apply that knowledge, and work towards your own results. No Part of This Lesson May Be Copied or Reproduced Without Expressed Permission From The Author. Mad Traffic Techniques May Be Shared Or Embedded As Long As No Changes Are Made To The Original Content & The Features Are Unlocked To Do So. Published, Web. September, 2014. Author’s Disclaimer
  3. 3. 3 Hello, and thank you for joining me for another Total Game Change Experience. I am super excited to provide you with new ideas as to how you can Drive Mad Traffic to your internet business. My goal is to ensure that I provide you with a ton a value that will surely assist you with leveraging the internet as a way to write your own paycheck, and create your own reality. Change The Game! To Your Success. . . Total Game Change LLC. About The Author
  4. 4. Contents www.totalgamechange.com4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Introduction Viral Reports Forum Marketing Guest Blogging Stumble Upon Yahoo Answers Welcome Gates Slide Share Free eBooks Online Communities Podcast Press Release Search Engine Submissions Craigslist Attend Webinars Host Online Events Offline Marketing
  5. 5. 5 INTRODUCTION There are tons of frustrated internet marketers out there. Statistics reveal that 90% of online entrepreneurs aren’t making any money. That’s simply disappointing numbers, and it leaves me wondering how are people in this profession actually surviving? If you are anything like me, you turned to internet marketing as a way to write your own paycheck, provide a lifestyle of freedom, and spend more time with the ones you love. You were probably tired of the Monday morning blues and decided that you were going to have upbeat Mondays forever!
  6. 6. Yet, this desire and longing for freedom, more income, and extended time with loved ones, could set you up as prey for hungry marketers looking to trap you in their web of deception. The Flat Out Ugly Truth The truth is regardless of whom you are or what your online offer is, you must master 3 key things in order to succeed online: Traffic, Leads, & Conversions. I don’t care what anybody promises you, if those three skills are not at the top of your priority list, you will continue to fail miserably at making money online. CLICK HERE for complete Epic Traffic Course Here’s why, traffic is the bloodline to your business, if no one is shopping at your store (online offer), then you are not making any money. Sadly, very few online gurus are even talking about traffic. Most of these online MLM companies simply sell you an opportunity and leave you to figure out how to turn it into cash.
  7. 7. To make matters even worse, they taunt you with the success of only about 1% of their companies and assure you that the same success is possible for you. Yet, most companies are not giving you the key ingredient to your success. The primary aim to a successful online venture should be how to find the right people for your opportunity. Mastering Traffic Generation is the only way to find the right people, and the most “amazingly,” new way to earn money online. It is actually how you can generate an online paycheck. Simply put, you need to be creating highly converting content that directs your traffic through a system which converts targeted leads into acceptance of your offer. Keep in mind that traffic generation concepts have absolutely nothing to do with branding. 9 times out of 10 your FaceBook fans, YouTube viewers, and blog post readers will only contribute to a small portion of the actual paid traffic that you generate. Trust me; you don’t want to put the fate of your family in the hands of people whose daily highlight revolves around what they ate for dinner, their newest nail polish collection, or a cute polar bear picture. Post on those platforms to establish your brand, connect with friends and family, and to provide a safe place for bonding with virtual clients.
  8. 8. However, when it comes to earning a living, you want hard core targeted traffic that’s geared towards your primary offer. In other words, you want to capture the traffic of people who's already searching for the opportunity or product that you are offering. Once you understand how to master traffic generation, you increase your chances of making money online regardless of what your online offer is. So, what’s all this talk about traffic? How is this information amazing? What in the Heck does it really have to do with making money on the internet? Honestly guys, there is no way that I can explain this entire process in this simple little eBook. Yet, I am going to try and bring a deeper understanding to the extreme importance of traffic mastery, and how that equals mega bucks in your pocket. I've already told you that no traffic= no sales which = no money, but let’s take this thing a little bit further and explore the strategy and psychology behind traffic generation and how it’s done.
  9. 9. 3 Steps To Internet Traffic Success Set up a campaign for whatever your offer is Drive Traffic to your campaign (test your conversion rate) Create a highly converting follow up series that generates sales Get The Complete Traffic Course HERE . .I’ll Show You The (step-by-step) Process! I was blown away, when I discovered theses Amazing SEO Strategies That Helped Me Zone In On My Target Market! It doesn't matter what in heck you are promoting, if you understand how to successfully implement this process, you could dominate in sales, and produce more online income than you ever imagined! However, Knowing about these epic strategies is only half of the equation; you must master them! You've got to develop an effective plan that literally taps into the psychological of your buyers market and get the kind of traffic that matters. Otherwise, you might make a few sales here and there, but you will never reach optimal success when it comes to making money online. Go to Total Game Change for complete Internet Traffic Training! Keep reading to discover some Free ways to drive organic traffic to your online business now!
  10. 10. Drive Mad Internet Traffic Are you ready to generate more organic traffic than you could ever imagine? If so, use the strategies below to get more traffic to your online offers now!
  11. 11. 11 Viral Reports If you are reading this eBook, then you probably understand how detrimental traffic is to your online establishment and how difficult it can be to generate online traffic. If you’re like me then you are not looking for just any kind of traffic, but you want targeted traffic. You want the kind of traffic that is geared for the exact services in which you provide! A great way to generate more of the targeted traffic in which you desire is to create a viral report. Create a Viral Report! A viral report is a document created by you for the people in your target market. A viral report is a great way to generate massive traffic in your online business by providing your audience with information that they need, and in most case, they will thank you by passing your explosive report to others.
  12. 12. Viral Reports Here’s 3 Tips to Creating an Effective Viral Report! #1 Conduct related SEO research to ensure that your viral report is something that your audience cares about. Ensure that it’s a hot topic among your niche and that you are focused on areas of the topic that needs further explanation. #2 Make your viral report entertaining or inspiring. Internet marketing can be a tough subject to interject amusing excerpts, however, you can add subtle imagery or inspiring quotes for a more shareable effect among readers. Another interesting way to add a pop to your viral report is to use a sensible color or a fancy font on subtitles. You want your viral report to be taken seriously, so you don’t what to go overboard on the entertaining features, but a little jazz on the style of your report can make it more fun to share. #3 Make your viral report free. Giving your viral report away for absolutely free is an amazing way to generate massive traffic into your online business. I understand the hard work and dedication that is involved in creating marketing content.
  13. 13. Viral Reports However, we live in a age where the value of information and digital goods have been altered. People are still willing to pay for the right information, but they can also access general information for free. Your viral report should further reveal the incredible level of your expertise and initiate targeted leads from those who really want more of what you have to offer. Here’s a rule of thumb: “make your free content better than the average paid content out on the market today, and make your paid content a force to be reckoned with.” In essence, conducting a detailed SEO/keyword search to launch a viral report that’s fun to read and absolutely free for your targeted audience can truly generate a boat load of organic traffic and leads into your online opportunity! Creating viral reports from time to time in your internet marketing business is a fun & free traffic getting strategy that will make both you and your audience happy campers!
  14. 14. 14 Forum Marketing As an online entrepreneur it’s super easy to get fixated on the whole concept of content creation, and forget about the idea of social branding and content promotion. Yet, social branding and content promotion are two very valuable parts of your internet marketing success! However, you don’t want to just engage in any type of branding and marketing, but you want your efforts to be targeted towards building valuable relationships and generating more direct leads. Forums are literally a virtual meet-up space for individuals who all have the same interest. The engagement in forums is an extreme way to generate new leads into your online opportunity. Yet, forum marketing is much more than posting links as a quick way get leads, but it’s more about the value that you bring to each individual group that you join.
  15. 15. Forum Marketing Forums are literally a virtual meet-up space for individuals who all have the same interest. The engagement in forums is an extreme way to generate new leads into your online opportunity. Yet, forum marketing is much more than posting links as a quick way get leads, but it’s more about the value that you bring to each individual group that you join. HERE’S 4 WAYS TO UTILIZE FORUM MARKETING TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS & GENERATE TARGETED (LEADS) IN YOUR-ONLINE-VENTURE! 1. Pick Niche Related Forums To Engage In: It’s important that you join forums related to your niche so that your responses aren’t spammy. If your niche is internet marketing, then it would be highly inappropriate to join a forum about golf and respond to post with internet marketing techniques. However, if you know a lot about golf, you can reply with golf related responses, and add a link leading back to your website or blog in your signature. Yet, keep in mind that many of the forum members may become irritated with your links, if they do not lead to more information about the subject at hand.
  16. 16. Forum Marketing It doesn’t mean that every forum you join has to be, exactly, about internet marketing, if that’s your niche, but it does mean that your forum community has to be able to make the connection as to the relevance of your responses and back-links. Some forum leaders may ban you from their group if you are not responding with relate-able and helpful information. Claim Your Bonuses Here 2. Be Sure To Add Real Engaging Post that are Relate- able & Helpful: Once you have joined forums that are related to your niche, it’s important that you become an active member of those groups by providing real engaging and helpful post. Tons of marketers join various online groups simply to post links, then they wonder why they are not succeeding in business. Throwing various links at group participants is the absolute worst way to utilize forums as a marketing mechanism. As a matter of fact backlinks should be the last thing that you focus on. Your focus should be to provide solutions to the problems faced by the people within the forums.
  17. 17. Forum Marketing When you provide solutions to the problems that keep people up at night, then they will begin to view you as an expert or someone whose worthy of being followed. Try to be a little more sensitive to the needs of the people who surround you in various forums. Write helpful articles that they can read; answer their questions with care and concern utilizing your real expertise on the subject at hand; back-link them to more helpful sources that will further assist them in getting real solutions. 3.Set Aside Specific Time For Forum Marketing: It’s important that you set aside specific times to conduct forum marketing, so that you can be more focused on participating in group discussions. For example: during the week I create as much valuable content as I can. I post all of that content to my various social media sites and my related forums. The posts are meaningful, because they lead people to good information that they can implement into their online ventures immediately.
  18. 18. Forum Marketing However, I try to cut my content creation off on Friday’s by 5pm in order to spend my week-ends engaging in online groups and forums, building relationships, and driving targeted traffic to the content that I created during the week. When you set aside targeted time to engage in forums, you are more dedicated to the process of reading the post of others and providing helpful replies. Sometimes your reply may require a quick Google search or something, but if you’ve set aside time to really engage in your groups, it won’t be a problem. One thing you don’t want to do is provide vague replies that fail to position you as an expert. If your time is stretched thin, then it’s best to re-frame from responding to your groups until the designated time in which you can provide real answers. However, you can remain involved with your groups by providing them with the helpful content that you are creating, until you have real time to engage in your group forums with expert responses.
  19. 19. Forum Marketing 4. Be Sure To Check The Forum Rules & Regulations: check out the rules and regulations of forums before you join them. You don’t want to waste your time with forums that don’t allow you to backlink to your website/blog. Yes, you want to bring real value to your area of interest, but you don’t want to waste your time in non –income producing activities either. Remember, that we are in the market of free enterprise where it’s all about the exchange of value. When you provide real engaging & helpful responses, it’s natural to expect a link back to your website or blog. However, some forum rules may specify how many links you can place in a single post or how many times per day or week you may post. Just check it out so that there are no surprises later on down the road. Just remember that forum marketing is a great way to build relationships and generate targeted leads into your online business or venture. When you join forums that are related to your own niche, and contribute to those forums with real engaging post that are helpful, and set aside time to really focus on providing value to your groups within each forums rules and guidelines, you position yourself as an expert which is an excellent way to build relationships, and generate targeted leads that backlink to your online offer.
  20. 20. 20 Guest Blogging Tons of business owners, affiliate marketers, and online entrepreneurs want to unveil the secret to effective blogging. Perhaps you are reading this traffic strategy because you want to discover more ways to get targeted search engine traffic to your online venture. One of the most effective ways to generate organic visitors to your online business is through guest blogging! What is Guest Blogging? Guest Blogging is a little bit different than article submissions. To initiate guest blogging, you would contact various owners of niche websites that are related to your area of expertise, and offer them 100% original content articles in exchange for a link back your blog. In essences, you get access to targeted traffic through creating content on someone else blog, and readers who access the click-able links inside of that content are directed back to your blog/website.
  21. 21. Guest Blogging Many online gurus use this method of organic traffic generation because it provides them with more exposure and page authority. It’s also a task that can be outsourced to professional article writers, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to do. However, if you choose to pursue guest blogging as a way to get organic visitors to your online business, there are some effective techniques that can help you get big results! 3 Fire Proof Techniques To Effective Guest Blogging Search for webmasters who have top ranking blogs in your particular niche! (Click here to discover how to check the domain &page authority of various websites/blogs) Many top performing webmasters understand the twofold benefits of guest blogging, so many of them will be open to the idea of hosting your guest post. However, you will find that these high performing bloggers have a very targeted audience, so they are very picky about the type of content that they allow on their forums. Understand How to Approach Webmasters to Inquire About Guest Blogging Opportunities! After conducting a good SEO search to find the domain & page authority of top ranking blogs in your niche, make a list of the ones that appeal to you the most. To avoid being marked as a spammer, it’s best to approach webmasters through social media networks. If their blogs rank high in the search engines, chances are they have social media pages such as Face Book, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  22. 22. Guest Blogging You can try to send them a message on FaceBook, but often times it’s hard to send message to people on FaceBook that are not your friends. The best way to contact webmasters on FaceBook is through their actual fan page. Most fan pages allow you to send direct messages to the page owner. You can also send them a friend request on LinkedIn as a business connection; once accepted, you will be able to send them a direct message. Some webmasters have a listed email address via social media, be sure to label your email as Ref: Guest Blogger Request, so that the webmaster knows that you intentional looked them up for business related purposes, and you are not sending them direct spam. Your guest blogging request doesn’t need to be long but rather direct. Introduce yourself; provide some type of compliment about the webmasters blog, then ask if they would consider hosting you as a guest blogger. Provide a brief synopsis of the type of post you would like to create and how you think your post can add value to the readers of the webmaster’s forum. Close your request with a signature back link to your blog, and wait for a reply. Be sure to contact a few webmasters just in case some do not reply, but don’t approach too many at once in case you get several responses.
  23. 23. Guest Blogging Create the Best Content Possible To Improve Chances of Syndication! Only an inexperienced webmaster would approve a guest bloggers request without first seeing the content that would be posted on their forum. With that concept in mind, it would be wise to already have an idea of at least 3 pieces of content that you would like to submit. You can also have outlines or pre-written blog posts ready to submit. Regardless of whether the webmaster accepts your content or not, good articles can always find a place on the web. You can use your articles for other forums that you would like to guest blog on or even use them on your own blogging platform. However, you never want to keep a webmaster waiting too long, because they may forget that they ever talked to you, or they could change their minds over time. You want to submit your content as soon as possible once the blog’s owner indicates that they are open to the idea of hosting a piece of your content on their forum. You want to insure that you create amazing content that is relevant to the webmaster’s audience, and brings a boat load of value to their forum. If the webmaster is open to the idea of hosting you as a guest blogger, then your chances of syndication are much higher because of the extreme benefits that your content brings to their audience.
  24. 24. Guest Blogging Drive Organic Traffic To Your Blog Through Guest Blogging! In all honesty, guest blogging is a great way to drive tons of organic traffic to your online business, especially if you understand the process of finding the right blogging platforms, and how to approach webmasters with good quality content that brings extreme value to readers!
  25. 25. 25 Stumble Upon The internet is loaded with social media networks that are excellent for building virtual relations and are fantastic sources of organic traffic. However, it’s not just traffic that you want and need to thrive as an online entrepreneur, but it’s the targeted traffic that really makes the difference in your internet venture. Too many internet marketers’ lose valuable income producing time focusing on social media as a whole verse speaking the language of their target market. A great way to determine if you are truly connecting with your niche’s target audience is to focus on utilizing social media networks like Stumble Upon to access pure organic traffic for your online business.
  26. 26. Stumble Upon WHAT IS STUMBLE UPON? Stumble Upon is an amazing social media platform that zones in on your specific interests and then continues to offer you related content in which you can vote whether you like or dislike the suggested related content. Traffic can’t get more targeted than that. The only UN-initiated connections that you will make on Stumble Upon is from individuals who actual like your content and want more related content. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE POSTING CONTENT ON STUMBLE UPON Stumble Upon is a very targeted interest platform, so you don’t want to approach members unsolicited. The proper way to mingle on this particular forum is to like content, and provide a short reason as to why you liked the content. Another way to mingle is to create and share list. A prime way to build up your Stumble Upon profile is to create amazing content with the notion that stumblers can thumbs up or down your posts. You want to put your best foot forward, because once you post content on Stumble Upon, it could be shared by tons of people on several social media platforms, and it may be placed in lists that can be shared and viewed by lots of people. Click Here For More Traffic Strategies
  27. 27. Stumble Upon A good idea would be to spend some time on the forum before posting. See what kinds of posts are getting tons of thumbs up and receiving a lot of shares. Get familiar with the common interests of the network. Discover how you can wrap your message into the central theme of the forums culture. 4 REMARKABLE STUMBLE UPON FEATURES THAT CAN GET YOU ONLINE TRAFFIC FAST! The sharable mechanisms on stumble upon are phenomenal! Once your content has been stumbled upon, you can send that stumbled content to all of your followers with a short message. Remember, all of your followers are targeted based on mutual interest, so your content isn’t random, but expected and wanted. Stumble Upon custom sharable tool bar makes it super easy for your followers and those who stumble upon your content to share your posts with their other social media platforms. This awesome feature allows you to pull massive traffic from Stumble Upon and several other social media platforms into your online venture with just one effortless process. You put out the content; people stumble upon it; they give it a thumbs up, and share it with all of their friend across various social media platforms!
  28. 28. Stumble Upon The Custom List Creator is a great way for stumblers to stumble upon your content and compile it into their lists for later review. Stumblers can also share their list, and follow list too. Just having your website's or blog's content stored in tons of stumblers lists is a great way to get more exposure. Who knows where your content could land with that much sharability, it could end up anywhere. The Paid Discovery feature is unlike any other social media advertisement on the internet today. For Example: other social media networks allow you to purchase ad space in which you will be charged for pay per click/ppc (post engagement) or pay per view/ppv (Post views or exposure). In most cases you are charged every time some random person clicks on your ad or visits your ad space. You can attempt to filter your ad setting, but in most cases you have little control over who is clicking on your ads and why. However, with Stumble Upon’s paid discovery, you get the option of skipping the whole process of organic discovery, and you can pay to be discovered. Your paid discoveries are extremely targeted visitors who have clarified their interest in your area of opportunity, and they are sent straight to your offer, article, or message. Even though your paid discoveries are sent to those who have indicated interest in your type of information, discovers have the option to turn down suggested content if they don’t want to view it.
  29. 29. Stumble Upon Most stumblers can tell by the wording within your headlines if they are interested or not. This is a great feature because it filters your content even further and prevents random clicking that costs you unnecessary fees. Yet, if the stumble proceeds to view the information, then it’s an indication that they are truly interested which lands you more targeted leads. Although the whole process doesn’t guarantee a conversion, it does save tons of money. That’s great! You’ve literally Stumbled Upon an insane lethal Strategy that can provide you with pure organic traffic for your online business.
  30. 30. 30 Yahoo Answers Here’s the absolute craziest most unconventional way to generate leads into your online venture! Who would expect that you could get massive online traffic 24 hours a day with Yahoo Answers! It’s simple, but is often times over looked as a major way to build relationships, and gain targeted leads into your opportunity. What Is Yahoo Answers? According to Wikipedia, “Yahoo! Answers is a community- driven question-and-answer site or a knowledge market launched by Yahoo! on June 28, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.” Here’s an opportunity to forget all about your niche, and step outside of the box to answer any question that you choose.
  31. 31. Yahoo Answers Not only is Yahoo Answers a great way to connect with others and get massive traffic to you blog/website, but it’s an awesome stress reliever. >> CLICK HERE FOR MORE TRAFFIC STRATEGIES It’s a freeing moment in your business to just engage in whatever conversation that you want, about any topics that interest you at the moment. It’s a great opportunity to create virtual relationships with other people who have different perspectives about various things. It’s a phenomenal way to just hangout online, and have tons of fun in your online business. Reasons You Don’t Want To Abuse This Insane Traffic Getting Strategy Through Spamming The Yahoo Answers Community It’s not a good idea to spam the whole community with affiliate links. Keep in mind that your behavior as an online entrepreneur affects an entire network of online entrepreneurs. If you begin spamming the entire community with meaningless post and affiliate links, you could cause link suspension or loss of back-linking privileges. People may not take you seriously and stop communicating with you. You could lose all credibility as someone who can provide value to members, and people will not visit your links.
  32. 32. Yahoo Answers You will miss out on the amazing opportunity to generate massive leads into your online business using Yahoo Answers. You lose the chance to add value to someone’s life, and reveal the true expert that you really are. So Here’s The Deal! Utilize These Epic Tips To Get FREE Traffic back-linked to your blog/website using Yahoo Answers! GET FAMILIAR WITH THE CULTURE OF THE FORUM: Spend some time reading questions and paying attention to how people answer them. Discover what kinds of people are using Yahoo answers. Skip around a bit to find out if the culture is consistent or is it like FaceBook: the mother of all social media networks, where people from all walks of life find a way to co-exists without losing site of individuality, or is it a gigantic melting pot where ideas seem to generalize & cultures tend to merge? In essence, understand the kind of platform that you are engaging in so that you can respond accordingly, and get your desired outcome.
  33. 33. Yahoo Answers DON’T BE A KNOW IT ALL: Ask questions! Asking questions is a great way to show humility, and to reveal that you want to engage and learn from others. It’s also a great way to get organic traffic. If you ask questions that people care about and want to answer, you could get tons of replies. When you receive a lot of replies, there is an open door for you to respond with a thank you. Because you are the one who asked the question, you are not expected to give a huge response. Although you could point out the things in the answers that really helped you with your question, it’s not required, a simple thank you will suffice. After you respond with a “thanks,” you can add your signature link and drive massive traffic back to your site. GET POINTS FOR THOUGHTFUL REPLIES: When you answer questions thoughtfully and skillfully, question askers can award you points for your replies, although you can’t purchase anything with those points, it shows how helpful you have been on the forum, and it prompts others to follow your replies. People who follow your replies will more than likely pay your website/blog a visit.
  34. 34. Yahoo Answers Provide Real Value In reality, no one follows a spammer, because it’s more annoying than anything, but people will follow those who add tremendous value to their lives. People will follow those who truly care about their needs and really make an effort to solve their problems. Yahoo Answers is a great way to provide value, make virtual connections, and drive massive traffic to your online business.
  35. 35. 35 Welcome Gate We’ve explored tons of ways to drive massive traffic to your website or blog such as create a viral report, forum marketing, guest blogging, Stumble Upon, and Yahoo Answers. . . (click here for the full list), but we need to discuss how you can actually capitalize on all of that traffic through an amazing capture master mechanism. Although there are many ways to utilize the art of capture mastery, here’s one way that has a proven track record of epic results. Redirecting your website’s/blog’s home page to a welcome gate is a great way to capture the information of your first time visitors and to generate targeted leads.
  36. 36. Welcome Gate What Is a Welcome Gate? A Welcome gate serves as both a squeeze page and a pop-up for first time visitors only. It’s literally a cookie that you create and install so that the initial visit of guest is an opportunity to connect with you. First time visitors can either opt-in to your welcome gate or choose to skip the opt-in process, and proceed to the website. Whenever first time visitors choose to utilize the welcome gate to opt-in to your subscribers list, your blog/website becomes a 24 hour capture machine which constantly generates new leads. Welcome gates are becoming the ultimate way to turn targeted leads into subscribers. You really need subscribers to create stability in your marketing venture. Yes, it’s true, traffic is vital to your online business, but understanding how to capture that traffic and knowing how to turn it into real virtual connections is literally the bloodline to your internet sustainability.
  37. 37. Welcome Gate HERE’S SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WELCOME GATES Welcome Gate’s have to be installed personally by you Most of them cost money either through an app download or a landing page service Welcome Gates only appear once per server, meaning that visitors will only see the welcome gate one time, unless they log into your website/blog from a different location First time visitors only see the welcome gate when they actually attempt to log into your website’s/blog’s home page, not if they find your content via search engine. . .When visitors find your content in the search engines, they will be directed to the page in which the content is housed The welcome gate will appear only once during the initial visit. . . it’s not annoying like pop-ups that continue to harass the visitor throughout their entire experience CONNECT WITH YOUR FIRST TIME VISITORS THROUGH A WELCOME GATE! So you have it! A welcome gate is a great element to add to your website or blog to capture online traffic, and gain targeted leads. Your visitors get the opportunity to really connect with you and get immediate access to your exclusive offers and bonuses through their subscription.
  38. 38. 38 Slide Share Almost every online entrepreneur has created PowerPoint presentations to prepare for tutorials, live events, or post content. Often times those presentations lay dormant on the computer for weeks, months, and maybe even years, until they are finally deleted or stored in some unknown location. What if those PowerPoint presentations could be used to drive massive traffic back to the content creator and serve as a means to gain targeted to leads. GOOD NEWS! THEY CAN! You can turn your PowerPoint presentations into a lethal means of traffic generation by positing your presentations on Slide Share. Posting your PowerPoint content onto Slide Share can help you gain more exposure as an internet marketing expert, while linking targeted leads back to your website/blog. Never discard your old presentations again, but get maximal rewards for your hard work.
  39. 39. Slide Share WHAT IS SLIDE SHARE? “Slide Share is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. Users can upload files privately or publicly in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Key note, or Open Document presentations. Slide decks can then be viewed on the site itself, on hand held devices or embedded on other sites.” 4 WAYS SLIDE SHARE CAN BRING YOU MORE ONLINE TRAFFIC! Those who view your slide shares can click on the “about you tab,” and gain immediate access to your website or services. Viewers can like your slide shares and follow you on slide share, providing you with more credibility and rankings for other viewers to see who may be looking for similar information. Both you and viewers can share your slide shares among various social media networks, including the ability to upload your entire slide share to Linked In. Both you and viewers may embed your slide shares onto various website/blogs, providing you with even more exposure, worldwide!
  40. 40. Slide Share A FEW TIPS BEFORE POSTING YOUR POWER POINT PRESENTATION ONTO SLIDE SHARE 1. Take time to view slide shares in the area that you plan to upload your power point presentations. Discover which slides are getting the most exposure & why. Take some pointers for the most popular slide shares, and update your presentations for the best chance at gaining viewers, followers, and shares. 2. Be sure to type your blog or website address in small print on all of your individual slides, especially if you are going to allow embeds and downloads. If slide share users embed or download your slides for their own personal use, you will still get epic leads from your slide share power point presentations. Regardless of where your slide shares end up, your sites signature links traffic back to you! 3. Like and share slide shares of others, to promote more likes and shares of your presentations. Also, make meaningful comments, so that slide share participants are compelled to visit your profile. A visit from slide share users could lead to a like, a follow, or a share, which is a plus for you! .
  41. 41. Slide Share SLIDE SHARE; JUST ANOTHER AWESOME WAY TO GET ONLINE TRAFFIC! Utilizing Slide Share is a great way to generate massive leads into your online business; your power point presentations could be an epic source of online traffic! There are tons of online tutorials to help you get started with Slide Share, and if you haven’t created any power point presentations yet, slide share is a great place to discover how. Grow you online business with this powerful under rated lethal strategy.
  42. 42. 42 Free eBook Submissions Most internet marketers find eBooks a useful source to generate cash and to build a solid subscribers list! Yes, it’s true; eBooks serve as epic marketing tools on your website or blog, however submitting a free eBook to various libraries on the web is a great way to back link traffic to your virtual space. Get Free Bonuses Here Millions of free eBooks are downloaded or read online each day by people from all over the world. The internet is full of places to submit free eBooks, so it’s easy to upload your free content and connect with readers right away. Contrary to popular belief, everything is not about getting paid up front but building creditability, providing value, and solving problems can lead you to earning stable income from content long after you’ve created it.
  43. 43. Free eBook Submissions HERE’S HOW PLANTING A FREE EBOOK IN VARIOUS LIBRARIES ACROSS THE WEB CAN BRING YOU BOAT LOADS OF ORGANIC TRAFFIC. . . A free eBook has massive download potential, meaning, it can land in the hands of thousands of people who are interested in the subject at hand. When people download and read your work, you are making a global stance and positioning yourself as an expert in the eyes of those who want to know more about your eBooks specific topic. Get Your Free Bonuses Here You can place multiple clickable links inside of your eBook that can make you tons of money over time. Your e- book’s embedded links have unlimited potential to drive targeted traffic back to your primary offer, website, or blog. Each person who downloads your free eBook is interested in the topic in which they downloaded, so it’s a high possibility that the majority of your eBook readers will visit the links inside of the free eBook for more information about the subject.
  44. 44. Free eBook Submissions You can also ask readers to join you in social media and to share your free eBook on their social media pages, websites, and blogs. The more your free eBook is shared and downloaded, the more free traffic you will generate. The effort that you put into creating your eBook will continue to pay for itself over and over again. HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON HOW TO CREATE AN EPIC EBOOK THAT BRINGS YOUR TONS OF FREE TRAFFIC! Be sure to conduct a keyword search to discover what’s trendy in your area expertise. Discover what your audience wants to know more about. Although your eBook is free, you still need to be sure it’s on a hot topic that solves problems, and answers the question, “so what,” if you want to drive massive traffic to your online business. If you have a blog or a website, check your analytic s to find out which topics are getting rave views; compare those topics to what’s trending in your niche and pull out the top contender for your FREE eBook subject. >>GET KEYWORD SEARCH TRAINING HERE
  45. 45. Free eBook Submissions Don’t Stress over creating content for you FREE eBook Find some highly viewed blog posts that you’ve already created on a particular subject, and break the information down into sub-sections to create a little eBook. You can also stretch out your previously written content by conducting some research and adding a few more key points. Come up with a keyword targeted title, create an about me page, an introduction, a small table of contents, throw in your re-worked previously written content, create a book cover, and WALLA you have a FREE eBook! Don’t forget to add links that link back to your opportunity, website, or blog. I would warn you to be careful flooding your FREE eBooks with affiliate links. You don’t want your eBook to super spammy, and you don’t want copies of your Free eBook floating around with offers that you no longer promote. The best kinds of links to put into your free eBook are links that link back to your personal website or a landing page in which the reader has to subscribe to your list to get more information. Don’t spend all of your time slaving for someone else to get the credit; always use your own links, then reveal the opportunity so that you keep the leads.
  46. 46. Free eBook Submissions Submit your FREE eBook to every possible online library that will accept your work. The more libraries that you submit your work to, the more organic traffic you could generate. After you have reviewed submission guidelines and are able to submit your work, feel free to put a global spin on your eBook. Not only can you place it in various libraries for free, but you can use it on your website as leverage to get more subscribers, and as a free give away for seminar participants. Creating and submitting a free eBook in your area of expertise is a great way to build new virtual relationships and gain targeted leads! It’s a Win! Win! You get tons of organic traffic, and readers gain insightful information about a subject that they want to know more about. You answer the questions that keep people in your target audience awake at night, and they find an endless source of expert advice in which they will happily exchange their resources for once they are linked back to your website/blog.
  47. 47. Free eBook Submissions PLACES THAT YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR FREE EBOOK! – Must have more than 3 reviews and a 4 star rating or above. – Contact them at least 3 days before it’s scheduled to go free. to-be-included-on-this-list/ – The majority of submitted books that meet the minimum guidelines of 18+ reviews and 4.0+ star average are listed for up to 3 consecutive free days. For a minimal fee they will list a limited number of books that have little or no reviews. promotion/ – first come, first serve $25 flat fee book – Need to sign up for a free account to announce your book here
  48. 48. Free eBook Submissions PLACES THAT YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR FREE EBOOK! books.html kindle-books.html d0JUMk9KZzZ0TXJBYXRENFZYMVE6MQ – It is recommended that you contact us a week or more in advance of when you have planned your KDP Select free days. Please include the title, dates your book will be free, and the ASIN or a link to your book on Amazon. Do not cloak, shorten or include your Amazon affiliate code in your life. Such actions will guarantee your book will be ignored!
  49. 49. Free eBook Submissions PLACES THAT YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR FREE EBOOK! LTFUSHREd05KaVItaDdUUkVVNGc6MA#gid=0 submission.html – They only accept eBooks that are currently available through, books can only be listed once andd duplicate submissions will be deleted, your book must be free for the entire time period you indicate on your submission page and your book can only be featured for a total of 14 days, so choose wisely. (Romance only, $5 to be featured) (UK – Romance only) (must be an e- mail subscriber to their blog)
  50. 50. Free eBook Submissions PLACES THAT YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR FREE EBOOK! books.html (fiction only) (for the Kindle Book Review) book/ (must sign up for a free account) services/
  51. 51. Free eBook Submissions Click Here to Link Back to the Source of This Epic List & Get More eBook Submissions Tips
  52. 52. 52 Forum Creation Here’s a more advanced technique to building online relationships and generating tons of online traffic. This technique is for more advanced internet marketers who have positioned themselves as experts, have strong leadership skills, and can handle the day to day maintenance of managing an online community in conjunction with other aspects of their internet ventures. Although it’s a bit more complex, creating online forums is a great way to build relationships, and generate tons of online traffic. Forums or Online Communities are generalized locations for people who share the same interest to meet-up. It’s a great place for those with common interest to share, reflect, communicate, and gain a better understanding about the subject at hand.
  53. 53. Forum Creation As a leader in internet marketing who’s probably managing several online entities, building an online community is a great way to bring all of those people together and to provide a warm and inviting place for newcomers to grow and learn. If you are a newbie at creating forums & communities, you may want to utilize various social media networks that allow you to form groups on their platform verses building your own. When you build groups within other social media networks, you have less upkeep and monitoring responsibilities than you would have if you were hosting a community on your own domain. However, if you really want to step your game up, and host your own community on your own domain, where you can dominate a virtual space to cultivate the culture of your online business, then here’s some things to consider before getting started. Determine if you need a basic forum, or a full online community. A forum is more like a gigantic chat box where members can pose or answer questions. Members can prompt discussions. Members can also communicate with each other, gain recognition for their engagement, and raise interest related awareness.
  54. 54. Forum Creation However, if you create a full online community, members can create profiles, use live chat, send private messages to each other, and possibly form groups within groups. Of course a community would require more monitoring and carries more responsibility than a basic forum. Yet, both methods are attractive features that can really draw in a crowd, because while members of your forum or community build relationships around their common interest, they are constantly connecting and bringing in other users who in return bring more users, which can generate massive online traffic for your online venture. Once you know what kind of forum you want to create, spend some time researching other similar communities to see what has all ready been done, and what has already been said. Also, determine what the people in your targeted audience truly care about, and discover how you can utilize that common interest to bring people together in a community. After you’ve established the primary aim of your forum or online community, decide how you are going to capitalize on the traffic associated with your hard work of cultivating an entire community. As your community grows and thrive, you want to make sure that you remain the authority, and main beneficiary of your own community.
  55. 55. Forum Creation It's a given, you can’t stop people from connecting, building relationships, and exchanging opportunity information. You can implement spamming rules, but determined people will find ways to connect outside of your community. It's a given, you can’t stop people from connecting, building relationships, and exchanging opportunity information. You can implement spamming rules, but determined people will find ways to connect outside of your community. HERE’S SOME TIPS TO CAPITALIZE ON YOUR COMMUNITY OR FORUM’S TRAFFIC ABOVE ALL MEMBERS WHO JOIN Require a registration so that everyone who joins your community opts in to your subscribers list where you can build virtual relationships. Send out weekly community news letters that will help your community or forum thrive as well as outlines your promotional offers. Create a membership website which features an active community or forum. A membership fee is a great way to cover the over head cost of maintaining your community. It compensates you for all the time and dedication you’ve spent preparing materials to keep the community active and growing.
  56. 56. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities In essence, forums and communities are great ways to capitalize on virtual relationships and generate tons of online traffic. However, consider the responsibility of managing and creating content for such things. Be sure to layout some ground rules, create a help center, and establish culture so that you can attract the right people to your online forum or community!
  57. 57. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities Resources for Starting an Online Forum or Community To Start a Community within A Community Like This Page>> FaceBook: is a great place to create groups in which people of similar interest can join. (Read Related Articles To Learn How) community-pages-what-your-business-needs-to-know/ article-how-to-create-a-community-page small-business-owners-can-start-building-a-community- on-facebook/ group-facebook-52565.html , community-page pages/
  58. 58. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities Connect With Me Here>>Linked In is another great social media network to create forums & build online communities. (Read Related Articles To Learn How) ating-a-group , to/content/how-to-create-a-linkedin-group.html awesome-linkedin-group.html , linkedin/ , build-a-thriving-linkedin-group/ tips/ linkedin-groups/ use-linkedin-groups-to-boost-your-business.html
  59. 59. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities Follow Me Here>> Google+ is a social media network that allows you to create groups and various circles that revolve around your interest. CBRiYqcKnuQ communities-beginners-guide/ ,
  60. 60. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities Follow Me Here>> Twitter is a great place to create groups & initiate trends within an already thriving social media network. lists#,2817,2459110,00.asp twitter.html Commentary/How-to-Create-Twitter-Lists-Step-by-Step/ba- p/45389 private-discussions-on-twitter/ GET MORE WAYS TO CONNECT, NETWORK, AND DRIVE TRAFFIC!
  61. 61. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities START YOUR OWN FORUM OR ONLINE COMMUNITY & HOST IT ON YOUR OWN DOMAIN Click Here To Pick A Domain Name & Purchase a Hosted Word Press Platform In my opinion it’s best to use a hosted word press account because it allows you to create your membership site, host your communities, and create a free view area too. Of course it comes equipped with a complete word press blog that will help you keep your website at the top of the search engines. I use Go Daddy because it loads fast, and it has easy to use features. It works well with Word Press and allows you the ability to install plug-ins and everything to create the type of website that you want. Also, I highly recommend that you purchase an SSL license to ensure that your website is safe because of the amount of information that you will be personally installing and accepting from members. Once you have all of the tools that you need to build your membership website, and online community, you will need to set everything up for business.
  62. 62. Forum Creation Forums & Online Communities HERE ARE SOME RESOURCES THAT WILL HELP YOU GET STARTED. . . Watch This Tutorial >> How To Create A Membership Website >> Two Popular Platforms for Building Your own Community Buddy Press Ning Other Related Articles your-own-social-networking-community/ forum-community/ Everything-Successful/dp/081440197X building-online-community/ online-community.html your-own-social-networking-community/
  63. 63. 63 Podcasting Technology has made it super easy to deliver various messages through virtual space that transcends time zones with global effectiveness. Many online entrepreneurs capitalize on this phenomenal opportunity to promote business with the click of a button. Internet marketers utilize various social media networks, search engines, and mobile services to extend their global reach. However, internet space can get a bit over saturated with blog post, videos, and affiliate link sharing and have lead many online opportunist to focus more on building apps and other marketing mechanisms in which they can wrap a powerful message into a free or very low cost device.
  64. 64. Podcasting Yet, one often overlooked method that can help you build virtual relationships and generate tons of online traffic is starting your own podcast. Podcast are digital media files, mainly audio, that you can create to get your message out in a series in which people who are interested can subscribe to. Subscribes get the awesome benefit of accessing your new podcast messages automatically. You messages will be downloaded to their device. The more people gravitate to your podcast, the more recognition you will receive on the internet as an expert for your field. Having your own podcast is almost the same as having your own radio station without all of the over head cost of a full radio station. Yet, launching your own podcast can drive massive traffic back to your business, online opportunity, website, or blog. When you create your podcast episodes, you can encourage listeners to visit your online entity. When people download & share you podcast, you get mad traffic back to your website or blog. A popular podcast can also get you noticed by some big names within your niche and make you tons of cash from advertisers who will pay you big bucks for a few seconds of advertisements during your air time.
  65. 65. Podcasting HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO STARTING A PODCAST 1. What’s your topic or primary message? It’s important that you understand the primary focus of your podcast in order to establish the purpose for your recordings. 2. Is there enough interest for your podcast topic? Making sure that you enough interest for your podcast idea is essential to your success. One way to find out if there’s enough interest for your podcast subject is to conduct a key word search. Your keyword search will reveal if there’s room to grow your podcast. It will also aid you in discovering how to wrap your message into the language of those who are seeking related information. 3. Who is your target audience? Your podcast should be speaking directly to someone in particular. When you know who you are speaking to, you tend to attract the right audience of people to you. (Listen To the Audio for further explanation) It means that you are communicating effectively and with purposes, verses stabbing in the dark with random messages hoping to reach just anybody.
  66. 66. Podcasting 4. Decide the kind of podcast you want. Based on the purpose of your podcast and the needs of your audience, are you going to launch a video or audio podcast? Do you want to conduct interviews on your subject, or just talk about the topic? Do you want to host the podcast alone, or would you like to have a co-host? 5. What about content creation? Can you create enough content on your podcast topic that can last for the life-span of your show? How long is your show's predicted life- span? If you want a show that grows with you over time, what kind of content would keep your audience coming back for more? Do you enjoy the topic enough to continue creating content about it with enthusiasm? 6. What’s your podcast budget? Knowing how much money you can spend on microphones, sound boards, visual effects, and hosting are all important things to consider before attempting launching a podcast. Of course video podcast with visual effects would be the most expensive, while one-man hosted audio podcast would be the cheapest. 7. How much time can you invest into launching a podcast? Launching a full podcast is a huge undertaking and could soak up a lot of time for technical set up and content creation.
  67. 67. Podcasting Many podcast hosts reveal that they have quite a few pre- recorded podcast ready for launch day. However, most podcast are live feed based so having content ready every time your podcast is set to air is a must. If you are like me and time is not something you have a lot of at the moment, creating pr-recorded audios is a great way to add value to your website or blog. It’s also a great way to build a following for your future live podcast! PODCAST ARE VEHICLES FOR MASSIVE TRAFFIC GENERATION & ONLINE SUCCESS! A podcast take a bit of work to launch, but it’s a fantastic traffic source for your online business. It’s a great way to add a new spin to your online presences, and can help you stand out from the crowd!
  68. 68. 68 Press Release There’s no doubt that ancient traffic getting methods still have marketing power today. Many online entrepreneurs follow the masses that tend to focus more on social media networking through creating You Tube videos, Face book fan pages, or Twitter list. These main stream social media platforms are great places to network and build virtual relationships, but there are more things that you can implement into your traffic strategies that will create even more visitors to your online venture. You can maximize your back-link juice, and drive massive traffic to your website or blog with powerful SEO press release strategies. In times past, a simple press release was the primary marketing tool used by marketing and public relations professionals to share important events. The primary sources of publications were television, radios, and print media. >> GET EPIC SEO TRAINING HERE
  69. 69. Press Release However, today’s press releases are internet based via email or online publications, but they still serve the same purpose of getting important news into the hands of the people who care about it. Although the internet is a great way to get your important news into the hands of your target audience, the underlying problem of getting your news viewed among so much news can be difficult. Yet, there is one way to get your news read above almost all other news related to you subject and that’s to write a keyword targeted and SEO heavy PRESS RELEASE! The key is to reach beyond just having your article noticed but rather read and acted upon by marketing professionals. 4 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE WRITING A PRESS RELEASE #1 The first thing that you should consider before writing your press release is your primary message. It’s important that you establish clarity as to what your target message is so that it’s clear what you are trying to convey to your target audience. #2 The second thing that you should take into consideration before writing your press release is your target audience. Exactly who are you talking to, and whose attention are you trying to grab with your message?
  70. 70. Press Release #3 The third thing that you should consider is reader benefits What are readers going to gain from the services that you are offering in your press release? What problem are you solving, or what situations are your services going to improve? #4 The fourth and final thing you should consider before writing your press release is your primary aim What benefits are you looking to gain from your press release? Why are you writing a press release? Make sure that your answers have a global effect to ensure that you are thinking about your press release for the eyes of the reader’s verses your eyes only. Is this news that your target audience cares about? Avoid advertisements in your press release because advertisements aren’t news, and online journalist will not syndicate your press release if it’s blatant advertisements. Your best chances of syndication will come from note worthy news in your area of expertise that answers a question, solves a problem, or provide more information about things people care about.
  71. 71. Press Release HOW TO WRITE A PRESS RELEASE THAT NOT ONLY GETS NOTICED, BUT GETS ACTED UPON BY MARKETING PROFESSIONALS. . . Here are some tips to help you write a press release that will get you beyond just being noticed but will generate the right SEO and syndication power to create tons of back-links, and drive massive traffic back to your online business, website, or blog. Your title: Make sure your title is keyword targeted based on your primary message. Ensure that it has no more than 66 characters if you want your entire title to appear on Google. Avoid repeating your headline in your first sentence. Make sure your headline is not slang words or too common. Be sure that your headline focuses on the news that you are about to present and not your business or online offers. Ensure that your title is catchy and hooks the reader immediately. Introduction Paragraph: First write your city, state-full month, day of the month in numbers, year-opening sentence Note: Various press release companies may require a different format for city, state, and month ext. The point is to make sure that you include it. Example format: (Milton, FL – September 22, 2014 – Total Game Change LLC. At . . .)
  72. 72. Press Release Imagine yourself writing an opening to a news story not a sales copy. Use the inverted pyramid style of writing; put the most important information first. Your introduction paragraph should include a lead sentence that focuses on who, what, when, where, why, and how. Yes, 1 sentence must say it all, and cover the 5 W’s and the H. Think about news today. Regardless if the news is written or spoken it’s the first sentence that explains the 5 W’s and the H that catches your full attention. In most cases you don’t even finish listening or reading the whole story, but you have the key information that you need in order to repeat what you’ve heard or read. Since most people will not read past the first 2 or three paragraphs of your publication, it’s important that your most important information goes first. After you’ve written your lead sentence, the body of your introduction should build or tell your news. Your second paragraph should include your supporting details about your news, and a short quote to increase creditability. Don’t forget your quotation sandwich!
  73. 73. Press Release: 5 W’s
  74. 74. Press Release Your introduction paragraph should include a lead sentence that focuses on who, what, when, where, why, and how. Yes, 1 sentence must say it all, and cover the 5 W’s and the H. Think about news today. Regardless if the news is written or spoken it’s the first sentence that explains the 5 W’s and the H that catches your full attention. In most cases you don’t even finish listening or reading the whole story, but you have the key information that you need in order to repeat what you’ve heard or read. Since most people will not read past the first 2 or three paragraphs of your publication, it’s important that your most important information goes first. After you’ve written your lead sentence, the body of your introduction should build or tell your news. Your second paragraph should include your supporting details about your news, and a short quote to increase creditability. Don’t forget your quotation sandwich!
  75. 75. Press Release: Quotation Sandwich
  76. 76. Press Release The last and final section of your press release should be the least important details that would be good things for the reader to know, but they should have a clear understanding of the message that you were trying to convey without the added information. Don’t forget to add H tags to your header and subheadings that you are looking to get ranked for. Make sure that you add a URL Link into the second paragraph or signature of your press release for a designated place to drive traffic that’s generated from your press release. Most free PR services will only allow one link in the second paragraph or the signature, while other paid PR services may allow two links including a link in the introductory paragraph. Ensure that your document is key word dense! A good way to find the density of your document is to press control “F” and type your seed key word into the “find” search bar, then select highlight all items found to see if your keyword is dispersed evenly throughout your document. In windows 7 you can select undo to remove the highlights.
  77. 77. Press Release Hit control F to access the Find What box: To conclude your press releases add your “about,” business information and company signature or link back to your online website. Adding your business information and a little history about your online venture will help the reader learn more about your cause and position you as a professional in your field of expertise.
  78. 78. Press Release Example
  79. 79. Press Release Resources to Submit Free Press Releases TOP 4 RECOMMENDED WEBSITES & A FULL LIST OF MORE FREE PR PUBLICATIONS PRLOG RELEASE PRESS EXPOSURE ENZINE ARTICLES PRWEB- PAID Hey I Just Discovered This PDF From PRWEB: Get More In- depth Info On How to Write A Press Release Here. . .If their instructions are bit different than mines, of course go with their advice because things are constantly updating; of course they’d have the most current information. . .just thought is would be helpful. . .I still have to read the whole thing myself:) MASHABLE'S LIST OF FREE PRESS RELEASE WEBSITES
  80. 80. 80 Search Engine Submission Having your articles discovered through being indexed by major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN are great ways to generate tons of online traffic, and gain targeted leads into your online business. Search engines provides the best sources of internet traffic because people are looking for your services and voluntarily click on your articles for more information. However, in order to capitalize on the benefits of being discovered in major search engines, you have to know how to properly submit your blog or website to major search engines, and how to create keyword dense content that can be optimized by those search engines.
  81. 81. Search Engine Submission OPTIMIZING YOUR WEBSITE! Before considering website or blog submissions it’s best to be sure that you are content ready. The first area of your blog/website that needs special preparation, is the Meta tag descriptions. Major search engines like Google use keyword descriptions inside of meta tags to categorize your site for certain places on the web. It’s important that your meta tag description reflects the title of your domain and your primary message. Once you have written a targeted description, you will need to add tags to your blog or website. When adding your tags, be sure to list the primary keywords that you would like to be ranked for first, and then add additional keywords ensuring that all keywords are separated by a comma. Now that you have a keyword targeted domain, Meta description, and Meta tags, it’s time to create standalone pages for more site targeting. Overtime it’s a good idea to include a welcome, about, publications, and site map page onto your blog’s or website’s standalone bar for search engine optimization.
  82. 82. Search Engine Submission However, when you first launch your blog, you may only have a few pages to add, but make sure that those pages include content that describes your services or message and that those descriptions relate to your Meta tag synopsis. Don’t forget to include header tags to define your keywords. Optimizing your website or blog for indexing help big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN rank and place your content on the web. If their index software can’t determine, based on your keywords, where to place your content on the internet, then it will not be placed anywhere on the web, and your material will not get discovered. CONTENT IS KING! After optimizing your website or blog, you are going to want to write keyword targeted articles that relate to your blogs description and keyword tags. Conduct the proper keyword search in order to ensure that your articles will not only get indexed by major search engines, but rank high enough to generate organic traffic too. It’s extremely important that your articles are related to your blog title, description, and keywords, because veering off the subject too much can cause confusion within your sites indexing and content rankings.
  83. 83. Search Engine Submission However, when you first launch your blog, you may only have a few pages to add, but make sure that those pages include content that describes your services or message and that those descriptions relate to your Meta tag synopsis. Don’t forget to include header tags to define your keywords. Optimizing your website or blog for indexing help big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and MSN rank and place your content on the web. If their index software can’t determine, based on your keywords, where to place your content on the internet, then it will not be placed anywhere on the web, and your material will not get discovered. CONTENT IS KING! After optimizing your website or blog, you are going to want to write keyword targeted articles that relate to your blogs description and keyword tags. Conduct the proper keyword search in order to ensure that your articles will not only get indexed by major search engines, but rank high enough to generate organic traffic too. It’s extremely important that your articles are related to your blog title, description, and keywords, because veering off the subject too much can cause confusion within your sites indexing and content rankings.
  84. 84. Search Engine Submission You want to write articles that are between 300-500 words, at least, to be taken seriously by the search engines over time. You want to spread your keywords out to about once every 100 words, and add header tags too. Try to create natural clickable links that aren’t spammy by ensuring that your links are content related and spread out throughout the document.
  86. 86. Search Engine Submissions Submitting your website or blog to Google, MSN, Bing, and Yahoo for more organic internet traffic is pretty easy once your site is optimized and content ready to be indexed.There are tons of search engines out on the web in which you can submit your blog or website, but I would conduct some research and read some reviews as to how some search engines help your organic traffic where others hurt it. The problem with submitting your website to just any old search engine is the kind of content that may be housed on some of those search engines. If a major traffic engine blocks a particular search engine for being spammy or robotic, it also blocks all of the content associated with the blocked search engine, and could cause your website or blog to lose free online traffic from major sources. Yet, it’s nothing to fret over, because there are other good search engines out there, but just be careful, and do some research to find them. You have worked hard to build your website or blog, and you’ve put time and effort into creating good content; don’t be so quick to allow random search engines permission to access your material without checking them out first.
  87. 87. Search Engine Submissions If you really want to add your website or blog to other search engines, unless it’s very reputable, submit your content to one search engine at a time, and watch your analytic closely to see if your organic traffic rises or falls. If you are not happy with your results, simple remove the sources connection from your HTML, or send them an email, and ask to be removed from their search engine. If you are unable to locate information on the search engine that you want to remove your content from, try the services below for further assistance. C-Class Checker SpyonWeb Social Media: check for profile or fan pages
  88. 88. 88 Craig's List Classified Ads Traffic generation can be difficult for many online entrepreneurs, and it’s one of the most sought after marketing strategies among internet marketers today! You are reading this article because in reality, more organic traffic to your online business equals targeted leads and conversions. A great way to get new visitors to your website or blog is to place classified ads on Craigslist. Craigslist, ranking number 10 in the United States, is one of the largest classified ads websites online today. This gigantic monster of an advertisement center allows free basic ad placement globally. There are multiple available categories to choose from for free ad submission, and it’s a pretty simple process too. However, here are some tips on how to place ads on Craigslist to generate traffic to your website, blog, or online business without being banned for spam.
  89. 89. Craig's List Classified Ads >> READ CRAIGSLIST RULES & REGULATIONS Here are a few rules that are internet marketing related; get the full prohibited list here 1. Do not use robotic software to get the email address of Craigslist users to send them unwanted mail 2. Do not write down or export the email address of advertisers and send them spam email 3. DO NOT POST AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITY LINKS! (this will get you banned) 4. Do not post spam ads in unrelated ad space. . . (it’s considered spam if you place a business ad in the furniture section) 5. No marketing to groups and forums by responding to comments with marketing opportunities (it’s not clearly in the rules, but trust me, it will get you banned)
  90. 90. Craig's List Classified Ads >> HOW TO MARKET EFFECTIVELY ON CRAIGSLIST A good way to market effectively on Craigslist is to place events, service, or community gig advertisements. Be aware that you can only place 1 ad per geographical area in 1 category per 48 hours. Simply put, do not post in the same area or the same category, regardless of the area, within a 48 hour period. Although some people practice black hat marketing techniques and find ways to cheat the system by having other people post for them ext. There is a “thin line between love and hate” with Craigslist. >> LET’S SPREAD CRAIGSLIST LOVE NOT HATE Set up your Craigslist account Use the FOR SALE section to place ads for affiliate products; for example, if you were advertizing network marketing information products, you might write something like: INSANE VALUE! Here’s your opportunity to become an online entrepreneur who works from home! Get 4 internet marketing videos, 5 audible cds, that you can download for your convenience, and a (step-by-step) PDF guide to help you achieve online success. Click here for immediate access.
  91. 91. Craig's List Classified Ads If it’s a non-click able link advertisement area, then simply write, “copy paste this link into your web browser for immediate access.” Never, ever, say, “join my opportunity or team.” Also, you want to market your opportunity like a product, verses marketing a network opportunity. Don’t forget to back link readers to a non-affiliate landing page or a specific place on your blog or website. Use the services section to advertise virtual seminars, free services featured on your blog or website, any type of specialized training, freelance work, or consultations. For example: I have an eBook writing service; I WILL WRITE YOUR EBOOK FOR YOU! It is a service that I offer, so it belongs in the service section. Use the community and gigs section to post live events that you may be hosing on your site or additional services that you want to post in a different area while using a new category. You can post just about any random service within Craigslist guidelines in this section. ( Listen to Audio For Further Explanation) If you are sensitive to the rules and user guidelines on Craigslist, it’s a great way to place free classified ads, and generate a great deal of traffic to your website, blog, or business venture.
  92. 92. 92 Webinar Attendance As an online entrepreneur it’s important to continue to grow, learn, and sharpen your skills. You want to remain on the cutting edge of your area of expertise, and you need to position yourself as an expert by presenting the most current information to your target audience. Some of the best ways to remain up-to-date on current events and as an internet marketer are: to read niche related content daily to listen to a field related podcast or audios daily to attend webinars that relate to your area of expertise regularly. Webinars are simply, “seminars that are conducted over the internet.” Up until a few years ago, people had to pay big bucks and travel long distances to a specified location for the attendance of a seminar. Information was costly and people would go through great links to learn more about the things they cared about.
  93. 93. Webinar Attendance Even after the launch of the Internet Explore and other technical advancements, people could search for online information, but they couldn’t physically communicate with other people. However, technologies begin to advance. There were chat boxes, speaking devices, video, and the software that allowed people allowed people to meet-up in one virtual space on a global level. Advancements such as the ability to attend webinars can help you grow your business with epic training's and massive online traffic access that can send boat loads of traffic back to your social media platforms, websites, or blogs. Webinars are great places to virtually connect with people from all over the world who have similar interest. Of course you can’t blatantly market to those people during someone else webinar, but you can make connections. TIPS ON MAKING CONNECTIONS DURING WEBINARS Sign up for large webinars like Google, Hub spot, Twitter, or other popular network marketer’s virtual events that are hosted by the owners themselves or their associates. When you sign up for these types of hosted events, you are going to get access to great information and thousands of like minded individuals. (I’ve been on webinars with 50,000+ people) You can invite people to join you in social media.
  94. 94. Webinar Attendance This method does not work with small privately ran webinars, because the host is too overly consumed with making a sale, and they are going to want to do all of the communication to control the situations as much as possible. Large internet power houses encourage social connections as long as it doesn’t turn into a spam fest. They will probably try to sell you something at the end, but they are going to make sales whether you buy something or not. Never, ever, ever post an affiliate link or anything remotely spammy. Arrive to the webinar early and introduce yourself. The screen will read, “Moderator will arrive shortly.” Make small talk with the people who are there early too . . .(I bet this is going to be a great webinar ext.) Always complement the host and their professional status too. While making your small talk with early participants, find people who you connect with the most and invite them to your social media networks. Google+, Linked In, or professional fan pages are the best places to invite people to connect with you in social media. Some seminars will allow you to send attendees a private chat message while others will not. However, rather private or public, do not send people affiliate links never ever! This is not your event, and that's just tacky.
  95. 95. Webinar Attendance Be sure to continue the small talk and be social with others until the event begins. During the event do not post any social medial links at all. However, moderators like comments, so be sure to ask engaging questions, and leave good comments. You can also make small talk during most webinar’s, especially if someone else makes a good comment. For example; you can respond with a comment like this: “yes, Bill I agree social media has changed over the years.” However, don’t get carried away, let other people talk too, but comment every so often. You can even tweet using the webinar hash tag during the event. When you are very engaged in a webinar, it makes you stand out and leaves you room to make social media connections later. After the webinar is over, write something like, “the webinar was great, (the moderator) really explained the keys to internet success, I ‘m looking forward to the next event. . .it was nice connecting with all of you feel free to connected with me here. . . .on linked or Google+. Hang out for a little while, and connect with people who are still chatting to exchange information. However, don’t post tons of links . . . it’s just common sense. Also, big Google + events usually leave you with access to the attendees. You can write something like; “hey I see you were at the . . . event today; It was great"! Feel free to add me as an acquaintance. I hope to see you at the next event.” You have to copy past a message; most people who attend those type of events aren’t going to respond to a random link about overnight riches; they know better, and most of them know this business takes some work and dedication.
  96. 96. Webinar Attendance Attending large webinars can really help you make social connections, and build virtual relationships that can land you massive back links to your website or blog. You have to do the work to connect with other professionals. Unfortunately, you don’t know where those types of connections are going to lead, but once you add the people that you meet from webinars to your social networks, you can benefit from the relationships from there. You may be able to exchange skills, write reviews for each other, guest blog, or they may provide you with a back link. Either way, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your social media platforms and exchange value online. (Access Google Webinars Here)
  97. 97. 97 Host Live Events Tons of internet marketers are utilizing online live events such as podcasts, webinars, Google plus live-stream, and other mechanisms to connect with their target audience and drive massive traffic to their online business, websites, and blogs. Online live events have become an epidemic among internet marketing professionals today. Many of them have launched their brands through live events as they tap into the enormous flood of internet traffic with their social media messages. HOW TO BUILD A LIVE FOLLOWING The key to building a live following is consistency. Be consistent in your brand, products, and services in order to establish trust and relationships among those who follow you. Have a target message with a primary purpose that you are sure has relevance in your area of specialty. Ask yourself, “Would you attend your own live event”? Determine what problem you are solving and how your live event is beneficial to those who attend.
  98. 98. Host Live Events Be the expert: Remain the expert of your specialized knowledge. Never broadcast average mediocre concepts that are general knowledge to those in your field. Take what everyone else has been saying, and add a spin to it, or reveal new techniques. Be Direct: make sure your audience knows the purpose for your meeting and that is clear what you are going to cover in the beginning. Be sure to under promise and over deliver, but deliver the material that your audience signed up for. Be interesting: Talk about things that people in your target audience cares about. Make jokes or relatable comments that reveal your humanity and concern for your audience. Cover your material in a compelling way. When your target audience discovers that you are a consistent, direct, confident, and prepared expert who has a clear mission and delivers on what they promise, they will continue to follow you and will happily invite others as well. They know what to expect from you and that what you have to offer is going to help them get to where they are going.
  99. 99. Host Live Events ONLINE LIVE EVENTS SERVICES Google hangouts are one of the most popular ways that live events are hosted. Although many online entrepreneurs are already utilizing this powerful marketing tool, others are wondering how to conduct a Google live hangout, and how to set their first live event up. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your very first Google live hangout. This Video May Help Your Further. Once you’ve set up your live event, it’s important to test all of your equipment to be sure that you don’t run into unnecessary complications during your event. Anytime Meeting is a free and paid service that allows you to host live events to virtually meet with your target audience to build relationships, promote your offer, and drive traffic back to your business opportunity, website, or blog. Anytime meeting is, super, easy to use and doesn’t require any fancy set-up or equipment. Anytime Meeting does have a free service available, but it comes with some limitations.
  100. 100. Host Live Events ONLINE LIVE EVENTS SERVICES With Anytime Meeting You can upload & store presentations which you can screen share with your audience. You can get re-play links in which you can embed onto your website or share at a later date. You get access to a webinar landline number in which you can give to your participants so that they have the option to dial in. LiveFyre; you can host live comments on your word press blog OTHER WEBINAR SERVICES AND REVIEWS There are tons of live events or webinar services available to you. You can host online live events to build a huge following and to generate targeted traffic back to your online venture. Just be sure that you are clear on your message, purpose, and audience and that you have the availability to promote and host your events.
  101. 101. 101 Offline Marketing It’s clear that we have made a steady transition from the industrial age into the technological age. The internet has become the primary source of information. The internet has made the idea of working from home a more obtainable goal. Online entrepreneurs are able to mingle on the internet to make virtual connects and promote opportunities. However, although the internet is the best place to buy, sale, and trade, there are other means such as offline media that can bring targeted internet traffic to your online business. Contrary to popular belief, there are still tons of people who read news papers, magazines, sales ads, and other literature through physical consumption. Some people haven’t made the complete shift to 100% virtual media just like many people haven’t made the total shift to mobile media. There a still millions of people who utilizes paper media in some form or fashion. If you’d like to tap into the offline traffic that can bring you online leads, here are a few ways to do that:
  102. 102. Offline Marketing GENERATE ONLINE TRAFFIC THROUGH OFFLINE PRINT PUBLICATIONS SUCH AS NEWS PAPERS, MAGAZINES, AND AD BOOKS. HERE ARE 3 MAJOR MAGAZINES FOR OFFLINE PUBLICATIONS‘ HOME BUSINESS CONNECTIONS: “is a long-running publication full of inspiring success stories and powerful home-business opportunities. Home Business Connection is produced by Cutting Edge Media, a recognized leader in direct sales, franchise, and home- business resources and publications.” START YOUR OWN BUSINESS: is a magazine geared towards small business owners who either want subscribe for business tips or advertise to market various businesses. SMALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: is also a magazine geared towards small business owners who are looking for business related advice or wanting to advertise their services.
  103. 103. Offline Marketing Below are some print publications that have smaller circulation, but they still bring in tons of traffic and are less expensive Home Business Advertiser: is an offline print publication business that mails free magazines to its list of subscribers that outlines various products and opportunities. Network Marketing Business Journal “Network Marketing Business Journal is the same team that ran Money Maker’s Monthly from 1986-2004. Network Marketing Business Journal is a real trade journal, not just a shallow advertising sheet. Their business circulation is highly targeted and guaranteed. They target the readers you want to reach; you do not waste your advertising and follow-up dollars. Since almost all of the guaranteed circulation is directly mailed, you get what you pay for – experienced business builders.”
  104. 104. Offline Marketing NEWS PAPER AND OTHER PRINT RELEASE PUBLICATIONS Marketing offline as well as online can strengthen your business, drive massive traffic to your online opportunity, and help you establish versatility. News papers and other print releases can help you establish our offline audience, customer, and clients. Standard Rate And Data Services: works with all types of print publications and can help you establish a budget and understand your print options. Your Local News Paper: Do a search to get details and pricing on running a full-page ad on your marketing services Your Local Free Ads: In my area we have the Thrifty Nickel, a free news paper with coupons, advertisements, and services. All news papers or print publications have contact information. Contact your local paper services and inquire about advertisement. Pass out Business Cards to People in Public: It’s still a good idea to pass out business cards to people you meet and have conversations with in public. Business cards are not completely useless, and even if a small % of people utilize your business card, it could increase web traffic and sales to your business; especially if some of those people spread your business news to others.
  105. 105. Offline Marketing Offline advertisements aren’t dead, and they are less expensive and less competitive. Find out which offline strategies will work for you, and use them to get more exposure your online business, website, or blog!
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