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Art final presentation

  1. 1. THEME• The presence of line, shape and form are involved in the following art pieces.• Artists can connect with content and form, even though their painting techniques and subject matter are unique.• All the pieces I am about to present have the the same visual experience. They are abstract or cubist and all have implied lines that keep eyes moving around the canvas. Also linear lines make up the edges of forms that are expressed boldly throughout all the pieces.• The geometric shapes and colors repeated through out these pieces of art is what ties all they different artists together, they all have unity yet variety.• Each artist has their own perspective on art, something that is unique, yet in the end their vision can end up looking like another art piece. This happens through inspiration or by complete chance. A work of art can look similar to other pieces but can still be completely different.
  2. 2. THE ARTISTS• Pablo Picasso• Georges Braque• Jonathan Saiz• Franz Kline
  3. 3. PABLO PICASSO • Spanish Painter • Showed his artistic talent in his early years with his realistic paintings • In the 20th century he started to experiment with different techniques and ideas. • He mastered many mediums like: painting, sculpture, drawing, and architecture. • Helped create cubism • He he become famous in his own lifetime, and one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century
  4. 4. Pablo Picasso,Nude ( I LoveEva) 1912.Oil and sand onCanvas,98 x 63 cm.
  5. 5. Pablo Picasso,Bottle of Pernod(Table on a Café),1912. Oil onCanvas, 17 7/8 x12 3/4Inches.
  6. 6. Pablo Picasso, Pablo Picasso, Factory in Horta deNude Women, Ebbo, 1909. Oil on Canvas, 81 x 65 cm.1910. Oil OnCanvas,73 3/4 x 24 in
  7. 7. GOERGES BRAQUE • His earliest works were impressionistic, or a personal perspective • In the early 1990’s his work related more to his interest in geometry • Soon after he began working with Picasso and together they invented cubism • They worked side by side to working of the development of the art form • They produced paintings with monochromatic colors and complex patterns of facet, or flat faced, forms. • Throughout his life he produced oil paintings, graphics, and sculptures.
  8. 8. Georges Braque,Bottles andFish,1910. Oil onCanvas, 24 x 291/2 inches.
  9. 9. Georges Braque,Clarinet and Bottle ofRum on aMantelpiece, 1911.Oil on Canvas, 81 x60 cm.
  10. 10. Georges Braque, House atGeorges Braque, Female Estaque, 1908. Oil on Canvas,Figure, 1910. Oil on 73 x 60 cm.Canvas, 80.5 x 54 cm.
  11. 11. JONATHAN SAIZ • A local Denver Artist • He has various different mediums that he uses. • He does oil paintings and sculptures. • He uses some industrial pieces for his artwork • He even does mixed media with oil paint on his sculptures. • Likes to contrast between rough and smooth, old and new, and beautiful and worn • He uses tarnish and surface treatment to weather, scrape and oxidize his pieces to they are not brand new, gives the pieces its own personal history
  12. 12. JonathanSaiz,Silence andInto theWilderness,2012. Oil onCanvas,79 x 79inches.
  13. 13. JonathanSaiz, Flyingor Falling,2012. Oilon Canvas,99 x 75inches.
  14. 14. JonathanSaiz,Daybreak orReversal,2011. Oil onCanvas,59 x 59Inches.
  15. 15. Jonathan Saiz, Boys, 2010. Oil on Wood, 13 x 30inches.
  16. 16. Jonathan Saiz,Queen DoñaMariana ofAustria, 2009.Oil on Wood/Mixed Media.
  17. 17. FRANZ KLINE • An American painter • He first started out as an illustrator and a draughtsman, who does detailed drawing • Admired and found inspiration in a large range of artist, that were known for their fluency in handling paint. • In 1946 Kline began generalizing this subjects into lines and plans, producing abstract mosaic of broad, influenced by cubism • Over the years his dynamic and fluid paint brush handling developed.
  18. 18. FranzKline,Untitled,1952.Enamel onCanvas, 533/8 x 68Inches.
  19. 19. Franz Kline,Lehigh VSpan, 1960.Oil onCanvas, 60 ¼ x 80inches.
  20. 20. Franz Kline,Painting No. 7,1952. Oil onCanvas, 57 ½ x81 ¾ inches.
  21. 21. INSTALLATION • I would like have these paintings hanging in a one large room. • The room will have random white geometric shaped walls coming out in which the painting will be hang on. • There will be spot lights pointed directly on the paintings . • They rest of the room will have dimmed overhead lighting. • This will make the paintings seem like they are popping off the walls, and be the main focus in the room. • The walls without paints will have matte gray scale tones.