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2008 New TD Tech, new Network and new Platform (TD-SCDMA)


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July 12, 2008 - On the P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA Exhibition, TD Tech Ltd. demonstrated the new TD-SCDMA Network Solution, supported by the parent companies Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei. This is a premium class radio network solution (UMTS-TDD) for the world market, compliant with ITU and 3GPP Standards.

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2008 New TD Tech, new Network and new Platform (TD-SCDMA)

  1. 1. New TD Tech, New Network, and New ... Page 1 of 5 Worldwide [change] Log In Careers About Huawei Search Corporate Information New TD Tech, New Network, and New Platform Corporate Citizenship On July 12, 2008, China Mobile joined the TD-SCDMA (TD) Industry Alliance, which is extremely good news Press for the TD industry chain. For a long time, the chain was incomplete due to lack of the important link, Events operators. Now China Mobile fills the vacancy. Vendors are another important link of the industry chain. TD Tech, a dormant power, recently completed the TD industry chain by employing a surprising tactics. With a P&T/EXPO COMM CHINA new look, TD makes people expect more from the chain. 2008 Broadband·Convergence·Green New TD Tech: quot;New Heightquot; of the TD Industry New TD Tech, New Network, In April 2007, two parent companies of TD Tech, Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei, began to consider and New Platform the transformation of TD Tech. As the saying goes, quot;small as it is, a sparrow has all the vital organsquot;. Preparing for Full-Service Previously, TD Tech was a small company with complete functions such as R&D, marketing, sales, and Operations services. Over the years, such a model of operation proved to be unable to bring the core competitiveness of the company into full play. The Green Dream Comes True The brand new model of operation after the transformation decides the new orientation of TD Tech: an Services outstanding TD-SCDMA solution R&D center that specializes in R&D of TD wireless solutions. The end-to- end solutions are provided by the two parent companies, which also need to manufacture and sell products, Application & Software undertake engineering projects, and offer technical services. To reinforce the R&D strength, TD Tech has Partners engaged a large number of high- and medium-end technical talents. Recently they have developed quite a few new technologies and solutions. Up to now, the new model has yielded the fruits since it was adopted not Publications long ago, bringing the respective advantages of TD Tech and its two parent companies into full play. With the Multimedia Library powerful support of the two parent companies, TD Tech under the new model will surely accelerate the development of the TD industry. RSS+Podcasts 12 July 2008
  2. 2. New TD Tech, New Network, and New ... Page 2 of 5 Newsletter For the rapidly growing communications industry, especially for the TD system that has not been in wide use, the soft power of vendors, including the large network construction capacity, network planning and Contact us optimization experience, and end-to-end fast service capability, plays a decisive role in deployment and O&M of the network. Through years of painstaking work, the two parent companies have accumulated the best experience in the industry. In terms of the market share, Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks cover almost half of the GSM and CDMA markets. In 2007, on the world's WCDMA market, the two companies won more than 50% of new market in all. The customers include the world's top operators such as Vodafone, France Telecom–Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, AT&T, and America Movil. As for the GSM network of China Mobile, the two parent companies of TD Tech have a total market share of nearly 40%. The richest experience in constructing large mobile networks and the best marketing and service networks constitute the two companies' powerful service capabilities. In China, the service network has extended to the county-level towns, with more than 3,000 wireless engineers offering the first-class services to the customers. New Network: Driving Force for the Best User Experience After more than ten years' rapid development, China Mobile, by virtue of the state-of-the-art technologies, has built its GSM network into a super network with a wide coverage, providing excellent mobile communications services for 430 million GSM users. With the mobile users growing constantly and rapidly, the GSM network and TD network will co-exist in a long time thanks to their respective advantages, the former providing perfect low-cost voice solutions and the latter focusing on meeting the ever increasing data service demands of high-end users. End users can implement seamless switchover between the two networks as required based on the specific policies such as the service-based switchover and network load- based switchover. Whether the switchover between the GSM network and the TD network can be realized smoothly decides the continuity of services and exerts a direct influence upon the user experience. As the two parent companies of TD Tech, Nokia Siemens Networks and Huawei have in-depth understanding on the uniform network planning, service planning, deployment, and operations of the 2G and 3G networks and have accumulated a huge amount of key technologies such as 2G/3G interoperability, high-speed switchover, and uniform wireless resource management. The new solutions of TD Tech inherit the mature experience and core algorithms of the parent companies, enhancing the network quality and user experience and helping the operators heighten the user loyalty. New Platform: Core DNA of the Super Mobile Network Without the reliability of the NE equipment, the network cannot be reliable. To meet the operators' requirements for the high reliability and maturity of the products and solutions, TD Tech imported core technologies and leading platforms that have stood the test of large-scale commercial use from the parent companies, for example, the new BTS platform with more than 1 million carriers' shipment, thus achieving a satisfactory effect. Uniform BTS platforms and base station controllers are the foundation for the TD network's smooth evolution into the future. The new platforms provided by TD Tech not only ensure the high reliability and stability of networks through the mature QoS mechanism but also have the capability to support the mobile broadband 12 July 2008
  3. 3. New TD Tech, New Network, and New ... Page 3 of 5 network. Enabling the network to evolve into the future model, the platforms protect the operators' long-term investment. In response to the operators' urgent need for a quot;green and convergedquot; mobile broadband network that can evolve into the future model, TD Tech developed the new-generation green BTSs. Based on the fourth- generation BTS platform of Huawei that leads in the industry, TD Tech introduced the mobile broadband technology into the TD field. Firstly, the broadband RF technology, such as multi-carrier transceivers and broadband power amplifiers, is adopted, thus realizing the highest integration of the platform in the industry. Compared with similar products in the same filed, the capacity of the RRU is greatly enhanced, with the weight and volume decreasing by more than 30%. Secondly, the SDR multi-system convergence platform based on LTE-Ready enables TD-SCDMA and TDD LTE to share the uniform platform in the new-generation green BTS. The advanced broadband RF technology makes possible the seamless convergence between the two systems. When the software is updated, the system switchover can be realized. Thus, the smooth evolution can be fully ensured. Thirdly, the all-IP architecture, core, interfaces, and service assurance mechanism can not only cut down the transmission cost and enhance the QoS to a great extent but also facilitate the fast introduction and deployment of the broadband services in addition to the smooth evolution of the network. Finally, the end-to-end green measures, such as the multi-core cost-efficient power amplifying technology and three-level power amplifier shutdown, improve the efficiency of the power amplifier to 28%. The efficiency of the integrated equipment is 17.4%, far above than the average industrial level of 8%. For different scenarios, different innovative BTS solutions were developed so that the total OpEx decreased by 30%. Thus, the targets for energy conservation and emission reduction, fast construction of network, and reduction of TCO can be realized. New TD Tech, new network, and new platform are the joint commitments made by Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, and TD Tech. While the TD industry and China's 3G industry march towards the new age, such commitments seem to be especially valuable. 12 July 2008