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Overview mw 2013


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Overview mw 2013

  1. 1. OverviewFebruary 2013
  2. 2. Our Promise• To offer a customized recycling solution providing exceptional value, service, flexibility, and security• To provide our customers with a transparent, domestic downstream for end of life recycling, creating jobs and stimulating the US economy• To provide sustainable, cost effective recycling solutions
  3. 3. Key Differentiators• Experience o Our management team has over 25 years in the recycling/asset management industry• Process o Our proven de-manufacturing process not only insures proper recycling /destruction of your retired asset, but we also maximize the return value of your material• Software o Metal Trac is a cloud based software application developed by MetalWave that provides our customers with transparency as well as customized reporting for their retired assets
  4. 4. Product Diversity• PC, Laptop, Server, Mainframe• Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Tape Drive, Floppy Drive• CRT and LCD Display, Projector, TV• Network, Telecom & Phone System• Printer, Copier, Fax Machine, Scanner• Printed Circuit Board, Cable• Power Supply, Battery, UPS• IC , CPU, Memory• Cell Phone / Handheld Devices, PDF• VCR, DVD, Consumer Electronics• Automotive Electronics, Audio, Video, & Test Equipment• Non-Ferrous Metals: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Brass• Ferrous Metals: Iron• Light Bulbs, Ballast
  5. 5. Recycling Process Flow Material site pick-up to MetalWave Material is delivered to MetalWave Customer contacts MetalWave D L T Material is evaluated, disassembled, Settlement Reports, Certificates ofMaterial is received and recorded and compliantly recycled Recycling/ Destruction are generated in in MetalTrac MetalTrac MetalTrac Settlement Reports, Certificates of Recycling/ Customer documentation is stored inDestruction are then delivered to the customer MetalTrac
  6. 6. Memberships, Certifications & Insurance • ISO 14001 : 2004 - Registrar BSI Group America Inc. • OSHAS 18001 - Registrar BSI Group America Inc. • The Coalition for American Electronics Recyclers • The Green Alliance Pending Certifications: • E-Steward & R2 – Registrar: AQA/ NSF International Stage one audit 3/04/2013 Insurance Levels: • Environmental Liability: 1,000,000 • General Liability: 2,000,000 • Errors & Omissions: 1,000,000
  7. 7. Downstream MetalWave PCBs, Printers, Heatsinks, Alumin Power Supplies, um, Copper, Light CRTs, Monitors, Fans, HDDs, Media Iron, Ballast, Cable, Batteries, Lights Drives, ICs, Wire Memory, Plastic Domestic Domestic Glass Shredding Process Domestic Smelting Cleaning Process Process E-Steward E-Steward
  8. 8. Contact Information 18 Hunt Road South Amesbury, MA 01913 Phone: 1-978-834-6853