2009 10 Tcs Supply Lists


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2009 10 Tcs Supply Lists

  1. 1. PREKINDERGARTEN 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST School Supplies r Liquid hand soap r Plastic spoons and forks r Small paper plates r Ziploc sandwich storage bags r Masking tape r Black Sharpie permanent markers r Crayola washable markers (the larger ones) r Glue sticks (preferably Elmer’s white glue sticks) Cubbie Supplies Extra change of clothes that includes: r Shirt r Shorts/Pants r Underwear (2-3 pairs) r Socks r Shoes (slip on for quick trips to the bathroom) r Sweatshirt r Small blanket and small pillow for peaceful time In April, each family will be asked to bring in one 12” x 12” scrapbook with slip covers for the teachers to use to prepare a portfolio of their child’s development during prekindergarten. At the end of the year the family will get the portfolio (scrapbook) back to enjoy and keep.
  2. 2. KINDERGARTEN 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST School Supplies r 1 box oil pastels/Cray Pas r 1 box chalk pastels r 1 disposable black and white film camera r 1 1-inch white 3-ring binder (labeled with your child’s name) r 1 family picture (4”x 6” only) r 1 extra change of clothes (shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, socks, shoes, sweatshirt) r 1 package of 10 black Sharpie markers r 1 package of colored Sharpie markers r 2 packages thick Crayola markers r 2 package of thin Crayola markers r 1 bottle of scented hand soap r 1 package of sanitizing wipes r 1 box of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon size) r 1 roll of aluminum foil or wax paper r 1 role clear packing tape r 10 glue sticks r 2 packs of 24 crayons r 1 pack colored pencils r 1 pack of plastic forks or spoons r 1 handheld manual pencil sharpener r 1 composition notebook We Can ALWAYS Use Extras of These Things r Sharpies r Sponges r Food coloring r Dry erase markers r Baby food jars r Mason jars
  3. 3. FIRST GRADE 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST School Supplies r Backpack r 1½-inch white 3-ring binder with a clear pocket cover r 5 3-prong pocket folders (1 each of red, yellow, blue, green and 1 any color) r 1 composition book r 1 spiral notebook (8½” x 11” lined) r 2 packs of thin Crayola markers r 2 packs of thick Crayola markers r 1 pack of 24 count crayons r 10 glue sticks r 3 packs of #2 pencils, already sharpened r 1 watercolor set r 2 black fine tip Sharpie markers r 4 big, pink erasers r 2 blank CD-Rs r 1 pack of Post-it notes r 1 pack white index cards r 1 pack colored index cards r 1 pack AA batteries r 2 rolls of Scotch tape (dispenser refills) r 1 box large paper clips Please bring the above items on the first day of first grade. And please note that most items will be shared, so please do not label items with names except for backpacks.
  4. 4. SECOND GRADE 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST Personal Supplies r Backpack or Book Bag r Pencil Box r (2) wide-ruled, all lined composition books r (1) 2-inch white 3 ring binder r (1) 1-inch white 3 ring binder r (3) ½-inch white 3 ring binders r (6) sturdy folders with pockets, solid colors (no prints) Community Supplies r (1) pack of fat markers r (1) pack of thin markers r (1) pack of color pencils r (1) pack of crayons r (12) glue sticks r (1) pack of pencil top erasers r (6) pink erasers r (1) pair of scissors r (2-4) packages of Clorox wipes r (2-4) packages of baby wipes r (1) 3”x5” pack of index cards r (1) 4”x6” pack of index cards r (1) box of gallon plastic storage bags r (1) box of quart plastic storage bags r (1) box of sandwich-size plastic storage bags r (1) box of snack-size plastic storage bags r (2) boxes of tissues r (1) pack of Post-it notes r (1-2) packages of clear sheet protectors (for 3 ring binders) Can’t Get Enough of… r Clorox wipes r Baby wipes r Glue sticks r Colored pencils
  5. 5. THIRD GRADE 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST School Supplies r 1 three-ring binder r 6 lined, single subject notebooks r 6 sturdy pocket folders (different colors) r 1 package of #2 pencils r 1 small pencil sharpener r 1 package of colored pencils r 2–3 erasers r 2–3 glue sticks r 1 package of colored Sharpies (both thin and thick) r 1 highlighter pen r 1 small pair of scissors r 1 bottle of white glue r 1 package of wide-ruled lined paper r 1 pencil box that will sit on your child’s desk r 2-3 packages of recipe cards r 2-3 packages of sticky notes r 1 box of Kleenex r 2-3 bottles of hand sanitizer r 1 Mead hard cover composition notebook (to be used as a reading response journal) r 1 chapter book to begin reading at the beginning of the year These supplies will be for your child’s personal use. Students will keep their supplies in their own pencil boxes. Pencil boxes will stay on top of students’ desks. The pencil boxes should be large enough to accommodate supplies but small enough so they don’t take up too much desk space Extra supplies will be pooled together for group use.
  6. 6. FOURTH GRADE 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST School Supplies r A backpack large enough to hold books, supplies, etc. r 2 sturdy folders with pockets (different colors, please) r 2-inch binder for portfolio r 12 sharpened #2 pencils with erasers, or 12 mechanical pencils already filled with lead r 1 small, hand-held pencil sharpener (closed to collect shavings inside) r 1 set of thin markers (8-12 pack) r 1 set of thick markers (Mr. Sketch is a good brand) r 1 box of colored pencils (24 pack) r 1 yellow highlighter r 1 medium scissors r 1 hard-bound composition book (7½” x 9¾”) r 1 plastic supply box with a lid, appropriate size to fit in desk r 2 packs of glue sticks The supplies listed above are items that students will need on the first day of school. Please clearly label the backpack, folders, scissors, marker, pencil boxes, and supply box with your name. Please note that you will not need a binder for your schoolwork; the one you bring will be for your portfolio.
  7. 7. FIFTH GRADE 2009-10 SUPPLY LIST School Supplies r 2 ½” three-ring binder Note: If you choose a view binder with clear plastic pockets on the front, you may personalize your binder. r Dividers for your binder that are clearly labeled Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Spanish, Science r Binder three hole punch (Optional) r Small pencil box or pouch r 2 packages of wide-ruled filler paper r 3 wide-ruled 1 subject notebooks r 1 wide-ruled 3 subject notebook r 1 three-ring binder (1”) with clear plastic pockets on the front r 2 blue or black pens r 2 highlighters r 12 sharpened #2 pencils r 1 Magic Rub eraser r 1 box of colored pencils and/or markers r 1 pair of scissors r 4 glue sticks r 1 red two-pocket folder r 2 boxes of Kleenex r A reusable lunch box and reusable water bottle (Drinking water is provided at school.)
  8. 8. 2009-2010 NMY Supply List [1/2] A. Bring the following items to school during the first week of class. They will need to be replaced as needed during the course of the school year. You are also encouraged to use remaining and/or used supplies from last year and at home rather than purchasing new ones. a sense of humor a journal/sketch book (A 100-page composition book will do, however you might prefer something else.) a 1" 3-ring binder (for use in math and science) an open mind dividers for the binder (5-6 are enough) graph paper with holes for the binder (Bring some in your binder and keep the rest at home.) some ideas for a personal learning project a box of colored pencils (The twistable type are convenient.) a highlighter pen an imagination number 2 pencils (Bring two and have reserves at home.) blue or black ink pens (Bring two and have reserves at home.) a glue stick self control comfortable headphones with a standard jack for connecting to a laptop or digital audio player (I recommend using the traditional over-the-head design rather than in-ear headphones.) an anecdote about your summer a sturdy drinking vessel to use for water while in class (nothing fragile that will break easily if it falls from a desk) your copy of A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich (sixth graders) or Crispin:The Cross of Lead by Avi (seventh graders) a record of your summer reading a sturdy backpack and a protective laptop sleeve (Wheels are optional. Also, feel free to use a separate bag for your laptop if that is what you prefer.)
  9. 9. 2008-2009 NMY Supply List [2/2] B. The supplies on the following list are optional: ! a thumb drive for transferring files from computer to computer ! erasable pens ! post-it notes ! coloring markers ! an eraser ! a small pencil case C. The following list of items should not be purchased, just keep an eye out for them and start collecting them at home as they will be very useful when working on class projects: old magazines, cardboard, cereal boxes, toothpicks, disposable chopsticks, bamboo skewers, Popsicle sticks, sand paper, coffee stirrers, straws, brown paper grocery bags, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls... D. Please avoid bringing these items to class because they tend to create distractions, clutter and/or a mess. If they become necessary, they will be provided for you: ! white-out and correction tape ! mascots ! hole punchers ! sidekicks ! pencil sharpeners (we'll have an electric sharpener in the classroom for everyone to use) ! posses ! tape of any kind and paper reinforcements ! archenemies