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Private Lending Made Easier


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Private Lending Made Easier

  1. 1. Private Lending Topic Secured Hassle-Free Superior Yields Copyright 2009 TC Real Estate Buyers
  2. 2. Private Lending Dale Montgomery President TC Real Estate Buyers.
  3. 3. WELCOME  We are so glad that you are able to take a few minutes to take a look at the opportunity we have put together for investors like yourself.  I really want you to understand what we have to offer.  I encourage you to take notes and write your questions down.  Our contact info will be at the end of this presentation. This is not a public offering or offer or invitation to sell securities or make an investment. Securities are offered or sold by registration or exempt offering only.
  4. 4. Agenda What is Private Mortgage Lending? What’s in it for you.? – How you benefit. – These are examples, subject to change.
  5. 5. How Does Your Bank Make Money Today?  They take in money on CDs, Saving accounts, ect. (From People Like Yourself)  They then loan the money out at a superior rate of interest to other people to buy houses. (Me) I am cutting out the middleman.
  6. 6. Private Lender Program Overview  We buy & sell houses.  To buy houses, we prefer to borrow money from private individuals.  We pay you up to 15% to use your money.  It is really a very simple plan.
  7. 7. Private Lender Program How it Works  1) We locate opportunities where we can create a win win scenario.  2) We borrow from you to purchase the property.  3) We close on the property and you get a mortgage with other important documents that secures your financial position. Availability of cash allows us to buy at a steep discount.
  8. 8. How it works Documents Purchase HousePrivateLender Securing Loan 10% to 15% Rent Return on Payment Tenant Your or Buyer Or Investment Complete Rehab & Let’s Do It Again! Payoff Flip
  9. 9. Private Lender Program Payments 1) You will receive monthly payments on the rent to own properties. The Rehabs, you will have a choice of monthly payments… Or 2) The interest accrues until the house is sold and you get one check for principal and interest.
  10. 10. Early Withdrawal of Your $100,000 CD Yield 12-Month Return 2% $2,000 12% $12,000 A bank’s 6-month penalty is only $1,778 on this CD. You still would make over $10,000 even with the penalty. There is NO withdrawal penalty with us
  11. 11. Private Lender Program $100,000 Loan Sample  $100,000 x 12% = $1000.00 per month.  That’s $12,000 per year.  A bank CD @ 2% pays $2000 per year. That’s a difference of $10,000 per year!!!
  12. 12. How Can We Buy Houses So Far Below Market Value?  Our specialty is distressed properties that usually need renovation.  We know where to look, what to buy, what not to buy and how to renovate.  We create value by taking ugly, vacant homes that are eye sores and putting them back in use after renovation.
  13. 13. Documents Securing Your Loan  Promissory Note  Mortgage- (Lien on Property)  Hazard Insurance Policy (You as Loss Payee)  UCC-1 Filing  Title Insurance  Appraisal Lenders have no expense!
  14. 14. Your BIGGEST Concern Protection of Principal  #1 Rule: Money borrowed is no higher than 70% loan-to-value after renovation.You receive Additional Security because we don’t over-leverage the property.
  15. 15. There Is Always Plenty ofEquity Above Your Loan. $100,000 After- Repaired Value $70,000 Max Loan 70.00% Loan-to- Value
  16. 16. Take Control Of Your Future Are You:  Retired  Laid Off Have You:  Quit Your job  Or Just want a Better Return
  17. 17. Do You Have Money inIRA’s, 401K Pension Plans  You can self direct your IRA (Traditional/Roth) or pension plan.  Your returns stay tax deferred or tax free. It’s simple, easy and we do the work.
  18. 18. You’re In ControlWe Do the Paperwork 1. Open account with IRA: (Called Custodian) 2. Rollover funds to End Trust: From your current custodian 3. Self direct funds to closing 4. You earn 10% to 15% 5. When house sells (Closes), funds are sent directly back to your custodian. 6. You decide if you do it again!
  19. 19. Whole Life Insurance Policies?  Borrow your cash value, which is earning low rates of return  Loan back out to TC Real Estate Buyers, to buy houses.  You earn 10% to 15% Again!
  20. 20. People Who Sell us Houses  Banks  Private Individuals  Realtors
  21. 21. People Who RentThen Buy Our Houses  Achieve the American Dream of homeownership  Many could not buy without our special programs and willingness to go the extra mile
  22. 22. What Happens to My Loan if Dale Dies •Business is structured to sell the properties and pay you off. Your loan is still secured by the property. • The property will be sold and your principal and interest will be paid as agreed.
  23. 23. Agenda Private Lender Program Company Overview – History – Dream Team
  24. 24. Company Story Dale Montgomery has been working in real estate as an agent, buyer, seller, broker and investor for 21+ years. in the past 10 years he has flown around the country learning from some of the best real estate minds in the industry. He has studied real estate options, land trusts, entity structuring for maximum asset protection, creative financing and much more... Our goal is to grow the company by providing affordable housing to tenants and 1st time homeowners. In time, its scope will encompass all of the Twin Cities, Commercial and Residential.
  25. 25. Company Story Continued  The company is a private for- profit real estate investing company.  We acquire, re-hab, lease or flip residential and commercial real estate.
  26. 26. Integrity That word has a lot of meaning for us. Because you can’t have long term success without it. Most people don’t realize this fact or know the true meaning of the word.
  27. 27. Competitive Advantage  Our competitive advantage is ability to find opportunities. Speed in which we lock them up.. and knowledge of creative real estate techniques.
  28. 28.  Finds opportunities. Creates a Win Win Scenario Secures financing Sets exit strategy
  29. 29. How To Find Us Office Location: 7029 20th Ave S. , Centerville, MN 55038. Mailing Address: 7029 20th Ave S. , Centerville, MN 55038. Web Site: E-Mail:
  30. 30. Our WebsiteInsert Screen Shot of Your WebsiteHere.
  31. 31. Houses Purchased Here are just a couple of properties we Put through our system.
  32. 32. Critical Success Factors  What makes our company unique. Our Mission Statement! “A consistent Win Win outcome for all parties to the transaction”.  What makes our company successful; Teamwork, Drive, Focus, & Hard Work. A shared vision.
  33. 33. The Next Step? By now you know how this program works and how you can safely earn 10 to 15% Starting Today! You have three options:We hope you decide to join our team
  34. 34. The Next Step?1) Option One - Do nothing. This isn’t for you. Can you give us names of folks that you feel it would serve?2) Option Two – Call us to set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss more details.3) Option Three - Fill out the attached form, email it to us and we will contact you.
  35. 35. Our Contact Info TC Real Estate Buyers 7029 20th Ave S Centerville, MN 55038 Dale Montgomery 651-248-8042