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My - iFolio Presentation

  1. 1. my-iFolio The application on AppStore representing you , your work and your news. All that available on the best smart phone everyone owns or speaks of
  2. 2. Your own application on AppStore As Eric Lafforgue and Benjamin Bini, you can have your own application on Appstore and so on the iPhone of millions of people !
  3. 3. Portfolio Folders with title, description text, and thumbnail
  4. 4. Picture with description text and copyright
  5. 5. Geo-localization of a folder On a folder of your portfolio, you can specify gps coordinates. In this case, the application display a MAP button for showing in maps. It can be useful for an exposition in a gallery.
  6. 6. Youtube video in portfolio (1/2)
  7. 7. Youtube video in portfolio (2/2)
  8. 8. Contact Page Photo, text of presentation, web site url and email contact
  9. 9. News Page This page display a web page. You specify the url of this web page in the backoffice Web-site we provide. This page is optional (In Benjamin Bini application, there is no news page)
  10. 10. Twitter (1/3) All user can follow you, reply to your twitt, or retweet …
  11. 11. Twitter (2/3) User can display web link of your twitt
  12. 12. Twitter (3/3) You can put a web link with video in your twitt
  13. 13. TwitPic (1/5) User can twitt your pictures (Text incrusted : Twitted from NAMEAPP Available on AppStore)
  14. 14. TwitPic (2/5)
  15. 15. TwitPic (3/5) Take a picture and twitt it easy
  16. 16. TwitPic (4/5)
  17. 17. TwitPic (5/5)
  18. 18. Application use background image synchronized with your Twitter account
  19. 19. Functions (1/2) <ul><li>- My-iFolio provide a Web site for managing your application, including upload of content, folders and medias organization, account settings, application activity statistics, etc. - Insertion of photos and YouTube videos on the same portfolio folder. - Add a description text on photos/videos. - Geo-localization of a portfolio folder, allowing you to create a folder for a special event or location (a trip for instance). - Complete Twitter functions integrated. Once you, artist, provided your twitter account, all of your clients can follow you. And also communicate with you for clients owning a twitter account, including twittering a photo of your portfolio with copyright and indication of your application (&quot;twitted from NAME_OF_YOUR_APPLICATION&quot;), or twittering a photo taken from his phone or a simple link. (*) (*) indicates functions which can be deactivated if you are not interested. </li></ul>
  20. 20. - Customizable copyright mention. - Your application persist data on the phone, allowing clients to visualize photos of your porfolio where no internet connection is available (on a plane or train for instance). - From within your application, clients can contact you by mail, or consult your website and newspage. - Photos of your portfolio can be saved as wallpaper, with copyright mention. (*) - Background image of your application synchronized with the background image of your twitter account. Updates of the background image in are taken in account automatically in your application. (*) indicates functions which can be deactivated if you are not interested. Functions (2/2)
  21. 21. Prices : - 399 $ (or 279€) for a portfolio of 250 medias (photo / video mixed). - 999 $ (or 699€) for a portfolio of 1000 medias (photo / video mixed). For each price, after one year of product delivery, an additionnal annual charge of 69$ (or 49€) will be requested for maintenance.
  22. 22. Contact us : [email_address] Hervé Péroteau Thomas Courant