Butterfly or moth!


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Butterfly or moth!

  1. 1. Butterflies Or Moth? By:Sophia C.
  2. 2. Table Of Contents table of contents page 2-3 Did You know page 4 Moths And Butterflies page 5 difference between butterflies and moths page 6 all about antennas page 7 all about wings page 8 cocoons and chrysalis page 9
  3. 3. Table Of Contents Morphing page 10 Conclusion page 11-12 Sources Cited page 13 Glossary page 14
  4. 4. Did You Know Did you know moths can smell chemicals in the air? Did you know that butterflies can find mates with a part of their bodies? (pg 7) To find out more about crazy critters, read on.
  5. 5. Moths And Butterflies Moths part: ● antennaes ● six legs ● wings ● proboscis ● thick body ● head butterflies parts: ● antennaes ● six legs ● wings ● proboscis ● thin body ● head
  6. 6. Difference Between Butterflies and Moths Butterflies Moths Butterflies have antennas for finding mates and food Moths have antennas for smelling chemicals in the air are diurnal are nocturnal they hold their wings up right they let their wings rest they hatch from cocoons they hatch from chrysalis
  7. 7. All About Antennas Moths and butterflies have antennas. Moths use antennas because they smell chemicals in the air. Moths smell up to 5 miles. Butterflies can smell food, drink, to find mates, for hearing, and for touching.
  8. 8. All About Wings some wings have something that looks like eyes on its wings...But its just the pattern to frighten predators they aren’t real eyes.
  9. 9. Cocoons And Chrysalis Butterflies hatch out of chrysalis and moths hatch out of cocoons.Cocoons are made by silk.
  10. 10. Morphing ● ● ● ● ● First is the egg then a caterpillar next a chrysalis or pupa then a butterfly hatches then a butterfly
  11. 11. Conclusion Finally, do know what body part makes moths smell chemicals? And how butterflies find mates? If you said antennas you are right! I hope you learned a lot.And something else to think about what if we didn’t have butterflies or moths? We wouldn’t have caterpillars,
  12. 12. Conclusion butterflies, or moths. How boring would it be without butterflies and moths ?
  13. 13. Sources Cited Shapiro, A. M. (2013). Butterfly. In World Book Student. Retrieved from http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar085160 Butterflies and moths
  14. 14. Glossary ● proboscis: is a tongue like body part on butterflies and moths ● diurnal: means up in the day ● nocturnal: means up all night ● chrysalis:what a butterflies hatch out of ● cocoons: what a moth hatch out of