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How to get your self published books into bookstores and libraries


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In this free step-by-step guide, book buyer and book distribution expert Amy Collins shares the 8-step process every self-published author must go through to get your books selling on the shelves of bookstores and libraries across the US and internationally.

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How to get your self published books into bookstores and libraries

  1. 1. Get your self-published booksinto bookstores &libraries! Get your self-published booksinto bookstores &libraries! 8KEY STEPS TO RETAILBOOKSALES step-by-step guide!
  2. 2. Learn about BOOK DISTRIBUTION and BOOK BUYERS and how they decide to buy books! YES, you can get your book into the stores and libraries!
  3. 3. step 1 Know the Market for Your Book What books and categories are selling well right now? What is the average retail price that readers expect to pay for books like yours? What are the covers and designs people are comparing to your book? Do the stores and libraries you are targeting BUY books like yours? Are you sure?
  4. 4. step 2 Know How They Buy Books Most chain bookstores buy from wholesalers. Independent bookstores buy from wholesalers AND also buy on consignment sometimes directly from authors or publishers.
  5. 5. step 3 Get into Book Wholesalers Bookstores and libraries will start by looking at their favorite wholesaler’s database. If you are POD with IngramSpark then you will already be in the Ingram Wholesaler database. If not ... > > >
  6. 6. step 3 If you are not Print on Demand (POD), then you can apply to the wholesalers of your choice. Start by visiting these sites: Ingram Baker & TaylorB&T Application America West Brodart Follett (K-12 and University Libraries)
  7. 7. step 4 Create a Marketing & Media Plan Create a constant set of activities to “show” the world your book. What are you doing to create that buzz? What media are you contacting and what reviews are you going after?
  8. 8. step 5 Create Professional Marketing Materials You have just moments to convince a bookstore buyer or a librarian to take your book. The best way to get the “YES” is to show them these key book marketing tools in one place.
  9. 9. step 6 Know Your Buyer’s Goals Librarian or bookstore buyers have goals that keep them employed and happy. Ÿ to look good to their bosses Ÿ to choose books that appeal to their patron Ÿ to make money for their location Ÿ to increase traffic to their location Ÿ to not have to add a lot of items to their to-do lists
  10. 10. step 7 Contact Bookstore Buyers & Librarians Start by sending an email to the buyer or librarians stating that you are promoting your book. Remember that you know their goals. Every part of your communication should be focused on their goals, not yours. Keep this in mind and you will get a LOT further!
  11. 11. step 8 Follow up Know the answers to these questions BEFORE you ask a book buyer to stock your book on their shelves: Ÿ Is your book returnable? Ÿ Where is your book available? Ÿ What discounts and terms are you offering? Ÿ What marketing are you doing? Ÿ Are there any events or programs you can do at their location? Ÿ Are there any articles or content you can provide for their website or newsletter?
  12. 12. Find the right stores and libraries, do your homework, create your materials, reach out to the buyers and get ready for those checks! PUBLISHING.COM Click here to learn more! Visit our blog