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Experience%20is%20the%20 Brand%20 %20 Dmad%2012.15


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Experience is the Brand. Presentation to DMAD.

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Experience%20is%20the%20 Brand%20 %20 Dmad%2012.15

  1. 1. THE EXPERIENCE IS THE BRAND. Tim Copacia EVP, Dir. of Customer Insights & Engagement Campbell-Ewald
  2. 2. Discussion Guide Why This is Important? Experience-based Differentiation The Secrets to Sustainable Business Success Real World Applications
  3. 3. Brands are vulnerable (and at risk) if the experience is not a part of their differentiation
  4. 4. the The CUSTOMER Defines the Brand... Not the ADVERTISING
  5. 5. EXPERIENCE DIRECT They do so primarily through... EXPERIENCE INDIRECT
  6. 6. EXPERIENCE “STOKES” EMOTION… Emotion moves people to Action Engages More SENSES Overrules LOGIC Creates MEMORIES Creates Lasting STORIES
  7. 7. The Customer Experience No better time than now to reassess everything that affects
  8. 8. the TRANSITION UNDERWAYis Product Sellers Brand storytellers Breakthrough Invitation Transactional Relational Communications Conversations One-time action Customer lifelong journey Impressions Customer interactions Single channel ideas Cross channel experiences Company controlled Customer controlled Closed system Open and transparent Linear path Multiple gateways to the brand
  10. 10. Trust and confidence is paramount
  11. 11. Make a pledge to serve...rather than sell
  12. 12. In a tough market, your number one priority is to take care of your current customers They are your most valuable asset Do everything you can to convert prospects into customers – they have already said they’re interested TALKLET’S LOYALTY…
  13. 13. STEM DEFECTION Don’t leave us REPURCHASE Willing to give us another shot LOYALTY They like it and are willing to buy again ADVOCACY Very happy customer CHAMPION Super influencer willing to recommend to family and friends TALKLET’S LOYALTY…
  14. 14. IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Willingness to repurchase Reluctance to switch Likelihood to recommend provides a direct correlation to:
  15. 15. there is a An EXPERIENCE can occur where ever CUSTOMER INTERACTION… ONLINE…OFFLINE…IN-STORE
  16. 16. Little things can make a Big Difference Especially when they come from the heart
  17. 17. The New Frontier Experience-Based Differentiation
  18. 18. Experience-Based Differentiation Obsess about customer needs… not product features Forrester Clearly identify and understand our current customers and our target customer segments Get to know customers…personally Share customer insights broadly across the organization Serve customers needs across the entire life- cycle and throughout life-stage Create offerings that transcend traditional boundaries Core Tenets
  19. 19. Reinforce the brand with every interaction…not just communications Define and widely communicate brand attributes Translate brand promise into interactions requirements Focus efforts on “moments of truth” Forrester Core Tenets Experience-Based Differentiation
  20. 20. Core Tenets Get senior executives actively involved Engage employees in the process Use the voice of the customer to drive continuous improvement Treat customer experience as a competence…not a function Forrester Experience-Based Differentiation
  21. 21. Forrester Study 220 Companies in North America Consumer Surveys – Bad experiences minus good experiences Three key metrics: - Useful in meeting my needs - Easy to work with - Enjoyable EXPERIENCE LEADERS CUSTOMER2008
  22. 22. UNLOCKING the Secrets to Sustainable Business Success
  23. 23. Customer-Focused Lessons - Don’t let the naysayers get you down - Build operations for a “wow” customer experience - Copy the best - Focus on rabid early adopters Core-Market Differentiator - “Netflix’s relentless focus on customer-driven innovations will continue to provide the golden keys to unlock its revolutionary and evolving business” “If the Starbucks secret is a smile when you get your latte, ours is that the Web site adapts to the individual’s taste.” Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix
  24. 24. Unorthodox Customer Service Culture - Live by 10 Zappos Core Values - Powered by Service! - Committed to wowing each customer - Believe in complete transparency - Offers new employees $2,000 to quit after first week of training - Going the extra mile for a customer generates revenue - 75% of purchases come from repeat customers Customer-Centric Differentiator - Delivering Happiness -- for customers and employees “Everything we do is based on the customer experience.” Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos
  25. 25. Brand Activity Filter - Does the proposed marketing activity respect the intelligence of Starbucks customers? - Can Starbucks expertly deliver on all promises made to customers in the proposed activity? - Will customers view the activity as being clever, original, genuine and authentic? Customer-Centric Differentiator - Starbucks found that speed of service was crucial to customer satisfaction, and that highly satisfied customers spent 9% more than those who were simply satisfied “I would say strongly, the success of Starbucks demonstrates the fact we have built an emotional connection with our customers.” Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks
  26. 26. Key Insights – “After years of blaming the Japanese, Harley admitted its troubles were internal …we realized the problem was us, not them” – “(It was important to) align with the customer’s lifestyle or become part of the way they express their values” Customer-Centric Differentiator – Brand Reputation. “It’s the theater you construct around it that creates the compelling story that attracts customers to you. We’re not talking PR here. We’re not talking advertising. We’re talking a themed customer experience.” "Harley went up when we cared about our customers and employees. Harley went down when we stopped caring about employees and customers." Richard Teerlink – Retired Chairman Harley-Davidson
  27. 27. Culture – Concern for employees ✓ Wages help keep turnover unusually low, just 6% after the first year – Unorthodox business practices • The traditional retailer will say “I’m selling this for $10.00 I wonder if I can get $11.00”… we say, “we’re selling this for $9.00 I wonder if we can get it down to $8.00” Customer-Centric Differentiator – Treating employees and customers exceedingly well – Investing in employee relationships is good business “We always look to see how much of a gulf we can put between ourselves and the competition. So that the competitors eventually say ‘f*** ‘em, these guys are crazy. We’ll compete somewhere else.’” Jim Sinegal, CEO Founder Costco
  28. 28. Strong, yet simple, vision, mission and values…and insistence on living them Personal involvement from the top Empowered employees Application of “humanity” Foundation of trust Acting “small, flexible, nimble…building from the inside out” Big-picture thinking with “radical applications of common sense” SECRETS to SUCCESS… 1. Customer-Centric Philosophy Backed by Clearly Directed Actions:
  29. 29. Fulfilling customer dreams and creating unforgettable “magical customer moments” Using an extraordinary customer experience as a bridge to customer loyalty and eventually advocacy Building unique consistency throughout their brand portfolios and customer touchpoints Maintaining a culture that strives to “always learn and do better” SECRETS to SUCCESS… 2. Relentless Desire to Create the Ultimate Branded Customer Experience:
  30. 30. Leaving indelible impressions at every brand encounter Understanding the power of sensory experiences - The more sensory…the more memorable Staging customer “surprise and suspense” moments Understanding that Word-of-Mouth is the most powerful and cost-effective influencers of customer behavior SECRETS to SUCCESS… 3. Allowing Consumers the Opportunity to Define the Brand:
  31. 31. How do we apply these learnings to our business?
  32. 32. Give Stakeholders a “Customers First” Rallying Cry Take care of current customers…first! Reach out to “must-have” customers through experience-driven interactions Connect with customers on their terms Chase the vision...not the sale
  33. 33. Tear Down Silos Identify ways to organize along customer-centric lines Appoint a Chief Experience Officer to lead the charge across enterprise Think across tiers, channels and organization -- always from the consumer’s vantage point Make decisions based on more valued customer dialogue and interactions
  34. 34. Create a New Start... Act Like A Start-up Embrace “resized” employee/ retailer base Extend connection to all stakeholders (e.g. past employees, suppliers, retailers, stockholders) Reset “culture” - Instill trust. A new beginning for all.
  35. 35. Improve Consumer Dialogue & Involvement Move from “transactional” to “relational” business model Listen more. Create deeper emotional connection Improve customer dialogue through a robust Brand eNetwork -- not just online surveys Make customers feel like genuine partners in the brand community
  36. 36. Define a Customer Experience Vision Conduct Customer Experience Audit & Mapping across all key touchpoints Include all stakeholders Meet customer needs. Overcome bottlenecks. Make it easy and enjoyable to interact with the brand anytime or anywhere.
  37. 37. Use a Simple “Brand Experience Filter” to Guide all Actions Follow the “Big Five” guiding principles Create process to ensure each marketing activity is aligned Measure and monitor results along the way
  38. 38. EMPOWERMENT Provide customers the ability to interact with the brand on their terms Provide employees with the ability to do what ever it takes to delight the customer EASE Make it easy and enjoyable to interact and do business with the brand WOW Create “surprise moments” that leave lasting memories Make the brand “come to life” and connect with people’s passions BELONGING Create unique opportunities to help our customers bond with others who share common passions Find ways for people to congregate – including new social communities DELIVERY Consistent and authentic branded customer interactions online, offline, and in-store…and at each tier Create clear expectations from the top and insist all stakeholders adhere to them Reward positive and consistent behavior at key customer touchpoints The Big Five...
  39. 39. Rebalance the Marketing Mix to Optimize the Customer Experience Greater concentration on results and customer retention Focus on key engagement stages Increase emphasis on behavioral change Bring an element of “touchology” into each brand interaction
  40. 40. Define New Metrics & New Rewards Re-evaluate all metrics and scorecards Evaluate use of Net Promoter as a simple barometer to advocacy Create customer feedback scores across all channels to monitor experience Align management compensation to these goals Instill a reverence for the customer and offer rewards and incentives for putting the customer first...inside and at retail
  41. 41. Persevere Against All Obstacles No better time to “reset” everything that matters Allow consumers to be the scriptwriter of their relationship with us
  42. 42. and the world will be a thriving stage of stories that move hearts, minds, mountains and business.” Joe Jaffee Join the Conversation “Marketing will be conversations… brands will be catalysts… consumers will be participants…
  43. 43. THE EXPERIENCE IS THE BRAND. The Brand is the Experience. Thank You Contact me at