Student Assistance Program


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Student Assistance Program

  1. 1. Argosy University, D.C. 1-800-326-6142 Student Assistance Program The Student Assistance Program is a FREE program for students, provided and pre-paid through Argosy University, that offers a menu of services and support accessible 24/7 to assist the student in attaining balance and academic success, including: counseling, budget and debt assistance, information and resource referrals, consultations, and new parent coaching. The Student Assistance Program is Confidential. What the student says to a counselor Confidential and Voluntary remains private. Wellness will not share any information concerning a student’s involvement with the Student Assistance Program without prior knowledge and written permission, except as required by law. Participation in the Student Assistance Program is voluntary. It is up to the student whether or not to use this benefit. This may not be the case in “Administrative” referral situations. Wellness always places the safety and security of students and the college environment first and foremost and will take appropriate action to communicate any safety or security risks or concerns directly to the appropriate school officials. 24/7 access to telephonic support and to access services What are the Benefits of the Student Assistance Program? Up to 4 sessions of short term face to face counseling per problem/ per year • Brief Consultations with counselors by phone • Budget and Debt Assistance Services • Online Resources through websites • Life Balance Referral and Information Services • New Parent Transition Coaching • Critical Incidents Intervention and Support • • Family and relationship issues Types of Problems Covered Problems with Roommates • Depression and other mood related concerns • Anger and low frustration tolerance • Anxiety, worry, fears, and panic • Alcohol/Drugs • Date or domestic related violence or assaults • Stress and balancing life • Difficulty focusing or concentrating on school • Any other problem that might interfere with a student’s success at school • • TO CONTACT THE STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM CALL: 1-800-326-6142
  2. 2. Argosy University, D.C. 1-800-326-6142 Student Assistance Program Master’s Degree or Higher Who are the Counseling Providers? At least 4 years post-Master’s full time clinical experience • Fully licensed by state to practice mental health counseling independently • Experienced in short-term assessment and treatment • Convenient to the student’s home or school • • The Wellness Corporation in partnership with American Consumer Credit Counseling Assistance with Budget and Debt Problems offers assistance for students struggling with budget, debt, and credit issues, including: • Specific Credit questions • Money management tips • Budgeting tips and developing a personal/household budget • Financial health check-up’s (reviewing budget plans, assessing overall financial health) • Confidential and private credit advising, including: detailed credit evaluations, tips for improving credit, steps to take for potential homebuyers, and action plans to address any credit issues • Collection problems or questions • Dealing with Bill collectors • Consolidating unsecured debt Three sessions of telephonic based professional consultation and coaching service that New Parent Transition Coaching provides support, advice, and strategies to empower new mothers and fathers with balancing school, work, parenting, and other competing demands. Session One Life with Baby Session Two Planning & preparing for balancing school/work/life demands Session Three Continued transition and balance related coaching and consultation. TO CONTACT THE STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM CALL: 1-800-326-6142
  3. 3. Argosy University, D.C. 1-800-326-6142 Student Assistance Program Browse articles, tip sheets, links, calculators, videos and trainings on wide range of student Student Advantage Website related topics including: • Study Tips • Time Organization • Student Health • Interviewing Tips • Safety & Security • Bold Chat - e-support • Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking • Anger • Bullying • Financial Discipline • Grief and Loss First Time Users – When registering, select “on-ground campus student.” eSupport for students through instant messaging chat sessions E-Support Professional Assistance Student friendly • General questions about the student assistance program and benefits • • Students are eligible for targeted and qualified professional searches in their area for Work/Life/School Balance Services information, resources, and referrals to providers regarding a wide range of work/life/school balance related topics and needs: • Adoption • Child Care • Parenting • Summer Care • Special Needs Services • Adult Care • Eldercare • Exercise and Weight Loss Facilities in your area TO CONTACT THE STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM CALL: 1-800-326-6142 The Wellness Corporation is a professional partner with the same goals that Argosy University honors: Assisting each student in attaining balance and success both academically and personally.