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Provide seated chair massage


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PROVIDE SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE.Visit email, Tel: (65) 62933369.

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Provide seated chair massage

  1. 1. PROVIDE SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE 上半身按摩证书 In recent years, the global demand for seated chair massage service is very sought after because of its therapeutic advantages and its adaptability to the modern fast-paced lifestyle. Seated chair massage is performed by using a chair, stool or special designed adjustable massage chair, without the need to undress unlike other classical massage. The origin of seated massage is unknown, but the ancient Japanese woodblock print depicts the Japanese sat on the stool to enjoy the massage scene. On the other hand, Russian Sports Massage therapist used chair or stool leaning against the bed to massage athletes. In the 1970s and 80s, seated massage was popularized by American masseur.David Palmer who was as the founderof modern Seated Chair Massage. Hestarted seated acupressure-basedmassage program, and developed theworlds first commercial massagechairs with designer Serge.Seated Chair massage not onlyeliminates the muscle fatigue becauseof its calming and relaxing effects, butalso used in prevention care. Seatedmassage is generally more economicaland time saving. It needs about 10-15minutes and cost less than bodymassage.
  2. 2. SOHA Institute provide Seated Chair Massage WSQ course based on the theory of Zone Therapy for SPA therapist. It combines very well with WSQ Hand & Foot Reflexology. This WSQ qualification is for those who want to work in Spa and Wellness industry. The course equips trainees with the knowledge and application skills in providing seated chair massage to enhance their employability.近年来,坐式按摩出现了全球性的需求高潮。这主要是由于坐式按摩有其治疗优势和特点,适应了现代人快节奏的生活方式。坐式按摩是指受术者 坐在椅子、凳子上或专为坐式按摩设计的可调整的按摩椅上接收按摩。坐式按摩是不需脱衣服的头部、颈肩背部及上肢的非躺卧按摩。Seated Chair Massage “按摩椅按摩“一词通常作为” 坐式按摩” 代名词,以区分卧位按摩。坐式按摩起源何时未明,但古代日本木版印刷品中已刻画着日本人坐在矮凳上享受按摩的情景。而长久以来,俄罗斯运动按摩师都用靠在床边的椅子或凳 子来按摩运动员。然而,现代坐式按摩则起源于20 世纪七、八十年代的美国; 美国按摩师David Palmer 被公认为现代坐式按摩奠基人。他自创以指压法为基础的坐式按摩程序,并与设计师 Serge 研发世界第一张商用按摩椅。坐式按摩适应范围广。坐式按摩不仅可消除疲劳镇静放松,而且可用于预防和保健。坐式按摩一般只需要10 至15分钟左右,时间短花费低,很适合广大群众。如今,首昊学院运用反射学的理论及技术,通过对人体上半身体表的反射区施行反射按摩,提供保健服务的人员从而为大众提供专业的按摩服务。COURSE REQUIREMENT:PSLE, ESS WPLN L3 English/Chinese or equivalentCOURSE OBJECTIVE:Upon completion of this course, learner will have the knowledge and applicationskills in providing seated chair massage and be able to apply them at the workplace.
  3. 3. COURSE SCHEDULE:Total duration of 41.5 hours (approx.1.5 months)Every Tuesday & Thursday, from 7.00pm-10.00pm, other schedules are available,please contact school frontdesk for other days beside Tuesday and Thursday.COURSE OUTLINE:1. Techniques & knowledge of reflex zones of upper body.2. Competent elements• Carry out pre-treatment activities• Consult with Client• Perform seated chair massage• Carry out post-treatment activitiesCOURSE TRAINING VENUESOHA INSTITUTE PTE LTDCPE registration number 200601623CCPE Validity License from 8 Dec 2011 to 7th Dec 2012Address: Block 465, Crawford Lane, #02-08, Singapore 190465.Tel: (65) 6293 3369Fax: (65) 6293 6882Email:
  4. 4. By MRT: 5 minutes walk from Lavender MRTBy Bus: Kallang Road (Lavender MRT, outside ICA Building) 2, 12, 33, 107, 133Kallang Road (opposite ICA Building): 2, 7, 12, 32, 33, 51, 61, 63, 80, 107, 133, 145, 175, 197Block 8 North Bridge Road : 7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197, 961, 980COURSE PAYMENT: WSQ Tourism – Provide Course Seated Chair Massage Full Course Fee SG$650/= Course Fee After Training Grant SG$359.50/= Exam Fees SG$150/= Insurance SG$12.84/=Enjoy 90% course fee subsidy with SDF – Skills Development Fund from 1st July 2012. Terms and Condition apply.CDAC SKILLS TRAINING AWARD SCHEMEApplicants who need financial assistance may approach CDAC for a higher subsidisedcourse fee of up to 95% discount. Please visit their website at ACCREDITATION BODY:Award holders must achieve at least 75% attendance and sit for the WSQassessments. Upon successful completion of course, trainee will obtain the WSQcertification.Other WSQ Course by SOHA INSTITUTEWSQ - Provide Basic Chinese Massage - 经穴按摩手法证书WSQ - Provide Hand and Foot Reflexology - 手部与足部反射区手法证书WSQ - Provide Swedish Massage - 瑞典式按摩证书WSQ - Provide Full Body Massage without Oil - 全身无油按摩证书WSQ - Provide Sports Massage - 运动按摩证书WSQ – Provide Facial Treatment - 美容护理证书WSQ – Provide Manicure and Pedicure -修指甲与脚甲手法证书