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Customer and service katalog engl

TCM Asia product and solutions to clean and protect various kind of surfaces under harsh tropical environment.
TCM provides since 2003 unique coating solution for timber, metal, glass, all kind of natural stones, concrete and much more. TCM Asia consults developer, architects, maintenance companies. hotel engineering and housekeeping in practical solutions to reduce budgets and labor cost.

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Customer and service katalog engl

  1. 1. TCM Asia Co., Ltd. Product and Service CatalogNano glass coatings Stainless steel protection Anti Slip solutionTimber protection Sand wash protection Natural stone solutionsAnti mold coating Energy saving TCM Asia Co. Ltd. 10/437 Moo3, T. Wichit Muang, Phuket 83000 Phone: 076/264442 mobile Andy:086-9439834, email:
  2. 2. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgotten TCM Asia was in 2003 the first company introducing Thailand to the new innovations of Nano technology and high tech protective surface coatings.Human life is ultimately dependent on the myriads of organisms and natural resourceswith which we share the planet. In the last hundred years, the human population hasincreased four-fold, and in the last 50 years the global economy has quintupled insize, placing considerable pressure on the world’s natural resources. Despite an in-creased awareness of the effects of our actions, global economic and social develop-ment is still outpacing environmental protection. Science and technology have a keyrole in ensuring the sustainable development of the global community.The human race, as well as other species on earth, is victimized by air and waterpollutions, threatened by hazardous and nuclear wastes. ―Acid rain―, ―global warming―,―ozone depletion― — have become household daily vocabularies. Environmental sus-tainability based on technology to-date is pessimistic.Emerging molecular nanotechnology in all industrial fronts, such as nano electronics,nano biotechnology, nano material, nano energy, etc., offer radical tools, for the firsttime, to enable human societies to be on the upper hand in the struggle toward sus-tainable economic growth. Furthermore, it provides extra capacity for human civiliza-tions, to not only remediate environmental liabilities accumulated since industrial revo-lution in the 18th century, but also, to produce unlimited material and energy withultra-green processes. Let us solve your surface problem .... Our mission: TCM is looking worldwide for the latest technologies in surface cleaning, coating and conservation to fight against environ- mental damaging on all visible surfaces of your home, boat, car ….Page 2
  3. 3. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenNano Glass coating´sIt is an ethanol-solved, intelligent, anti-stick coating for smooth, on-porous, non-absorbentsurfaces, such as glass, washbasins, fittings, shower cubicles, bath tubs, glazed tiles, finestoneware tiles, polished stones, outside windows, winter gardens, plastic, glass etc.Easy to clean Permanent UV protection IR heat protection 2-5 yearsLOTUS hydrophobic glass coating Water repellent—dirt reflecting—easy to clean . The perfect solution for all interior glass, ceramic and mirror sur- faces. Will reduce cleaning time up to 50% .Can be maintained environmentally friendly with PH neutral cleaning solutions.Permanent Super Hydrophobic Coating >10 years This means for example: If a hotel operator cleans a coated window on daily base by micro fiber with expected 3 wipes per section multi- plied with 365 days per year— the coating will loose after 40 years not more than 15% efficiency. Is also for frosted glass. Protection of all exterior glass and surfaces with risk of strong pollution likeTested with maximum shower stalls, frosted glass.durability >10 yearsKristal Bond—The World New Ozone Layer Glass cleaning and preparation depends on lokal situation.Page 3
  4. 4. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgotten Nano 2k Lacquer Stainless Steel ProtectionCharacteristics:TCM Nano lacquer is a Polyethersiloxan-Resin, based upon Nano chemical technology. Itis a clear and transparent coating, without any pigmentation which has a remarkable longlasting gloss finish, weather resistance, excellent mechanical properties (it is resistantagainst ―knocks and bumps‖ and also against mechanical friction) and is also stableagainst the effects of Ultra Violet rays.TCM lacquer has ―easy-to-clean‖ properties (it is self-cleaning – similar to the ―lotus effect‖to be found in nature). Perspiration and blood leave no surface marking and the coatinghas also anti graffiti properties. It offers protection against the action of acid and alkaline―attacks‖ and furthermore is water repellent and resistant to solvents. Used on aluminiumcomponents and surfaces, (untreated and also treated), it offers and excellent protectionagainst corrosion.Stainless steel 2 months after sea 8 months after cleaning and applicationside installation with out Nano 2k lacquer of TCM Nano 2k Page 4
  5. 5. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenWhat is it?Rapelle Rust is a rust preventing, surface protection coating.How does it work?The product penetrates through surface rust and bonds to the pure metalsubstrate below.It also encapsulates and neutralises the existing surface rust and the coating driespore free which will prevent further deterioration and corrosion for up to 8 years.If painting is required after treatment Rapelle Rust can be used as an additive to oilbased paints and surface can be painted over without the need of a primer.What can it be applied to?Metal surface such as steel roofs, silos, containers, bridges, pipelines, equipment,metal window frames, powder coating and painted metallic surfaces to restore theiroriginal colour and sheen, structural steel and many other metal applications.Key featuresEncapsulates and neutralises existing rust and prevents further corrosion. Restorescolour and sheen to faded painted and powder coated surfaces. Suitable for applica-tion to metals that are immersed in water. Waterproofs the metal surface. NO MOISTURE - NO OXYGENT - NO Page 5
  6. 6. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenTCM SpaNDeck Timber Protection 2-4 years The ultimate water based 100% acrylic coating for decking, furniture & décor which lasts 3-5 times longer than oil or varnishLooking for strong protection? Spa-&-Deck uses the same acrylics used in the windshieldsof aircrafts. If the airlines trust these acrylics to protect their investment, shouldnt you?Spa-&-Deck is super-durable, lasting so much longer than ordinary finishes that we cangive a warranty against fading, peeling and cracking. Thats because Spa-&-Deck wasengineered to withstand the severe weather of the tropics. Timber cleaning products and paint product— 5 step´sProfessional timber cleaning -Take it easy– But we do it well before applyBefore (vanished) After SpaNDeck Page 6
  7. 7. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgotten SpaNdeck sample Page 7
  8. 8. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenTCM Anti Slip Solution 5 years Shattered Lives Campaign - Stop slippingSlips & trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work. They occur inalmost all workplaces, 95% of major slips result in broken bones and they can also bethe initial causes for a range of other accident types such as falls from height.TCM AntiSlip is a permanent treatment that will increase the slip resistance of your floorin wet conditions. AntiSlip is not a coating that can flake and wear off but a surfacetreatment that will create a much safer floor in the wet. This can be achieved without adiscernable change in the look or feel of your floor. AntiSlip can be used on almost allhard surfaces virtually all flooring excluding vinyl, wood and painted floors. Cleaning and preparation depends on stone or tiles.Page 8 All price netto + 7% VAT.
  9. 9. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgotten ABRASIVE TORBO BLASTING TCM TORBO WET PARTICLE BLASTER Remove cement - Remove sealer - Remove paint– Remove rustPage 9 All price netto + 7% VAT.
  10. 10. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgotten RENOVATE SAND WASH TCM SAND WASH REFIT is an chemical recover - Remove rust - Remove timber stain - Remove oxidation Demonstration on 12 year old sand wash driveway with strong corrosion and discolorationBefore application After 12 hours After 48 hoursPage 10
  11. 11. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgotten TCM Asia PHOTOCOAT TI02 *Self Cleaning *UV Fade Resistant *Anti-Water Stain *Anti-Fog *Anti-Soiling We give 3 year´s warranty for TIO2 functionReactive Cured Ceramic: Water based inorganic potassium silicate technology withproprietary additives that form an irreversible cross linked bond when applied toroofs, concrete, sand wash, block and stucco thus becoming a permanent part ofthe treated surface. •Inorganic •No degradation from moulds •Not palatable by rodents or insects •Non-Flammable •Resistant to High Tempters •Odourless and Non-toxic •Strong and rigidCan be used on Concrete - Sand Wash - Block- Stucco3 year´s warranty for the photo catalytic coating function— againstdiscoloration and for the prevention of algae & mould growth, when appliedby a Page 11
  12. 12. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenFurniture and wardrobescleaning — anti mould protectionPenetron wood oil Interior wood oil, Penetrantes deeply Will never crack, peel or blis- ter, Rejuvenates dull surfaces, Will not leave white heat marksThe ultimative mold killer VC 175 Suitable for either oil or water based solutions — long lasting — Can be added to stains and grout, texture coating, mortar and adhesives, Mold will not grow for long time on the paint surface treated with VC 175Page 12 All price netto + 7% VAT.
  13. 13. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is Page 13
  14. 14. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenNatural Stone — Sandstone, Marble, Terrazzo, Travertin Sandstone floor before and after cleaning and protectionPrice for cleaning and protection against mould and stains:R67 extra strong cleaner, R55 acid free neutralizer, Micro Inviso ShieldLifespan between 10 to 15 years can be expected relative to the substrateArtificial Marble floor tiles before/ after Marble floor recoveringArtificial Marble: Price for cleaning and stain protectionProducts: R67 extra strong cleaner, R55 acid free neutralizer, S32w stain protector,Marble: Price for cleaning and stain protection :Products: R55 acid free neutralizer, P24 liquid stone soap, Machine re– polishing,P19 Mable and granite polish Terrazzo machine cleaning and protectionTerrazzo: Price for cleaning and stain protection :Products: Machine cleaning, R67 extra strong cleaner, R55 acid free neutralizer,Peneseal FH crack protector and floor Page 14
  15. 15. The bitterness of poor quality remains longer after the sweetness of low price is forgottenRecommended Maintenance Product´s Glas cleaning: TCM UNI PH 7 / UNI PH 12 A new cleaning procedure, as well as new developed cleaning chemi- cals, (tenside-free, odorless and colorless) makes it possible that to clean all smooth surfaces better and faster than normal.This new cleaning system makes a fast and material-saving achievement possible onall surfaces. All TCM cleaners are usually odorless, colorless and not harmful to theenvironment because of the smaller dosage.Price: TCM Uni ph7 5litre 1,550.00 THB / 1:20 - 5litre 3,900.00 THB / 1:10 Stainless steel cleaning: STAINLESS STEEL PROTECTOR is a completely new combination product. It cleans fast, and touch-free, all metallic and metal-optic surfaces protecting them with a fine, barely visi- ble protection layer.This layer reduces annoying fingerprints and protects sensitive surfaces over manyweeks and intensifies gloss-building. The cleaning effect extends from lime residueson sinks to grease residues on kitchen stoves. Dirt residues are removed quickly andreliably, without using abrasive additives.Price: Stainless Steel Protector 1 litre 2,800.00 THB Nano Clean + for cleaning without water: For all surface`s Nano Clean+ cleans and protects in one working step TCM Clean+ is particularly suitable for the cleaning of all shiny surfaces. The dirt parti- cles will be released and encysted by the Nano scaled wax — thereby no scratches will be appearing on surfaces.Optimally suitable for shiny plastic and acrylic glasses. Dirt will not longer stick on theprotected surfaces or can be very easily removed. Static charge and associated con-tamination is strongly decreased. TCM Clean+ is an optimal product to clean laminateflooring without leaving any watermarks.Price: TCM Nano Clean+ 500ml - 500.00 THB - 3.78 litre (1 gal) 1,900.00 THB Cleaner for natural stone, kitchen counter: R55 acid free cleaner and neutralizer 1 litre P24 Liquid stone soap `No Rinse`1 litre 780.00 THB/ P23 Polish preserver `No Rinse`1 litre 1,800.00 THB 150-250m2 P1 3 in 1 spray for bath and kitchen counter 0.5 litre 850.00 THB More information about maintenances product`s you will find on our websitePage 15 All price netto + 7% VAT.
  16. 16. Phuket BranchOffice address: TCM Asia Co. Ltd. 10/437 Moo3, T. Wichit Muang,Phuket 83000Phone: 076 - 264442, Fax: 076 - 264443, mobile engl.: 086 - 9439834,mobile thai: 081- 4154926, email: office@tcm-asia.comKoh Samui BranchOffice address: TCM Asia Co. Ltd. 159/6 moo1, Bophut Koh Samui,Surat Thani 84320Phone/Fax: : 077– 962476, mobile engl.: 086—9439834, mobile thai:081-4154926, email: