Where do you want to go


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A short discussion on world travel destinations.

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Where do you want to go

  1. 1. Where do you want to go?
  2. 2. Havana, Cuba• Havana is the capital of Cuba• In Havana you can: – Go Salsa dancing – Go to the beach – Drink a mojito
  3. 3. Aspen, Colorado• In Aspen you can: – Go skiing – Have a nice steak – Drink hot chocolate
  4. 4. Moscow, Russia• Moscow is the capital of Russia.• In Moscow you can: – Go to the ballet – Drink vodka – Eat caviar
  5. 5. •Which of these places would you most like to go? Whichone is the least interesting to you? Why?•What do you like to do when you travel? Are you veryactive, or do you just like to see the sights?•Do you prefer to go to very developed countries, orsomewhere more rustic?
  6. 6. Berlin, Germany• Berlin is the capital of Germany• In Berlin you can: – See the Berlin Wall – Eat sausage and sauerkraut – Learn about history
  7. 7. Bangkok, Thailand• Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.• In Bangkok you can: – Ride longtail boats – Eat red curry – Meet ladyboys
  8. 8. Tahiti• In Tahiti you can: – Go snorkling – See black sand beaches – Go to a native party – Get a cool tattoo
  9. 9. •Which of these places has the most history? Which one is themost like your home country?•Which of these places is closest to us right now?•What are you interested in when you think about traveling? Doyou want to go somewhere interesting? Relaxing? Cheap?Romantic? What is important to you?
  10. 10. Monument Valley, Utah• In Monument Valley you can: – Go dirt-biking – Watch the clouds – Meet Navajo people
  11. 11. Palenque, Mexico• In Palenque you can: – Hike in the jungle – Learn about the Maya – Climb up a pyramid
  12. 12. San Francisco, California• In San Francisco you can: – Eat delicious food – Go to Chinatown – See many strange people
  13. 13. •Which of these places is the most developed? Which is themost remote?•Have you ever visited ancient ruins?•If you were trying to get tourists to come to yourhometown, what would you tell them?