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A discussion of travel tips and locations.

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  1. 1. Travel
  2. 2. Pismo Beach, California
  3. 3. Chongqing, China
  4. 4. Leshan, China
  5. 5. Seoul, South Korea
  6. 6. Ilsan, South Korea
  7. 7. Osaka, Japan
  8. 8. Ogori, Japan
  9. 9. Kumamoto, Japan
  10. 10. Bangkok, Thailand
  11. 11. What do you think?• Do you like travelling? Where have you gone?• Where are some good travel places in China? Why?• Have you ever traveled abroad? Where did you go? When? What was it like?• Describe your best trip. How about your worst trip?
  12. 12. PassportThe first thing you will need for internationaltravel is a passport. To be clear, a passport isa document issued by your own country,and it serves as your identification aroundthe world.
  13. 13. Visa The next thing you will need is a visa. A visa is a travel document issued by the country you will be visiting, not your own. A visa goes on one of the empty pages of your passport, so if you don’t have any empty pages left, you can’t travel anywhere! Note: “Visa” is also the name of a credit card company in many English speaking countries, so be clear about what you’re talking about.
  14. 14. Visa-Free TravelBecause of international treaties, many countries let citizens of other countries visit fora short time without having to arrange a visa first. Usually visitors may stay for a periodaround 90 days.
  15. 15. Visa Requirements for PRC Citizens
  16. 16. Phrase Book Another essential item for travelers to a new country, is a phrase book. A phrase book is a short guide to a foreign language. Phrase books are usually feature essential phrases divided by theme, as well as a short dictionary. Of course, the ability to speak an international language such as English, French, Chinese, or Spanish is even better than a phrase book.
  17. 17. Travel Safety When traveling to an unfamiliar place, it is important to look after your belongings and take measures to protect yourself. In crowded areas such as airports, train stations, and markets, it is very important to watch out for pickpockets. At other times, particularly late at night, it is important to watch out for muggers. While pickpockets only want your valuables, muggers can actually threaten your life.
  18. 18. Tips for avoiding theft•Think about getting a money belt.•Clothing With Secret Pockets•Dont Look Like a Tourist•Dont Put All Your Money In One Place•Always lock your luggage•First Floor Rooms Are Not the Most Secure
  19. 19. Tips For Choosing Your Travel BuddyPlanning a trip across the globe is onething, but picking the right travel buddycan get a bit tricky. The process is sort ofsimilar to finding a roommate, except thatinstead of seeing each other for a fewhours each day, you will be spendingevery waking moment together.•Compare Schedules•Consider Finances•Morning vs. Night Person•Single vs. Unavailable•Determine Travel Goals
  20. 20. What do you think?• What kind of interesting people have you met while travelling?• What kind of travel buddy would you like to go on a trip with?• Are you concerned about pickpockets or muggers in this city? Why or why not?• What do you do to protect your belongings when traveling?